Re-Wintering on Zen

Forecasts having been telling us cooler temps were on their way.. We are back into the 20Fs and low 30Fs..

Back to winter

After weeks of nice weather, as spring comes rolling in winter comes back to us.

The last few weeks, the weekends have been cooling down and snow predicted. Though we didn’t get any snow to speak of, we did get close to snow temps which is somewhat normal.

Last year we still had feet of snow up here at this time after it came in, in February. It seems this year that winter wanted another go before it’d let loose for spring.

Friday the snows started and we dropped back to below freezing. Come Saturday, we had some five inches of the white stuff and by evening we were floating around 22F. East winds brought in the new storm which looks like it’ll be here for at least a few more days.

The hummies are not at all happy about the cold weather. We had just put out the third feeder, as we had so many in , when this cold came in. Hummie is giving the rest of the hummers a hard time, he doesn’t want to share now that it is ” hard times” again.

Lass was sitting at the feeder as Ma and I came in this morning. Though we walked right next to her, she just sat with her little beak up in the air like she did when she was inside. I am surprised she is not sitting at the door waiting to come back in again… though she does stay close.

We had also just had all the big flocks of wild turkeys coming through the day before the cold snap… dozens came in from different flocks as they finally made their way back up after winter for their spring breeding rituals.

Since we got the snow, I have yet to see any of our deer, elk, coyotes etc… Chances are pretty good that they made their way back down to the lower elevations for the next few days, being far less stubborn than out hummies.

Final thoughts

Yup another short post.. My eyes are still giving me a rough time.

With things as they are right now having the virus shutting things down, we aren’t interested in going anywhere. We started our spring break this weekend, Ma had already hit town on Friday. Fortunately, we didn’t need much as we stay fairly stocked..Though we already ran into a couple things we hadn’t noticed.. Oh well.

Ma is spinning by the wood stove while I work on a new song here in my office.. Pretty much the cold weather thing for us.

Ma’s spinning is getting smaller and smaller though she is already getting close to thread in single ply. She wanted to see just how far an ounce of fiber could go for her before it is too thin to be practical for us. She is spinning Shetland again; which is , by far, her favorite fiber. Ma ended up with a little over 200 meters of 2 ply which is pretty much a fine lace weight. Less than it looked on the bobbin but about as thin as is practical for our needs. She will have to spin up quite a bit more for any projects which the finer the spin; the more yarn she needs to spin for a shawl or even socks. I am going to video some of the next spin so we can look at it vs what she spun in early winter and then against what she spun last winter.

The song I am working on, I simply fell into while I was working up voices for the purple telecaster style guitar I finished building a few weeks ago… though I already see where I want to upgrade it…. I was working with my ” looper” which simply records a short piece I put in and..well.. loops it until I stop it. I had a couple chords that went well with what I wanted to play, that lead me to lengthening it and finally simply recording it in my studio ware…. Then I had drums, percussion, a few more guitar and mandolin parts along with a bass guitar part. Then came lyrics….which is simply not my bag…. It boils down to a chorus and two verses… Chorus I like well enough..dang two verses are driving me crazy. Course, if I was actually a singer I imagine it would have gone far more smoothly. The big trick will be if I can actually at least get my voice down to pass on to a real singer to finish the song…. We’ll see… It’s a ” Shits and Giggles” song to begin with ….

Well, I was hoping to work on the red guitar and bass over break along with working in the gardens but the temps are far too low to try to warm up the shop for finishing so they will both have to wait until I have some time again. As it sits; I can only work on them on the weekends and then when we don’t have other projects. We’ll see what the latter part of the week brings but I am pretty sure that a lot of what we had planned for this week will end up as weekend work too.

Hopefully everything calms back down soon, this is all a little crazy…but… up here, away from everyone and on our break, it is

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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