Far and Away

With times as they have been and still are; Ma’s and my vaca was pretty much little different than normal though there have been some changes that stood out.

Far and away

Normally we would have spent this week prepping gardens and hitting Hooterville for some groceries then on to Ma’s candy store: the nursery. It didn’t turn out that way.

Ma had made the town run a week ago Friday, which was the last day either of us had been around anyone else. Things have been escalating as we have all seen, read and or heard which made any trips to town far less appealing .

Snows kept us indoor far more than normal which gave Ma more time to spin and knit… That seem a bonus to me.

I hadn’t been able to work on the red guitar until Saturday a bit when I saw that it was time to hit the body with polish. I seem to be at the point when I can start working on Hardware for her.

Saturday we spent some time outdoors getting a start on things. Although I did several projects, they were small but important. Ma has been working around the house as well as getting all our starts going. As chilly as it has been, we hadn’t worried too much yet. The plants will catch up just fine.

Saturday was the only day we didn’t have the wood stove running as well .  Though it is pretty out, it is also chilly…….. and neither of us are up to par….

Ma started getting headaches a few days ago , which happens but of course now , you wonder and hope for the best. Thursday it started getting hard for me to breath. I have a pain in my chest, it is tight , a cough set in and last night glands were swelling in my neck.Today I am flush as well.. Now, that is enough to make me raise an eyebrow over it all. I would like to imagine that the odds are pretty slim, however, as things are progressing , though not horrible and it obviously could be anything really… I am now a plague bringer and so need to stay far and away from the folks  other than Ma and hope it all settles down for us both as usual.

Once again , I am going to keep this short.. eyes are definitely not getting better through this.

Final thoughts

There is no way to predict anything so we are taking things one day at a time and hope for the best. We have plenty of food up here.. That’s simply what we do. Winter was mild so even though we didn’t spent a lot more time in the stores, we were able to keep things stocked so when everyone was going nuts buying everything…including hording TP…weird but ok….we were already set. We just had to get a couple things. We also do as much home remedies as is possible mostly because we can do it ourselves, they normally work as well or better, no side effects , and our supply is growing outside our door.

Hummies are going crazy up here. They were not at all happy when the cold front came in , Hummie in his muscle shirt and shorts , freezing as he hit the feeders. Lass was sitting by the door through a lot of it usually with Mrs Hum hanging with her in a;

” If it gets any colder , I am going back inside. Ma said I could bring friends. We can just wait here and fly in when Ma opens the door for us.”

We had a few times we thought they were coming in. The hummingbirds both throw a fit that the windows are still up in the porch and yet fly in and hang out in the shelter to get out of the winds and snow….generally complaining that the windows are in while they do it.

I managed to put up the latest song I have been working on

I imagine I’ll have more work in the actual ” project” When I put all the songs in the same album ; ” Shittes and Giggles ” I have several songs, most waiting on the lyrics still. I have an even newer song that I have sitting waiting. Although I have everything ready, I am wondering if I am going to shorten the song.. I haven’t decided yet sooo it’s not up.

Though things are stressful for us all right now, the best we can do, really, is to be careful and think first. Try not to panic. Even if you feel sick , it can just as easily not be the new crap. Things will get better, We just have the journey first before we are there.

But..for the now,
It’s just another day on Zen Mountain

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