The Night Before Christmas 2019

If you only ever read a single Sunday Post.. This would be it.

It’s that Holly Jolly time of the year again . I have written up several Christmas stories from the view of the kids here on Zen. Ma and I may celebrate Yule rather than Christmas, but how can ya not enjoy the Spirit of the Season.

Let the Whimsy begin

So for Our fifth version

The Night Before Christmas

                                  Zen’s 5th annual


Twas the night before Christmas,

when all across Zen, not a creature be a stirrin’ ceptin’ that crazy Rhey a yippin’ in the south glen.

Worn woolen stockings lay in basket by the fire in hopes that Ma’ll find some time to get them darned before I can retire.

She’s shown me how and though I probably can, I’d rather be a doin the wearin’ than the carin’. Just how I am.

Hummie all nestled in his chair by his fire, just like myself in similar attire. Both be a wearin’ robes sweaters and socks hand made by Ma,

Hmmmm, now which way to go in this year’s satire

She sat there a knittin’, Ma with a new winter’s shawl.

Her newest designs coming to life to be enjoyed by us all.

Hand drawing small trees for a border that she charts up with a smile. They soon will be on her needles to come to life with Ma’s own beautiful flare and style.

When out in the fields there arose such a clatter

I slip out of the evil sleepy time chair to find out what was the matter.

Tangled in my blanket that had lain cross my lap,

I hit the floor, just one more mishap.

I leap to my feet, tottering back to land in the woodpile,

ahhhh to be agile again .. just once in a while.

Grinning up at Ma, I arose with a groan to look out the window

“ There he is. “ I said in a bit of a groan

and there he stood on the porch so lively and quick;

my arch nemesis; That Ole Jolly St. Nick.

We watch one another through that portal of glass

I murmured to Ma

“ One of these days, I’m a gonna just kick his old aaa..”

Cutting me off, Ma, shoo me to my seat while the far too nimble elf came in to grab a quick bite to eat.

We stare at each other in grim satisfaction,

counting grey hairs and wrinkles from gravitational interaction.

Ma a sighin’ took the ole elf by the collar to sit him down to relax by the fire. Another crisis averted as it came down to the wire.

Santa, himself, began with a grin,

“ I see you got the tractor running. “

I nodded with a wee bit of chagrin.

“ It only took a year and still not fully tested. “ he ventured on.

My humor slippin’, wondering where this subject had gone.

“ Let us be a hopin’ she can sit there and rest till Spring and we can finish the job we have started. “

“ Maybe I’ll whip in to take a look as well,” he said halfhearted.

Ma, hands on hips as she watch our banter, she glare till we stop to see what was the matter.

“ You two are like this every holiday season. I would really like to know just WHAT is the reason.”

Santa watch me as I stare back at him. We both blush and grin neither wanting to begin.

“ Let’s us just say that we both have our reasons and it has little to do with the time of the season. All the Who down in Whoville will all have started singing before I am willing to give in to tell the story, it would feel something like treason.”

We watch each other, both Santa and I till Ma passed out plate of her homemade pumpkin pie.

With a smile, we all dug in with great delight , banishing thoughts of this age old bullfight.

Pie plate clean, not a crisp left, not a droplet of cream.

The old elf stood, heading to my room, me in tow

He grab up a strat made in old Mexico.

I sat across from him, slippin’ on my Tele and we tune up together, his laugh making his belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.

Just one more session between Ole St. Nick and myself our one reason to hang together this time of season.

A slow blues number fill the night, while Ma took back up her knitting by the wood stoves fire light.

With a sigh, we both lay down our axes, we both enjoy this Christmas relaxing practice.

Ma sat down her knitting as we came into the room,

There was still enough time for their visit to resume.

Santa smiled at his new pair of socks, and a shawl for the Mrs.

“ You are always one of my favorite parts of Christmas.”

The old elf grin as he felt the fine wool and the intricate patterns. Ma’s work is amazing by anyone’s standards.

Slipping into his socks to admire them one more time,

Santa then rose and spun on a dime. He slip the shawl into his coat then grinned at me, the jolly ole St. Goat.

He poke me once in the chest laughing again.

“ Go check out your room and stop clucking like a hen. “

To Ma he handed a large new bundle of the treasured Shetland fiber,

“ Something new for you to spin . “ Ma’s smile grew ever wider.

A smack on my back as he turn to the door,

“ It’s all good my old friend, this is never a chore. I read what you write with a glimmer of hope that one day you’ll finish your dang book ya old country dope.”

and we heard ere’ he flew out of sight,

“ Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the bite. “




Preppin’ for the Big Guy

Rhey gather together all her bones from around the outside of the den, laying them into a single pile off to one side under a near by tree.

Limpy watched on, paws together, head cocked.

” What are you doing ?”

” I am cleaning things up. Santa comes tomorrow night.” Rhey said as she continued to pick up odds and ends from around the den.

” Course. Right after he leaves Ma’s , he’ll stop by for a quick visit. We never cleaned up before for him.” Limpy said, curiosity perking his ears.

” Well… I am hoping for an Ipaw. So I want him to be impressed and Knnnnoooowww I am good. “ She answered over her shoulder as she drug boughs around the entry.

” An eye whatnow? “ Limpy asked, completely confused.

” An I-PAW. Seriously. You live in a completely different age Dad. “ she said as she roll her eyes. ” I mean Really… Everyone has one now. “

” Never heard of it..or them.. or whatever. “ Limpy grin as he watched his daughter poking pine cones into the pile of bones, her head to the side as she studied her artwork.

” I-paw. It’s like a watch and you can use it to talk to people a long way away.. Very cool.”

” Soooooooo. You mean like looking at the Sun, Moon, and stars and then yipping? ” The old coyote smiled.

” Dddddaaaaaaadddddd. That’s sooooo last week. “

Rhey answered absently as she poked in a few sprigs of oak to the pile, looking closely again. Stepping back and sitting splay legs with a huff.

” It still looks like a pile of bones.”

” It IS a pile of bones Dear. I am pretty sure Santa will be thrilled that you took the time to decorate the den. Though I am not sure about this whole eyespaws thing. “

“I-PAW Dad. I-PAW.” She said with a sigh. ” My friends all have them.”

” Uh huh… I bet we could find you an old watch from Da if we ask. “

” OMG! Really? I would be the laughing stock of the pack. “

” Well.. Maybe then you’ll be the cool one that doesn’t need a gadget to do what we can do without one. “ Limpy said soothingly. ” Just because everyone Thinks They need a smart paw doesn’t actually make them smarter you know. They just depend on a new toy to do what reason and logic have let us do since, well forever. “

” Oh Dad.. you are soooo old fashion .” Rhey said with a flip of an ear.

” Well Darlin’ that would be because I am old. Your mother and I both got along just fine using our wits you know. ” Limpy reasoned. ” You don’t see Dennis asking for this eyespaws.”

” Really Dad? you are using Dennis as a figure of reason? “

They both look over to Dennis sitting on his pile of bones licking his eye balls and giggling. ” What? it tickles. “

” Mmmmm well, good point.” Limpy obliged .” What about Red? Red doesn’t want an eyes paws.”

“All Red thinks about is boys.” Rhey glowered. ” Besides… She is old. “

” Wait. Whatnow?” Red looked up from her dinner. “ Old? I am freakin only two years older than you. “

” Seeeeeeeeee… ” Rhey whined. ” Ancient. “

GAWWWHHH” Red glared.

“GRRRR” Rhey grimaced back.

” Ok then, so coal all round. My shopping here is done. ”  Limpy called over his shoulder as he headed back to his “Man” cave corner of the den.

“Daaaaaadddd!” Rhey whined. ” See what you did? Spinster. ” Rhey whispered as an after thought.

“Cow!” Red shot back.

” You are what you eat I guess…Road kill. ” Rhey huffed.

The two glared at one another until Rhey remembered. ” Oh crap, Santa is coming. Help me decorate. “

Red look around the den and shrugged. ” Festive bone collection. Check. boughs around the entry. Check. Dennis looking like a bobble head. Check.”

” Double check. ” Rhey sat, looking at her brother. his eyes glassy, wobbling back and forth as he shook his head.

” Hey ! Wait, oh..heh.right. “ Dennis, shaking his head around, giggling.

” That boy just ain’t right. “ Hummie said as he hover at the den entry.

” Hummie!” The girls chorused .

” Thought I’d wish you guys a happy holiday. Going to swing by Ma’s to see her, get a nip and head back to the Brownstone. Hummie said as he watched Dennis. ” I think something is either too loose or over tightened in that one. “

” I think that scare from the turkeys ruined him for life. “ Red replied, her head tilted to the side. watching her brother.

Rhey sat, her eyes glinting. ” Turkeys? Really? “

” In his defense ……… Uhh…no.. I got nothing here… It was a hen.. Didn’t even see him I think.. maybe related to him…” Red said watching her brother, cross eyed, trying to lick his forehead.

” Ummm aren’t WE related to him? Rhey asked.

” I’m waiting for some solid proof on that one. “ Red mused.

” You are.” Limpy called from the “Man” corner.

” Well… maybe YOU are. “ mumbled Red.

” Heh.. Well. I know I’m not. You guys have a great holiday. I am getting thirsty. “ Hummie said as he flew off towards the homestead.

” Decorating ? “ Rhey asked.

” You have a very nice bone collection. I am sure that will impress Santa. I wouldn’t get too crazy about this.. You might end up like…” Red said, nodding suggestively towards their brother, who was staring at his paw. First with the left eye, then the right..and back again.

” Ahhhhh…Riiighhhhtttt.. Yes, I suppose you are right. That Is a very Jolly Bone pile for sure. “ Rhey said , looking at her brother, then the bones, then her wrist and sighed.



Christmas at the Hums

” I’m here!” Hummie called out as he hit the feeder then began looking in the windows of the homestead looking for Da, who was in his office.

” Hey Hum!.. Ma is in her office, we’ll be right out. “ I said when I saw Hummie flitting outside my window.

” Hey ! It’s cold out here. Come visit with me before I head back to the Humstone.” Hummie called to Ma through her window as he hover just beyond her computer screen.

” Jeeze Hum. I’m coming already. I’ll be right there you demanding little fuzz ball. “

Ma and I stepped out on to the porch. The sky dark with our Winter cloud who lazes about, snuggling against Zen’s summit for the most of Fall through Winter, finally to rise up , heading East come Spring.

Hoarfrost cover anything that doesn’t move very often. I am always afeared ifin we sit for too long outside, we will start to show signs as well.

Ice crystals all but close the diamonds in the chicken wire around the young trees and gardens. Bushes and trees each heavy, beginning to sag from the weight of our cloud’s Christmas decorating.

” It’s cold up here. “ Hummie complained as he sip at his feeder. ” You guys really need to talk to the cloud. She wont let any sun in to warm us back up. “

” She pays little attention to us Hum. She gets cold and lonely this time of year and just wants to hang with us like the rest of you do in nice weather. I am sure the skies are deathly frigid so snuggling on Zen Mountain has got to feel a lot nicer.” I commented while I look at the frost, ever deepening on everything.

” Well… I am going to head back to Gotham. I have the nice Lazyhum. The Widescreen entertainment center….and a cozy fire. I just wanted a Yule twig for the house and to visit. “ Hummie mused .

” So the I pod mini and ear buds you mean..” I confirmed, grinning.

“Entertainment center with surround sound..Yes. “ Hummie glowered at me.

” Well. It was great to see you making it out of your chair for a bit. Mrs. has been up most every day complaining that you are being lazy this year.” I said smiling.

” Not lazy. Winter makes my bones ache anymore. Liam and I have just been binging Game of Thrones and Forged in Fire. I got me a really cool lonnnnnnngggg silly straw so I can slip it out the window to the feeder and sip away while I sit in my Lazyhum by the fire. Liam found one too. Very comfy. ” Hummie said dreamily.

Laughing, finally, I shook my head. ” Hum.. that IS being lazy. My bones ache too but I go out into the weather every day.”

” Bet when you retire you wont. ” Hum replied, smirking..

“Mmmmmm…Good point.. I suppose we will find out. ” I said smiling back at him.

” Enough chittychat. I have a twig to pick out and back to the fire and Big Screen…aaannnnddd the Lazyhum…oooohhh yehhhh. ” Hummie laughed as he flew about our heads and head towards the hidden meadow where Mother Tree live.

” I’m Baaaaacccckkk! “ Hummie called out as he flew into the Humstone that the family shared in Gotham during the colder months in the Gorge. “ I have the Yule Twig! “

” Sweet ! I have Forged in Fire ready to start. They put out fresh juice this morning too!” Liam sang out.

Saran; Hummie’s eldest daughter squealed , ” The Twig! Mama! can we decorate it now? “

Hummie’s and Liam’s youngest kids flew about the room, laughing and chirping as they looked at the full twig. All the needles shiny and new as Hum hung it next to the door.

Syrah; Liam’s Mrs. pulled out the tiny box with teeny wee decorations for the kids to drape over the twig while the adults watched on.. Saran leading the group, as usual, constantly commenting, whether good or bad about where decorations lay.

At the bottom of the box were several hand spun and knitted stockings. The two girls had talked to Ma. We found a wincy leetle spinning wheel that we managed to get to work with Hum’s and Liam’s tiny little mits. Ma gave the girls lessons in spinning so that they could make stockings small enough. Ma had given the girls fibers from Ma’s Shetland stash which were then spun into fine gossamer then knitted up with needles so small neither Ma nor I could even see in the sun’s light.

Each stocking had the kids’ names on them, Hummie taking each, one by one, and by name to mount at the hearth.

The kids laughing and clapping with delight flew about the room again looking at Twig, stockings and other decorations the Hum family had made over summer for this, the wee ones, first Christmas.

” How will Santa find us ? We aren’t at our home on Zen?” asked one of the kids in a voice that all but broke Hummie’s heart.

Mrs. stepped in , soothing the kids. ” Santa always visits with Ma and Da first. Ma will make sure Santa knows exactly where we are. He will come. He wouldn’t miss your first Christmas. “

Shoulders sagging, the kids looked to one another as smiles spread, infectiously .

” Now… Ma gave us a potato eye for smashed taters. We saved a very fat and juicy Gnat to roast. We have new juice and even a cranberry !”

” A Whole gnat AND a Whole Cranberry? We will have leftovers for the rest of winter.” Hummie sighed.

” We have many more mouths to feed this year Dear. It will be fine. “ Mrs. cooed back. “Now… You kids get cleaned up and head off to bed. Santa won’t show unless you get some sleep. “

” Well… I’m not going to bed yet. I have a serious sugar high from this new juice.” Hummie grumped.

” Yes Dear. That’s good. You have toys to put together.” Mrs. said, Her lip twitching.



Tips and autographs

” There he is !There he is !” She leap in the air with excitement as the sleigh slid to a stop in on the lawn. ” How do I look? Oh I hope he notices me. “

” Calm down. He is already looking at you. Here he comes.” 

“Hiiiiiiii…. I waited up special so I say, well.. Happy.. I mean..Merry …oh my..Christmas” She stumbled, sighed , then blushed.

Dancer looked at the young doe, a glint in his eyes.” I remember you. You were barely out of your spots last year when we stopped by to visit.”

” See.. He noticed you.” The second doe grinned, bumping Chey’s side.

” Shhh.. don’t embarrass me . I can do that all on my own.”

“Prancer, Dude.. You remember Chey. She was just a little thing last year. Look at how she has grown.” Dancer called over his shoulder.

Prancer, also free from the sleigh while Santa visited with Ma and myself., drift into the air to land next to Dancer.

“…. ooohhhhh.. “ The does unison.

Dancer roll his eyes. “Don’t encourage him. “

” What? It is all part of the job. “ Prancer said as he smile at the does, turning to show his best profile.

” Take it down a notch Buckwheat . These are Ma and Da’s girls. ..or are you considering becoming the next Roast Beast ? “ Dancer said with a grin.

Yeah yeah , I know . Just..Well.. They are my peeps.”

” The elves had to put a full length mirror in his stall. He kept looking for ice formations to stare at himself in … One little ice imperfection and it was all; Does my butt look big? Do I really look like that? Oh No my nose is too long. “ Dancer whispered to Chey and her friends.while Prancer glared at him.

” I am not like that at all! ..Oh look! The pond is Perfect!.. I’ll be right back. “

” Yeah .. better take a look at your antler there. I think you have a little yuck on it.” Dancer said as he winked at the does.

” What? What? Oh this is embarrassing. Don’t look at me! Ahhhh!” Prancer flit over to the pond, turning his head left and right,. He tip his antlers back and forth looking for what might be stuck to them.

Giggling, the girls watched, their eyes sparkling.

Stewie leap over the fence, catching a toe and crash into the mud. ” Crap!”

The does laughing out loud at their cousin, trying to do so while looking their best for the celebrities in their yard.

Chey let out a snort, her eyes widening to the size of saucers, her cheeks glowing red.

” Whoah there Little Lady. You are out glowing me. “ Rudolf laugh as he came up to the group. ” I am the one that is suppose to light up the night. You are coming in with a close second however. “

Chey tuck her head as her face grew ever hotter.

Stewie, shaking himself as he rose, look over to where Prancer stood at the pond, horror in his eyes. Prancer, sputtering, glared at him. Prancer’s face was covered in mud from Stewie’s crash landing.

Dancer stood, mouth agape, his eyes wide. The group all slowly turn to stare at the mud covered Prancer. Dancer took in a violently sudden deep breath and bray like a demented donkey before rolling onto his back, legs kicking as he laugh.

The girls all holding their breath, trying not to laugh, stare at the horror on Prancers visage.

Rudolf , smirked.” That’s a good look for you Buddy. Sorta Chocolate Easter Bunnie meets Bulwinkle, meets Rocky Raccoon . “

” Oh little Dude. I NEED your autograph ! …and tips on that landing too.” Dancer choked out between gasps of laughter as he lay on his back, holding his belly.


Final thoughts

We are in to Yule now and with a grin, I might add that it is Lisa’s birthday today, one of my oldest of friends from the neighborhood that bore us writers and musicians as well as more than our share of sarcastic fellows …Thank you, Thank you very much..

When I write my stories, I do, in fact, remember my old friends, many of them. For good and or bad, I tend to pull from memories of how I saw and see others I have known , as I have to imagine we all do that write in one form or another.. Though I don’t write the stories about them, I do use some of their quirks in some characters from time to time. So… from time to time , you may find several old friends mashed together to make a character in a certain ” scene”…. LOL.. how the hell else am I going to put together any “city” story types?

Funnily, Yule is my favorite holiday of the seasons though I am no fan of dealing with Winter….which Yule Heralds…This year, we are enjoying warm temps for this time of year and I will take it as we can. Soon enough for me, snow will fly again. Ice will cover the porch and deck. The bitter East winds that hammer us from the Blues, the bitter chill they bring with deep snow and the below freezing temps. The breezes building , shifting in again from the South to level our summit with its 70 plus MPH winds. I tend to find myself racing around the homestead trying to keep wood from becoming projectiles to decorate the odd building or vehicle that won’t bend the the winds. Full sheets of ply that I had buried and weighted down for upcoming projects fly about the drive in a “Wizard of Oz” scene.

Today however, the sun is rising into the next layer of clouds. Our weather is calm, only the slightest breeze gently nudging smoke from wood stoves across the landscape. low clouds slide into the saddles of Zen’s Fells to, once again, create a magical visage from the norm as our deer slip in and out of fog during their morning visit. The river below grasping at valley mists lending to the murk of Gotham. atop Zen Mountain, rising above the floor of the Gorge, we are able to watch as the gloom envelopes the scene below. Mountain tops to the North and South of us rise into another layer of clouds, snow covering them down to our level. The range surrounding us , slowly fading to the East before we come to the next range all lay in the mists of the morning. The lands green with the moisture that the season brings,  have the feeling more of early Spring rather than the beginning of Winter. Soon , as always, snows will hit again and we will all find me grumping about trying to keep up our road, fighting with our ever present cloud..who.. once again… today is gracing the river..Good Girl..

I like looking at the snow covered mountains, the calm of the white and the soft sound of snow crystals building…. Dealing with the drive however..Not my favorite. It is just another part of Zen, both the good and the bad, which we find in every season. There is no perfection which is one more reason I look to every sunrise. Every morning Zen has the chance to delight or frustrate us. IN those first few hours of dawn we have those moments that you simply can not find in a town or city . There may be no primped roads, plowed and free of ice right up to our drive, no cleaned sidewalks lain with deicer. No public transportation when all else fails. No ten minute walk to anywhere other than to the next tree or bush, but we always have a new sunrise, even on the days that our neighborhood cloud hides from sight. Even on those days when we must turn on lights and keep them on all day to walk through the house as open as it is. We have our ” kids” that come to visit us every morning , as well as generally throughout the day until the worst of the weather chases them back into the valleys… There is, and always will be that sunrise to herald a new day and another chance at a quiet that you can only find in the country.

Ma and I found our new Yule Bough yesterday as we always do first day of Yule.

We visited the ” Mother Tree” Most every tree on the homestead came from her or the natural nursery around her. This year we found a devastation of that nursery. She stood there among the stripped land in her hidden meadow, some of her daughters cut, ground violently disturbed. We could only wish her what peace we could before we left her. She at least survived. Looking at what had happened made us both very sad, but I do know that as bad as it is, she will, once again, drop seed around her feet to start a new grove. Given the chance, new seedlings will sprout.

Walking back home, Ma and I look at all of the Mother Trees daughters across our North section, found a new girl who was more than happy to let us find that perfect branch and she was thus christened the new mother. She, as several of her kin, is heavy with cones, ready to start a new generation. We are the very edge of transition to open plains from the wooded hills to the west . Trees must be very hardy to take hold here at the Zen Homestead so planting new here must come from the Zen area.. We will find fewer new trees to add to the grove, but they will indeed show themselves and of those that rise, a couple will continue to grow and sometime in the future, a new nursery will sprout from the small grove I have planted over the decades… It’s Zen..



Zen Yule starts

Waking quite suddenly, I look at the clock. A rough night had kept me only slightly under as Ma and I took turns lying awake.

The clock slowly became clear as I stared over the covers, my brain trying to grasp day and time. Still some hours from dawn, I blink back any remaining sleep, roll out of bed without catching my foot in the covers for a change.

A final yawn had me on my feet and out the door to start my morning ritual of bringing my comps to life, trying to remember where I was on stories as well as music. One comp for writing, the other for the music. They both hum to life as I squinted out at the black, looking for that first beam that would become the sun’s awakening….

Having moon pics as my backgrounds on all screens so that I don’t throw my beaten eye into spasms, I brought up a browser, quickly running it to a dark pic as well, keeping to night views as often as is possible.

I stumble through the house to grab a cup of coffee while I hear Ma rustling around to meet me in the kitchen.

Even before the first light of a morning to come soon , I hear one of our CawCaw birds fly over grousing at me for not being out there to greet him.

I step out the door, Ma having beat me outside , I hear CawCaw just down at the end of our land chatting up a storm. Walking out to the end of the deck so we can see each other I wish the brat a good morning followed by a ” CawCawCaw…”

Remarks from our Raven soon follow as expected. Before the chuckle fades, a murder of crow fly over, each saying their good days to us in a ritual we have all followed since I moved to Zen decades ago.

The first line across the ridge speaks of a lazy ole Winter borne Sun that will soon be cresting the far South East ridge, oranges and red spreading,a gold tinge coming on their heals. Dark rain clouds hold the colors in check, keeping them from brighten the morning, just a peek and no more.

I stand listening to the CawCaws as well as a few of the other early morning risers when the hum of Mrs. Hummie comes in, she greeting Ma as well as tossing me a grumble , I too close to her feeder to make her happy.

Sitting in my chair under the canopy of our porch, I watch as the little hummer flits in to grab a bite with us.

” Good Morning Mrs.” I toss with a smile.

” Good Morning Ma………..Da..whatever… “

” Ah… Where’s Hummie?” I ask as she glares over the feeder at me.

” Duh… Sitting in front of the big screen…With Liam. “

” I see he showed up yesterday for a bit. ” I grin.

” Hulu was acting up. He got bored and thought, as it was a nice day, he’d stretch his wings. “

” Well, his little belly is looking full of holiday cheer. Come Spring , I know, he will wear it off once again as he comes up to set the cabin to rights along with chasing off as many newcomers as possible until the groves of the little hummers get to be too many. “ I say as I watch her sipping away at Ma’s Super Juice.

” Ummm yes… He CAN be a delight, making friends and inspiring all around him that is for sure. “The little hummingbird said in between sips with a gleam in her eyes.

While she finished her breakfast, Ma noticed several of our does springing across our north boundary as they swing out to say their good mornings to us as well. All stopping to listen to Ma as she talks to them and then once again , they hop down into the hidden saddles of our north. Fog slowly drifting through the same shallows create a backdrop to our kids lending to the magic that is Zen. Tufts of mist sneak up behind the girls to tug at ankles and tails in an attempt to hide them from us. In a moment the girls are once again ,simply gone.

I sit back down to watch the morning begin again as the sun slips ever closer the ridge, taking his time, painting the dawn with what fall colors he has left on his pallet.

Shocking golds fill lone clouds too low to become the layer that covers the skies overhead. They glow with a life of the sunrise that somehow always makes my breath catch after all these decades, it is still that perfect moment before colors fade as we watch.

Ma going through what is new in the knitting and spinning world that she is a part of begins to tell me of new creations of others as well as new projects coming up. She has been designing again lately from the ground up , working on borders. Folks look at her work with wonder, and yet , many have no idea of what it takes to make designs work the way they do , the task of not simply counting stitches but also to match them to needle size which she has to decide upon due to weight of yarn which , in turn, is decided on by how a fiber lends and shows its self during spinning. All of that and more when you figure in the other sections of shawls, haps, socks, and caps, sweaters and vests, and so much more. Entertainment, a term I use very loosely, has lead so many into seeing knitted items as crass sloppy cheap items, let alone this time of year with its Ugly Sweaters…. The difference is much the same as the difference between Fast Food and a Homemade meal…from someone that can Actually cook. Judging all knitting by one piece of crap that they may have run into, or many for all that, is simply sad.. It makes these folks miss out on clothes that not only keep you warm , keep you from shocking everything you touch this time of year and the beauty that can be created by the masters of the craft.

I smile as I listen to Ma chat about such things and as any happy husband, I know what she speaks of and remind her of such as she begins in depth on things I already understand or people I have heard stories of once and again.

I listen to Ma as I watch the sun break free of the clouds, if only for a moment before rising into the next layer of clouds and grin like a child at the perfect moment.

Ma, our hummies, kids of all kinds on a quiet reasonably warm winter morning , the sun sneaking a peek before rising into the clouds and I know, with all of this, it is still…

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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