Here comes the rain again

Seasons are changing …  It feels like I just packed the snowshoes and …Poof! The meadow grasses are dormant.. Poof! The Fall rainy season hit…I can already hear the ..Poof! and the snow starts falling…..You’ll notice it never ” POOFs! ” ; and it is Spring .. Oh no… There are no Poofs once the snow hits…..Well unless I step through a drift : ” Poof!” nothing but snow and my cap….Crap…

Wee bit chilly

Temps are a little cool , as I have mentioned. We are in the mid 50s during the day , wrapped in layers of clouds with fine mists to light rain for the most part again today.

The down side is veggies are still glaring at me as I look between the leaves for anything to pick. Too cool to do anything to the peppers’ flowers. They just sit and stare out at the other gardens while temps continue to drop.

I am working on some guitar fixes that the cooler temps are also …. The shop has a wood stove but as I am not staying out there all day , I don’t want to burn wood for a single guitar neck…So , like the veggies; I glare . I had to do some cutting , grinding sanding and finish work… The oils take forever when you are so cool…. Oh well…

Yes , we have company..

Daughter and grand baby stopped by on Sat for the day , which was Awesome..

Ma and daughter sat out on the covered porch for a large portion of the visit , chatting while me and munchkin were inside ….. I am Still worn out ….. It seems like only yesterday , I could go all day as well but it wound down to her all but poking me with a stick to see if I was still alive..

How is it that kids have so much energy to burn and by the time we all need that energy for work and play as adults , it gets pulled away from us? What the hell kind of design is that ? I still had that energy , for the most part , when we put in the new house ; Ma and I putting in 12-16 hour days on the place… Thank goodness we did . Now I get up , make it to the porch and all but need to take a nap…

The girls came in Friday and spend Saturday with us.  Today they are travelling back home. A five plus hour trip each way with a large chunk of it being straight and flat, the view of fields and the like makes it feel more like 12 hours.

The wee one isn’t too interested in guitars.. What a shame..* grins* but she did like our keyboard so I had her playing on it for a while.. as I melted into my chair for some needed muscle meltdown ….and then it was time to go play again …. Wiping the drool from my chin after an almost nap time , I let her drag me back to the living room for round 52 …. After they took off , I took a bath in Ben-gay , had a nice bowl of Ibuprofen , stared at a whiskey bottle for maybe 10 minutes before I realized I had fallen asleep against the door.. only thing keeping me upright was the doorknob embedded in my hip. I was too worn out to reach up for a glass anyway.

Next thing I knew , Ma was telling me to go to bed…..

” You know , I was already sleeping… Right?”  

” But you were sleeping in your chair.. “

* Blink , Blink*

“Key word being:  sleeping. “

” But you should climb into bed where you can sleep better. “

” Was I snoring ? “

” Well , yes. “

” Then , apparently  I was sleeping just fine. “

Once I pulled the pillow from my face , I did my zombie walk off to bed…and stared at the ceiling ..Granted , I passed out again before long… and.. we were up alittle after 4am again .

It’s funny. We have company , we see them both but Ma and I chat into the next day about the visit as we divide and conquer ….or in my case.. conquered .

It is always a blast to have the two up even if it makes me feel old , I’m ok with that… I am old…

Harvest holiday

This is out last holiday week until Spring .. assuming we don’t get snowed in anyway..and that , trust me , is no holiday.

I picked some more of the apples on Saturday with more to go. The hornets are less now but there is a section ; the one with the most apples , where they hang and I get chased out of. The cooler temps gives me a little more time first thing in the morning to pick however.

We will be making up apple sauce and probably some juice before the week is done. We eat a lot of apple sauce so that is the main demand on the apples.

Saturday , we took the girls out for harvest.. It was a lot like an Easter Egg Hunt : Ma and I had gone out earlier to check on the gardens , found a bunch of what was there then came into wait until they were ready to come up and then walk with us.

We picked Prunes ( plums obviously ) . We got more zukes . Peppers are few , as I said , but we grabbed a few. Ma was talking to the daughter about our taters so I figured I’d look…. We got a big ole  mixing bowl full from just grabbing the ones that were so big they were pushing the other taters out of the ground. The wee leetle  powerhouse helped me pick. While I would slide my hand down into the soil , she would watch for whatever started to show up , I pulled them and handed them off to her. We got purple fingerlings , jellies , Yukons and Russets all without disturbing the plants too much . From there we checked corn. We had a few ears ready to haul in but more that aren’t ready yet. All in all , we had a very nice harvest to share with them.

Happy anniversary

Monday is Ma’s and mine ( duh ) anniversary … 112 years married now  , yeah still newly wed stage . It is that whole ; we have been together forever and it still feels like day one all at the same time . So , what are we going to do ? ……Yeah , probably harvest stuff… Neither of us are into the social butterfly thing … More of a ; homebody moth thang I suppose. We’ll do something fun… Get up , sit on the porch , talk to the kids , come in and work in the kitchen, watch it rain.. sit by the fire maybe watch a movie .. well in my case; snore. The thing is , we just enjoy having time together. We don’t much care about anything else . Being on Zen , not having to go anywhere is awesome.. You know.. for the day… We still have a couple trip days this week.. Just none of them include clocking in for either of us.

Final Thoughts

We both enjoy the rain , and to a certain extent ; the cooler weather … I hope it does warm back up enough for the harvest to continue and I am no where ready to unpack the snowshoes yet …Heck , I have to wait for a non windy day to pull the AC and swap storm doors now that I can more or less walk again without a gimp…for awhile …

I am looking out at the clouds and rain as I write and smile as I can not see Gotham below us .

Making the most of our week is easy enough . We don’t need to travel to Mexico or Europe to make a holiday special… We are happy on Zen , away from the traffic of every day . The odd company that come through are plenty for us.. Anddddd.. if they show up here is pretty much guaranteed that they are odd alright.

zen I heard a chirp

I woke from a sound sleep. I had felt Ma get up . Looking over at the clock , it was still around 4am . We had gone to bed fairly early so it made sense.. then I heard them.

I got out of bed and looked out the Master Bath’s window. I could hear elk chirping just below us. Still being far too dark to see any distance , I pulled my binocs off the counter to peer out over the fields and meadows. Sure enough , I could see elk at our south fence. A tight saddle runs along our lower fence line and animals use that as the South route along Zen,

A grove to the South and a grove to the North make our edges with which animals tend to use as markers for travel. Both also have saddles along the edge.

I walked out to the kitchen to check for Ma. She was already out on the porch. Grabbing a  quarter cup of coffee , I walked out to join her.

” Your comp fan is making racket again I hear.”

Ma sighed, ” Yes. It is driving me crazy. “

” I’ll look to see if we have a spare power unit for it once it gets light out.  The elk are down below. “

” I thought I heard something. “


* chirp………………Chirp *

” That would be them now. “

Our elk just sat around the edge of the grove chatting away as Ma and I chatted away on the porch. We sat and chatted about the kiddos and their visit; comparing notes between the two.

Some time later , the colors of a new sunrise began to print between cloud banks . Still nowhere near the beginning of the day and yet a preview , the dark orange and reds would glimmer for a moment and were swallowed by the night.

Silhouettes of clouds in shades of black and grey slowly moved through the dark of night as they brought the promise of rain with the coming dawn .Again and again colors would phase in and back out as night drained and dawn began to fill the far East.

Elk talking up a storm just below us , Ma and I talked about what we needed to do verses what we THOUGHT we should probably do….and finally what we may do today…

Colors filling the edges of the lowest of clouds , heavy with rain , dawn seem to be getting close at hand. Though overhead was still black with night , the East promised morning soon to come.

The first chitter hit the cool morning breeze as our first hummer came in for breakfast . The three of us  made our “mornings ” as a second came in.

Hummie ,winging in , as on his perch by my window , chatting away to make sure we knew it was him hiding behind the branches ……which in turn , brought in the next three hummingbirds , including Mrs. who headed over to Hum, who sighed, he almost had a moment to enjoy some Ma time before the hoards began to show .

The morning filled with hummingbirds and their chatter in only moments. The Meadows began to show their bushes and grasses as dawn finally broke.

The sun , still below the far hills, underlit the clouds with reds, oranges , yellows and browns…… Just in time for the fog to hit

The low rolling clouds soon covered Zen in a sea of white , darkening to greys as mist began to cling to everything and everyone..

The elk , who had been chatting to our south for more than an hour finally decided to move into the trees.

The hummies , energized by the mist broke out into a dozen air battles swooping and diving , whipping past both Ma and I as they play ” Keep away ” .

With a shiver , Ma got up and headed into the house .

I stood by the door for a moment watching the skies as they lit and faded again. The mist changing to rain and hummies flitting about . I thought about the kids , hoping that the rains wouldn’t make driving too much of a chore . Grinning at the antics of the hummers , I shake my head thinking ;

I am truly blessed : Ma , the kids , all our wild kids and Zen…and it is still simply

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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