NOT another virus story

Everyone that follows the pandemic already has plenty to read. I am one of the “essential” people that are out there along with , I can’t begin to imagine how many, others that are not locked in their houses trying to avoid the hit. Also in the dandy target range of 60 and above.. This is not that story…..

Prepping for the season

While we do not go into town unless it is vital.. or , in my case, to work,, We are seeing some things getting on the low side up here. We will adapt as well as possible.. in the mean time… Garden prep time is FINALLY here.

We had an old, old, old remains of a pile of compost in the north forty. Saturday, I stood staring at a hump of green in the green off the end of a park area of ours. I knew there was at least some leftover compost that would at least add soil to the potato garden so I got on hands and knees to start digging through the top layer. Sure enough, I found a good yard or so of compost that had been overgrown and smaller than the old tractor would deal with.

The tater bed is our only raised bed up here. They just don’t work due to sun and wind..let alone varmints that seem to be drawn to them. We made the bed ” taller” this year to add room for a few more spuds…Zen willing..

I hauled the compost down, mostly filling the bed, enough to get things going. We also managed to have a soaker hose left that we hadn’t used last year adding a little more drip to our bed. While I worked on this crap, Ma was trimming up a storm, starting in Humming Garden then down into Little Eden.

Once I got a bit caught up, I started doing some trimming as well, trimming the heck out of the Clematis plants in Hum. Hauling out close to a truck bed of brambles branches and such, I found that the Clematis that seem to have died years ago is now green again and putting on sprouts along with the new few year old ones. All the time I pruned away, Hummie flew about watching and complaining. I know one of the pair has a nest deep inside , so I made sure to only take the outer crap off and not where they would have their living room.

Ma got to all of her Lavender plants trimmed on the West side..She just has the East side to go…for lavenders anyway..

It took us a couple days to get this all taken care of when , in years past, we would have simply used this as a warm up for the day. Both of us getting older now, it takes us more time..

We still have ton of plants to trim, looks like a tree to pull..wind or moles not sure but she doesn’t look good and in a key spot to try to get some shade on the house..second tree in the same area.

I still have to see if I can figure out the crapsman tiller, why it wont keep running.. I know it’s plugged, just not where. With my failing eyes this is going to be interesting..

One would think that if I can write, I can see.. Hah.. Nope , it is literally getting worse every day now for the last almost two weeks. Not sure how much longer I can keep driving and trying to see a doc right now? Really? Chest is still tight, still coughing, migraines; yup. I can barely look at a screen without getting sick…so I haven’t been very much… TV from across the room works ok.. Sunlight….erp!.. comp…erp.. Driving gagging erp.. for the better part of an hour each way.. *shrug* I am hoping that whatever it is, I can get past it with Ma’s help. Ma has had constant migraines as well.. Can’t imagine why, other than how crazy things are and her worrying about me going in to deal with this stuff each day . Annnywayyyy…

First bit of gardening done, a long way to go.

We don’t grow veggies to rot on the plant and we do not grow them for ” ooohhhh fresh” We grow for canning so that we have food year round, so it isn’t simply a treat if we grow or lack of if we do not.

We still are far from self sufficient , but we keep getting a little closer…. Handy right now.

Visiting Ma

While we were on the porch yesterday morning, Ma had a bunch of company come in.

Our does, of course, brought in last year’s babies to come chat and hang out.

Bunnie, not only hung out with Ma, but lay spread out on her belly catching sun while Ma watched for Hawks and eagles anddddd…..

Bunnie ran down to the south wood pile while I was on the deck when I saw…funnily enough, movement to the north. One of the coyote kids. Limpy, Mama, Rhey and Dennis came through to chat as well, stopping and watching while we talked with them. Dennis, being Dennis, got side tracked from the pack chasing either a mouse or mole, turned around and saw us so he stopped to chat..while the rest were leaving.

Limpy stood on the small boulder at the top of the berm, patiently normal.. for Dennis to get his act together and come running on up to join the pack again.. Pretty sure I saw Limpy smack him in the back of the head as they headed out.

No sooner than the coyote kids had went over the ridge than here comes Bobcat Kitty. Our Female Bobcat that makes the homestead hers, bounding up the hillside while Ma and I stood watching less than 15 yards away, as normal, she is more than comfortable enough to not mind us in the least. She padded on by as we talked with her.

” Hi Ma! Can’t stay..Busy..Byy-yyeee ,,”

Last year she had triplets that she brought by to visit when they were so tiny, they had to keep leaping out of the grass to keep up, again less than even 15 feet that time. The year before she brought by twins to show off, every bit as close.

And..yet again.. no sooner had kitty hit the north woods than Turkey came through the North Forty. I was just smiling shaking my head as the parade continued..A tom with many of his ladies came tromping through… We seldom get to see the toms , they generally stay in the trees and lower.

All the while, Hummie and clan were flitting about chatting at us as they buzzed between Ma and I or hovering in our faces while they talked up a storm.

We didn’t get to see the elk herd, Wolffie or Dumbear.. and thank goodness the cougars are staying more or less away… But most of the other kids came through to visit. All before the sun got much above the far hills.

Final thoughts

As much as I would enjoy bitching about the virus crap as well as being one of the 60+ that the stores so graciously give us from 7am to 8am Monday through Thursday to shop; An hour before the Pharmacy opens, and two before the garden center does and, of course, during our work hours and or close enough that we could never make it to town and back in time…All the while general public Have 8am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday as well as ALL of Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to shop…You know, on people’s hours and days off and when the Pharmacies are open as well as garden centers.. But, I wont get into that Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy..

So.. that is all my eyes can take this week… better than I expected, but then.. Ma has to transcribe all of this into something normal people can read..

under the present conditions.. This is still…

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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