Zen’s Christmas snow 2019

A short Post this week. Finishing off where we left off on The Night Before Christmas  with the quick story endings. Too much time working on ideas and histories to try to cram fiction, fantasy and a touch of places and times for the setting of scenes has my migraines doing bench presses with my eye balls.

The Night before Christmas

Watching the old elf hop in his sleigh, I glare out at the falling snow.

” DUDE! We talked about this! No Snow! That’s all I asked for ya old Goat!”

I am reasonably sure that Wasn’t a wave he held over his head as he flew out of sight, but as he was wearing mittens I can only guess.

Ma came up behind me, smiling at the falling flakes as they float to the porch. It would take a very long time to build up anything more than ” Just fer lookin’ at “ at this rate so shrugging, I turn and walked back into the house.

Ma, wrapped in one of her shawls, sat in her chair under the cover of the deck. Snow fell quietly just beyond the awning, slowly creating a blanket of white. The silence of the night was all but complete. The touch of the falling snow to the cover on the deck’s flooring , soft but audible .

Opening the door, I looked to Ma as she sit, looking through different pattern styles for more ideas in the ongoing creation she was working on. Testing designs, manipulating and reworking each thought until it fit what she saw in her own mind to create the new shawl. I sat down, quietly, not wanting to stop a thought she seem to be working through, I waited for her to look up.

” I think I have the next section. I just have to run some tests then I can chart it…and then test the charts. “

The shawl, a Shetland design, was already beautiful. Working her way out towards a border, Ma had found trees that would eventually make a grove. Time after time , she had run across, knitted up and tossed out said ideas and patterns to try something new. Fitting her ideas and patterns with others, then changing them until they are her own and yet fit into an overall design that is time tested and generations old , has had Ma busy for a while now though she has also been working on others’ tests.

” The guy drives me nuts you know.”

” Who? “

” Good Ole St. Shmuck. That’s who. “

” Yes Dear. That would be why you two wait around impatiently for eleven months for Christmas Eve so that you two can harass each other, play for a bit and then complain some more about each other… Don’t think I don’t get Emails from his Mrs. as well. “

” Wait…What ?”

” Oh yeah… We talk..”

” Whatever… Jolly Ole ZZ Top makes me crazy.  You notice, it didn’t start snowing till tonight. Magic of Christmas my aching A…”

” Yes Dear…. I had fun too. “

Eyes and Paws

” Look ! Look What Santa brought me!” Rhey called out as she ran out the den entry.

Dennis looked up from his new bone. “Cool… I got a new bone! It’s so big I can’t even lift it!”

” Uh..Yeah.. Very nice.. But Look! I got my I-Paw !” Rhey bounce around in the snow, keeping her front right paw lifted up to stare at her new toy.

“Pretty small. I like my bone better. ”  Replied Dennis as he attempted to lift one end of his bone before it fell to the ground again. He stare at it. Walked around it. Sniffed it. Dennis licked the bone and tried once again to maneuver it to lift between his front paws. The bone, fell with a crash, Dennis leaping to his feet with a yelp. The bone had landed between his eyes. Growling, Dennis bit in to a juicy section of meat and began to drag the bone. Feet planted, he began backing up towards a log…and a drop off.

Rhey watched her brother, then the drop off and back to the bone..This would not go well … ” You might want to rethink that. “

” Go play with your toy, I know what I am doing. “ Dennis huffed as he scatter rock and snow in an attempt to get his bone to the log.

” Fine.. Whatever..Bobblehead.” Rhey pranced off.

Looking up the hill, Rhey grinned. Ohhhh Da will enjoy this…

” 2:05 and all is well! “ Rhey called out towards Ma and Da’s windows.

” What the… Rhey! Shhhhhh…It’s too early for this. ” I call out the window from under my covers.

” Na.. It’s Dinner time in Tokyo.” Rhey called out delightedly .

” Jolly Ole Pain in my Ass strikes again. “ I grumped to Ma who lay in bed now reading her book.

” Rhey is happy. She is just sharing. ”  Ma murmured over the top of her reader.

” TMI…… Rhey go show it off to Limpy. “ I called out, pillow over my face.

” Already did. He kicked me out of the den so he could sleep.”

” Tell Ma to accept my ‘Friend Request’. ”  Rhey yipped. ” Ma! Wake up! Waiting..”

Rhey is Haaaaaapppyyyyy…She just wants to sssshhhhaaaaaarrrreeee” I snarked from under my pillow.. Just before I felt the impact…Good thing the pillow is fluffy.


” I’m heading up to Ma’s. “ Hummie said as he made his way through the piles of torn papers from the presents Santa had left the kids.

” But the children are playing with their presents…” Mrs. Called out.

” Exactly!” Hummie gruffed as he took wing.


” Hey! Da! Come out..”

” Hey Hum..What’s up? Merry Christmas. “ I called through the window as I got up.

“What…the..Hell!?” Hummie groused at me .

” Gonna have to narrow that one down a bit there Hum..My ‘What the hell?’ moment started about 2 am …. discounted the white crap. “

” Drums.” He sniped.

” Drrrrrummmmmmmmsss…..Ok.. Not following  O wing-ed Flitter of foul .” I said grinning at him as he puffed up.

” What did You Do?” 

” Yeeeaahhhhhh.. Still not following Humsucker.”

” Why in thee hell did Santa give Saran a drum set? What…Did…YOU..DO?!”

“Ummmmm..Nothing ..I think…We jammed..He flip me off and that was pretty much it..”

” Santa flipped you off?” Hum asked as he cocked his head.

” Yeahhh pretty sure that wasn’t a wave, hard to tell in a glove..but….It’s just our thing…We use to hang and all ya know..”

” Focus…Drums… I can’t decide if I am moving back or if you are going to set up a room for her.” Hummie glared at me.

” You don’t imagine that maybe she asked Santa for drums do you? I mean, that’s kinda how it works… You send him a list..he decides if you get coal or , well, maybe a drum set. “ I said as I lifted my hands, palms up and shrug.

” Well… I didn’t ask for drums.”

“Ddddddiiiidddd you get drums? “ A smirk forming at the corner of my mouth…Right before the wee leetle snowball hit me in the face.


Da Star

” No..Seriously. He asked for my autograph and all. ”  Stewie said to his new group of admirers.

” You do get that he was teasing you right ?” Chey said, staring at Stewie trying to keep a straight face.

” Yeah, No..Really .. Dancer actually said that. “ Stewie said as he puffed up.

” Did you giiiivvveee him one? “ Chey asked.

” Well….No… He was in a hurry, what with the whole Santa thing and all..” Stewie said, turning red.

” But he did ask right? ” queried one of the several young does watching from the group.

” Well.. Yes.. But you had to have been there…” Chey started.

” See… She is just jealous  ..”  The little doe said nodding.

” Oh yes.. Terribly…I am jelly to the core… I’ll make sure and remind Dancer about that . He is stopping by on the return trip to visit.”

” Wait..What?… He is…ummm.. coming back by? “ Stewie asked, his eyes widening as he lick his suddenly dry lips.

” Oh yes…And Prancer too… You may remember him. I imagine he would like to say hi as well..”

” Uhhh yesss… I should..um…get ready. I bet they will be by before too long.” Stewie said nervously. as he began to back up.

” I’ll tell them to wait for you to come back should I?” Chey said, grinning.

” Well.. Yes…but, I know they are busy and all. I don’t want to hold them up..You know.. In case I get held up ..”

” Wait.. You have a date with Dancer? ” said another of the does, her eyes bulging.

” Um.. No. Not a date. He is just stopping by. We were going to hit the salt lick together, grab some meadow grass and…” Chey gulped.

” ooooooohhhhhhh Chey has a date with Dancer ! Can I get an autograph ? “


Final Thoughts

Christmas was fine. The snow stayed at ” Just fer Lookin’ at” stages until it slowly melted some days later though temps hang at freezing and our cloud is all snuggled in.

Too much white from pages, both writing and reading has my buggered eyes screaming so I kept the wee little scenes short …good or bad, it makes it quick to read through this week’s Post.

We have the new year ringing in this week , and, once again..Not our bag.. Just have to change the year on anything we fill out, that’s about it for us.

The days are dark but not bad. “Fog” which is actually just our cloud sleeping close is tight around Zen for the most part. Now and again she will thin enough for us to see Gotham, give the hummers nice enough weather to make a quick visit during the day, then she closes back up. The hoarfrost is building most days but nothing bad. A little hoarfrost and temps in the low thirties is fine. The longer before any heavy snows the better and so long as it doesn’t drop into the teens and lower even better….

We had to make a run to town yesterday which ate up a big chunk of the day once it was done and things put away but at least we got it done while the weather was decent.

Zen the snow fell

We had been up fairly late, for us , the night before and of course morning..well.. premorn.. wouldn’t be the same without Rhey coming by to let us know that she was on the job.

Having had a chat with her before she went on her way, singing into the night, I had lay in bed counting the time before we would get up for Christmas morning. By the time I had figured out that I had a couple more hours I could sleep, I heard Ma getting up…

“No way.. Not getting up yet.” I told myself as I felt my legs slide out from under the covers, tangling around my feet.

By the time I had slip free of the sheets I could hear Ma in the kitchen. I groan, walked into the master bath and glare out the window..Just in case Rhey was still around.

I could hear the storm door close as I made my way through my office towards the kitchen. Grabbing a wee bit of coffee, I headed out as well.

Snow fell lightly as Ma and I talked quietly. Most normal folk were still asleep, grabbing the last few winks before the children would wake and pound their way to the Christmas tree.

The snow seem to simply appear as our cloud was level with us. I could almost imagine the wee little elves pumping the crank for the snow works just above our heads.

Happily, we were being treated to a ” Hallmark” snow; or as we say on Zen ” Just fer lookin’ at” snow.

Most of the kids still sleeping , snuggling against the chill and snow, Rhey made her way around Zen, checking their territory and hunting lines. Drifting in and out of sight, Rhey would see me watching and lift her paw.

“3:57 am and all is well…”

” Shut it Furball!” I call out into the mists.

” 3:58am… Nearly 9pm in Tokyo …”

” Grrrrrrrrr…”

” Don’t be a Paw Hater …. 3:59..” Rhey called out as she leap into the snow. A dark object in her mouth as she pranced off let us know she had her Christmas morn Breakfast …..Freakin Finally…

Ma sat, looking at patterns. I watched her for a bit, then the snow and I began to smile.. At least the old Goat didn’t toss a snow storm our way.

I could hear the snow as it fell. Light puffs of sound as it began to layer. Even Rhey was quiet now. I could hear my heart beating and snow touching ground . Ma, busy reading, didn’t make a sound in the early morning.

Staring into my cup of cold coffee, I got up. I look at Ma, who was busy. I then look out to the snow and fog. I had to smile again. If I have to have snow, I couldn’t ask for a better fall. It was pretty as it slowly cover the deck. We could only see a few yards out again as the cloud got heavier.

From out in the distance I heard

” 4;17am and all is white . “

I shook my head walking back through the doorway. It is already looking to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain.


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