As the leaf turns and I am Rhey

Fall is here , leaves are in full turn and temps are dropping once again on Zen.

I have a bit about the week in here but finishing with a couple short stories…So if the catch up is the ” Meh” part to some readers.. you can always jump to the stories..

Lil Eden and the Chill

Ma; my better half, and I are both a little slower right now and falling behind pretty much daily . The cooler temps are closing down our gardens faster than we can take care of the last of herb harvests.

I made my way out to Eden on Saturday to check our vegetables after a couple mornings close to freezing . I found several zukes and a few peppers. The zukes are going to end upas muffins eventually ; being ground and frozen for later. Peppers are so few , they will get dried.. eventually.

I was able to grab up a small load of tomatoes to finish ripening on the window sill.

We have pumpkins , winter squash , brussel sprouts , and potatoes still growing away. zukes are winding down , pepper plants are still waiting for the warm weather that never showed.

Parsley , Chives, Marjoram  , Oregano , Sage , Thyme,  and Savory are all going strong . Basil is hiding in the Test Garden whispering;

” Pick me before I freeze .”

Apples are done . Prunes are on the counter . Pears are on the trees .annnnnndddd

Ma is having a very hard time with her back , ribs and or we hope not whatever put her in the hospital a few years ago again setting off sepsis and me almost losing her.. It started exactly like this…So I hounded her into going to the doc before snow hits this time .. She is waiting to hear back on schedule for tests.

Me ? Yeh , total loser.. Still have knee , hip and back from work way back in April along with my stupid eye ( also from work ) that sets off all kinds of fun crap and to top that crap off… First day back from Holiday and the crud that has been running through the High School I work at hit me.. very damn first day back…WTH? …

I am trying to keep away from Ma as much as possible up here; hiding in the studio then to the EST ( evil sleepy time ) chair and then back to work again. I hope that Ma will not get this but we all know how easy that could be to fall apart so I stay to myself as best I can.

MEANWHILE in Eden , the herbs are full to bursting. Several will be fine after the eventual frost , Basil I’ll have to get out and take care of.

It looks like early this week will be the end finally. We made it through the last snap by one degree. We had one morning hit 33F but only for an hour then it slowly rose again .

I don’t see us doing as well on this next frost..but we will see.

In the studio

Saturday , I stayed in the studio after an attempt to go outside..which lasted all of maybe 5 minutes before the light and my sinuses drove me back in.

I am STILL working on the new comp , which is fine. I actually have hardware to move across but I am not ready for that yet.. after the plague wears down I’ll think about it.

Studio One ; my DAW of choice ,is pretty much functional now though I have a few things to fix there as well and took the greatest portion of my day.

Running through , literally 40 vids on set up….a small chore but it is just part of the process …. I got things mostly up and going as well as a reminder here and there of fun things it can do that I forget about.

Finally after hours of digging , I sat down with the guitars and DAW to work a bit on one of the new songs; ” Moon Called ” . I am still working on getting a female singer for it but fortunately , I am in no rush . The song is still in its infant stage; I have most of the guitar parts , though I am having to add tracks to cut in and make changes.. Once I get to the point I am happy , I’ll use all of them to keep me on track as I start over.

Percussion is pretty much at 50 % , I still have work to do on setting up my pads for the new comp.

The rest? meh…..No where near. I know I am going mostly acoustic with this series of songs for all it matters. I get a few people coming through to listen but there are a LOT of folk with talent out there and I haven’t bothered yet to stand out..still getting my feet wet on YouTube and Zentorz S (not Zentorz …..Which although a character I came up with in one of my books back in the early 90s , it seems someone either read the book or saw the name and thought to use it before I did…grrr… )

In the end , I spent all day going through vids and changing through instruments only to grab the original guitar and put in a part a matter of seconds long . I did ” hear ” parts for other sections which I’ll get on , but not just yet. I am still looking at “Folk” guitars both 6 and 12 string versions as well as the mando and glaring at the bodhran .

On with the show

Being miserable , I am going to move on to a couple stories and call it a week I think..

I am Rhey

Limpy is pretty much keeping to the den areas these days so we also see little of Mama coyote. Even Dennis is out and about more than he has been for the last many months.

Dennis, not being the best babysitter for his younger sister Rhey , simply ran her up here to Zen Ranch to have Ma and I babysit for him.

Whether Bunny or Bear , Hummingbird or hawk , everyone drops off their young to learn to survive here. Ma and I keep an eye out on the kids while the adults hang out on the edges.

The hunters always have prey close by whether mouse, midge, squirrel or partridge . The area is open enough that bunnies can see anything , everything coming, unless from overhead . Red-tailed hawks and eagles during the day and owls at night still take a toll on the young. We , however are usually close keeping ” the kids” from getting into too much trouble. Keeping Wolffie from going nuts on fawns or mice from terrorizing Dennis..

Rhey came up several weeks ago with one of her siblings to play while Ma watched on. It seems that Rhey got the run of the place of the two. She now makes her way along the boundaries , checking for intruders from the other packs as well as learning to hunt on her own.

Saturday night , Rhey  was making her rounds , walking the south edge of Zen. Slowly strolling along the fence line that eventually leads into one of the Fells , Rhey started to strut a bit as she sung. While she raised her left foreleg , she would swing her head over her right shoulder,, then left to right, tail bouncing back and forth to her tune singing;

” Rhey , Rhey Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. Whose that a singing all night long? it’s Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. “

Needless to say , by that time I woke up as I listened to Rhey singing her way along the fence line below our bedroom. I got up to watch out the master bath as she made her way , dancing down the fence line.

” Rhey , Rhey Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. Whose that a singing all night long? it’s Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. “

Now , Rhey passed just into the edge of the Fell when something happened that I have never heard up here before , ever. She had found the PERFECT spot on a perfect night.

My name is Rhey..”

Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey

Both her and I tilted our heads. What the heck ?

My name is Rhey..”

Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey

” Is there anybody out there? “

” Is there anybody out there? ” “….,out there? ” “….,out there? ” “….,out there? ” “….,out there? “”….,out there? “


Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey”

We both grinned as we listened to the perfect echo. With a slight grin , Rhey stood up to start her journey once again…but first;

” Row row row your boat gently down the stream,,, “

  ” Row row row your boat gently down the stream,,, “

she giggled and preceded to start her prancing dance up again

” Rhey , Rhey Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. Whose that a singing all night long? it’s Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. My name is Rhey, Rhey, Rhey, Rhey. “

Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey Rhey”

Off she pranced singing.. until..

” Hey! Rhey ! Shut the hell up ! ” Came a deep voice from the East..

” Crap! Crap ! Crap! “ Rhey muttered as she kicked in to gear , tucking her tail, heading back to the den crying out; “Wolffie is back !” to her pack.

Limpy lifted his head from his paws, yawning ;

“Duh Rhey . “

Final thoughts

Hopefully Ma’s tests will come in soon and whatever it is will be able to be taken care of fairly easy. I don’t like when Ma is down.

I THINK I am on the down side of the crud. I feel like hell but not as bad as Thurs-Sat. Though I still am afraid I’ll burst into flames if I go out into the Sun for long..

I’ll grab up a few herbs to dry today but I don’t want to push either of us too much.. We still have to make it through work until our next day off..

and Zen there was a sound

” Shhhhhhh… she’ll hear you.”

” You shhh.. you’re making all the noise. “

* snap*

” Shhhhhhhh.. “

” Shut up… I am like a Ninja. “

  ” Freakishly loud Ninja Moose maybe. “

Dahn Duh Dah ..Duh Duh duh ….dahn duh duh duh duh..” ( Mission Impossible )  “Dah Duh Duh”

” Knock it off.. “

              “Dah Duh Dun”

* giggles*

The young bull elk quietly made his way over the berm and around to the side of the house as he watched Ma sitting on the porch. Cow elk peeking over the edge of the berm from between bushes giggled at his antics.

Ma , reading her book as she sat out waiting for me to come out into the predawn morning had heard movement far off but , of course, just figured it was one of the kids. Still too dark to see ” who” was out there , she returned to her reading.

“Dah Duh Dun”

” Shut up..”

The bull made his way to within a few yards of Ma , the slight breeze in his favor as well as it always smelling like elk up here. He looked back to his harem , then to Ma. The girls were nodding vigorously and giggling as they watched.

Taking a deep breath , the young bull stretched his neck out to get just a few inches closer and;


MA’s hair leaped out straight making her look another three feet taller and wider than she actually is. Her eyes budging and ears ringing as the bull fell over backwards rolling on the ground , holding his belly. The girls roll about at the berm laughing and crying .

The bull giggled one more time and took off as he saw me heading to the door.

Walking out , I saw Ma looking like a cat that had just had its tail slammed in a screen door.

” Soooooooo … What’s up ?”

” That boy of yours !!” Ma panted as she attempted to pat her hair back down out of the ceiling fan blades.

” I thought I heard something. What happened? “

Ma told me what she had known of the story while I watched the herd of elk some hundred yards off in a frenzy of laughter. The girls slapping the bull on the back while he grinned at me.

The sky just started to show signs of a morning soon to come gave enough purples and reds to silhouette the herd. Over the edge they went , making their way North to the tree line.

” He would look really good in the freezer. “ Ma said loud enough so he could hear.

With one last humored look , the bull stuck his tongue out at Ma and headed into the trees.

I looked to the retreating herd then Ma, and back again grinning. It looks to be the beginning of

Just another day on Zen Mountain








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