A quiet Easter

a little over a week into seclusion with Ma now.

I had no idea that today was Easter until Ma told me yesterday. Things have been a little weird, right?  Even before I opted out a week ago Thursday trying to keep track of things was tough with everything everywhere by everyone is about the virus.

Easter, as we do not celebrate it , kinda slipped between  the slats… Anyway.. Happy Easter folks.

Easter on Zen

This year is no different than any other for us up here other than Ma has it off this time round. She is training new folk for the business so she is doing the Monday through Friday thing right now. Normally, Ma works Sundays..and pretty much all holidays so Easter has simply been ” Sunday” .

Since my folks passed, quite some time back now, we don’t do family stuff on my side. Ma’s family is far enough out , and with Ma working and when what days she isn’t I have been so going anywhere other than the store or work simply isn’t a happening thing for us. Soo..again.. It IS in fact Sunday up here. Quiet as always, but this time around I have Ma off with me.

I managed to pick the first of our asparagus this morning  so season has started. I also put away the first dried batch of herbs I cut this week then went out to cut more Thyme and Rosemary, tossed them into the drier for a couple days.

We also took down storm doors for screen this morning before the breezes kicked in.

Ma has bread rising to bake later today. I haven’t thought of anything for dinner yet though I’d best pull something from the freezer soon.

The yuck for the day was Ma’s comp , which is both for work and play for her  ,crashed sending her into a panic while I was outside. Fortunately, I got it back up just fine and am at present, cloning the HD…which I should  have already done..oops.. Fortunately, it wasn’t a bad crash and I think I have an idea of what caused it but with things as they are and the simple fact that even on a normal day, trying to get a comp repaired or replaced in the armpit of the Gorge that is Gotham is a bad day ending with years old ” new” parts as well as taking the better part of a day.. After my comp crapped some time back, I started cloning HDs. The only thing I had on hand to do this quickly was my ext for my laptop, losing all of my studio software for it, but only for the now. That will be easy enough to replace later on…Oh it will take weeks to get it done up here but no worries..I don’t THINK I had any of my songs ONLY on that drive…which I just thought about just this moment…err..oops again.

The rest of the day, not sure. I have tons of projects but with Ma off, they can wait for tomorrow. I’d just as soon not spend the day out in the fields or under Lil Red ( the Ford tractor) or my smaller Crapsman Tractor…. Tiller is on hold while I wait for some tools I had to order.

So.. maybe not too much today..we shall see.

In the shop

I have to re-wire the red guitar yet. I have been putting it off as I have been working on outdoor chores around the homestead

The new green bass… yep, I made it green.. I think it getting close to the end of the coats of oil. I may be able to buff it out this week. Then it too will be ready for wiring. I have some tricks I may toss into it so I figured I’d wire her then fight the tight space of the red..which I know is my problem.

Non instrument work in the shop is getting the outdoor gear back up and running….ergo both tractors and a tiller as lawn ornaments at this time…I know red will run now, I just have a few things to do for her first.

In the studio

Having the time to work on things at the moment is nice. I start there in the mornings before I head out to do the actual work around here.

I am working on the remix for “Shakin’ my Tree ” which I have the original out.

Working on the mix for ” Finding my Way” at present. Ma got to hear it for the first time yesterday…It’s a heart breaker song.

” Hummie” in in the mix as well.

All three are coming along nicely..ignoring the fact that I am singing them…which is why the collection is ” Shittes and Giggles”  I am trying not to be overly anal about the fact I am the singer…I don’t sing..err.. obviously.. Too many years working with harsh chemicals every day have scarred up by voice as well as not trying, for that reason, the cords are all tightened down.. It would be nice if it ends up like me and my instruments and it actually improves..Not holding my breath nor am I going to put the songs away until I can find someone else to sing them for me…

Around the homestead

Having been down and out for the last few years from one work injury after another..all seeming to happen in the Spring.. yeah, no idea…It is nice to be able to get out and try to make a start at getting caught up….Oh.. it won’t happen , but at least I can make a dent in the pile of work before things straighten back out in the world again…Sad thing is, I could really get use to this. I don’t freak as much , as I know I have the time when something gives me trouble, to simply fix it and know I can still get onto the job before time runs out.

I have also noticed, that both eyes are getting a little better..slowly , but I can tell the difference. I know once I go back, they will go back to how they have been as well with the work and the lights. My knee is all but healed after a year of fighting it..same reasons. Back is doing better too..same reasons.. course, it can’t heal , a critical S1, I believe was the one they said, can not heal.. With eyes better, the non-stop headaches and daily migraines have backed off quite a bit too so working outside is finally something I can do again.

I stare at the weeds in some of the gardens and groan.. Frickin winter growing grass and weeds..That is going to be a long haul.

With the troubles trying to get soil, I am not sure what we will do there. Only one place we can get the ” Black Gold” ..Freddies.. and one of us would have to see if we can even get it during the normal hours as we can NOT get it during the ” senior hour” the store has… Garden area doesn’t open until two hours later.

I think I have most all of my pruning done now…well other than the evergreens..But around the house, I believe I do.

Final thoughts

I still haven’t had too much of the ” seclusion” thing set in yet. I don’t normally WANT to go anywhere so it doesn’t bother me, other than knowing I am going to have to hit at least one store soon for some supplies. Ma will have to hit another at some point too. We are out of fresh veggies now..well we still have a few onions and a couple stalks of celery.

If we are going to grow anything, we should probably get some more soil though.. We grow to can more than to eat fresh. Our home grown veggies aren’t a treat for the most part..they are what we can and eat all year round so the gardens are important to us.

But.. freaking because we can’t go visit or get primped ..Yeah… Not a thing for us so not a problem. Just some supplies.

I hear about the toll this is causing, and it is really climbing which makes us a little nervous..Not wanting to go into the mix. We worry about family and folk we know. I have been terrible about even hitting social media lately.. I am going to have to at least check on folk that way.

While I am home during this, I am going to do my best to get caught up enough to keep things rolling once I go back, between the time I am normally gone leaving really only Saturdays to get anything done, I am trying to make the most of this to try to dig us out up here. At least I know, without a doubt, if I can ever retire, I am not going to get bored.

The windows are out Zen all’s well

I had pulled the windows from the porch as well as pulling Ma’s porch swing out of storage and mounting it back up for her. Now she can swing while she knits outside..as well as finally being able to see out.

Ma, being busted up for weeks now, had not slept but a few moments here and there, even trying to get to her water was too much for her back.

Ma woke up, biting her lip as the pain shot up her back and into her skull, waking me back up again. It was finally late enough that we could get up though still dark out but better to try to move around for her than lay in pain not being able to move at all.

Helping Ma up and getting her going, I looked out the master bath window, into the dark. I almost never see anything that early but always half expect to see elk close enough to stand out.

A few of our does were at the water, just below me. One looked up to see me watching.

” Morning Da. “

” Hey little one, you guys are out and about early.”

” Phhttt , we haven’t gone to bed yet. Up all night, then we will head over to the berm for a nap while you and Ma watch out for us. “

I chuckled , heading out to the kitchen.

Ma, using two canes, was making her way to the door to head out. I grabbed coffee for us both, held the door open so we could make our way out.

Easing herself onto the swing, Ma got as comfortable as she could.

The girls were, just then, making their way around to the yard. One of the girls , lifting her head up, straining her neck so she could see, watched Ma.

” Morning Ma. Still hurting? “

” It is getting a little better, but yes.”

” Sorrry Mom. Can I hep? “

” Don’t start. Da is already bugging the hell out of me trying to help. “

The doe looked at me snickering then made her way to the salt lick. The other girls made their way to the lick as well, the bunch of them muttering softly, looking over at Ma, whispering, then to me and giggling.

” Hey. What are you giggling about? “ I grumbled.

” Whyyyyy? You want to hep me? “

” I’ll hep you alright.. Right into the freezer if you don’t behave. “

They all looked to each other for a moment then burst out into laughter. “Sure Da..Whateva…You always say that. “

” One of these days Alice.. To the Moon. “

The girls looked to one another again, muttering to themselves.  ” Whose Alice?”  One of the girls asked, her head cocked to the side as she batted her eye lashes at me.

” Gawhhh… Brats.. Go lay down or something. “

That lead to another round of giggling as the girls swished their tails at me, sauntering off to the berm. One and another would look over their shoulders as they walked only to start giggling again.

” You would look good on the BBQ you know!”  I called out to them….Which lead to all out laughter at my expense.

” You do realize they know you wouldn’t do that right? “ Ma said smiling at me , then the girls.

” I might. “

Ma giggled and went back to looking at her pad.

” Seriously. I could, you know.” I pouted.

Lass flew in just then. ” First!” as she drank from the feeder we had just refilled.

” Mornin Lass.” I said to the little hummer.

” Daaaaaa! Morning Da! Hey! Where’s my windows? How am I suppose to hide now?”

” Well… If you need to you can always hide in the shop.”

” I already do when you are in there, but they already know I do. What are we working on in there today?”

” Meh… More oil on the green bass then work on the weedeater I think.”

The weed eaters just left to go lay down.”

” I mean the gas powered one.”

” Trust me. “ She said, her nose squinched, ” They are ALL gas powered. “

Ma looked up giggling at Lass before she went back to her knitting group online.

” Ahhh.. Well, I mean gasoline powered. It’ll eat more than them quicker. “

” Oh.. Ok.. Are we going to have a fire in the stove again today ?”

” Probably. Still a little too chilly not to when we are putting a finish on. ”  I answered.

” Oh good. I like sitting by the fire. It is toasty . It is almost like inside.  I liked inside. The sky is too low though. ” Lass quipped as she watched Hummie fly in. ” Crap”

Hummie looked around, saw Lass , shrugged and went to the other feeder. ” OH Yesss! New juice! Mine! “

Mornin Hum. “ I said, watching him suck down the sugar mix.

” Mornin Da. Hi Ma!”

” HI Hummie. “ Ma replied as she looked up from her pad. The little hummingbird hovering in front of her face.

Mrs. Hum flew in at that point and all hell broke loose. She chased Hummie out of the porch, through the window and around the house. The evil twins flew in, already fighting each other, bouncing off each other’s wings and chests. ” He’s touching me !” ” No she’s touching me!”

“Both of you! Quit touching yourselves! You’ll go blind. ” I called out to the pair of brats.

The two hovered in mid air watching me. Turned to each other, looking, and back to me. They chorused , ” Really? “

” Maybe. “

Both shrugging, they banged off one another again as they sped to the feeder, pushing one another out of the way.

Liam flew in, sitting on the fence, watching his twins. He shook his head as he looked at me. I shrugged.

Saran flew in to sit by Lass.” Morning.” She chirped.

” Morning. “ We all chorused. Looked to each other smiling before the twins looked at each other and began to shove back and forth again.

Lass flew into the porch hovering over my shoulder.” They are pests. “

I nodded.” A bit.”

” Well, I’m heading out. I’ll see you later in the shop. “ She chirped.

” Ok Lass. Don’t forget your goggles.”

She looked at me a moment then began to giggle.” Ok Da.”

Ma slowly began to stand, everyone held their breath until she stood. I grabbed her coffee cup and held the door open for her as the hummers flew around over our heads.

” You kids, behave yourselves. We’ll see you later.” I grinned

Yes…I thought as I watched the deer on the hillside and the hummers flying about my head.. It is going to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain.



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