Hummies , Lil Eden and more

With Fall coming ever closer , we sit in the mornings watching the hummingbirds that flock to Zen before the many that move on South take off  before the chill hits.

The Hummers

Some years we get more , some we get less , but the end of Spring through the beginning of Fall Allens to Ruby Throat hummers come passing through… and annoying Hummie and his clan.

Ma , my better half , and I spend the early mornings sitting on the porch waiting for the sunrise. Generally within moments of us closing the door and sitting our hummingbirds hit the feeders in the dim morning light , long before the Sun begins to lift from beneath  its covers and start a new day.

We have , and yes, every year , a few hummingbirds that sit the feeders fighting. They come in together side by side from over the roof , swing in to Deck range and start spinning around fighting . Around the deck and through the covered porch they chase one another . Out the other side and back over the house. In short order the two will swing around from the front of the house to start it all over again until they are both worn out and thirsty. They happily sit , side by side, at the feeder sipping away and trash talking one another until , tummies full , they race off in spinning furies .

During this part of the Summer, Hummie gets completely fed up with everyone and sits out in the far trees coming in for drinks with the kids and back out. On occasion he will come in , sitting in front of my window until the ” company” bugs the crap out of him and then off he goes….Chasing the ones that bugged him.

I started attempting to do some hum vids , but Huumie refused a “Go Pro” after Liam agreed and fell beak first once we attached the camera , looking somewhat like a Lawn Dart as he hit…….Just sayin’

I managed to get a little footage for a project I am working on.. I like the song but it is far far from finished. I have looked at what I recorded yet. I know there will be a lot of footage to hack away.

Ma’s cabinet

So… Last weekend I think.. We pulled out our dishwasher…which we never used to give it to a neighbor that is going to try to help with the tractor. Before I knew it , Ma had built a cabinet in the spot. You can’t tell it wasn’t always there from top to doors to molding.

This weekend we ran down to Home Depot and picked up a little wood and a drawer rail. Right now I am in between coats of finish.. to , um , finish shelves and it is all complete inside and out .

This week’s harvest

We are ” kicking in ” up here finally . Umm by kicking in I mean we actually bring something in for a change.. Our zukes are putting out good sizes for pickles pretty much every day though I could probably pick more if we wanted. We got another “* ball ” zuke big enough for zucchini boats , so one a week which is fine.

Peppers are still very slow. Tomatoes are still green except a couple crappy ones. I imagine we should run some more fish fertilizer through them .

We finished , and I tested, our first batch of Feverfew Tincture . Turned out well . We made up a quart. For headaches and the like.

Ma made up a BUNCH of Rosemary “tea” for her hair. We bagged and froze them up.

Ma also dried a batch of Rosemary. We picked and have drying a batch of Basil. There are a lot of herbs ready right now so it is a matter of what we cut.

The corn has ears finally though just getting going.

Obviously, we don’t get tons up here on Zen , but it is grown here so they are good and the plants are hardy so pulling seeds actually Does make for hardier plants up here…slow but sure.

In the studio

I don’t really know why , but August is when I come up with new tunes. Some of the tunes turn into actual songs which then some make their way to my Zen Mountain Vids well , at least some of last year’s started coming up.

Right now , I am working on a couple different songs for vids. I have a bunch of other tunes that were ahead on me building on them before the latest popped in my head.

I sit at my desk in the mornings , eating my mush , music in my head as I wait for the stuff to cool , grabbing the guitar , I try to get it recorded before I have to head out. I missed one the other day that I was having fun with.. Yeah.. not a friggin clue….Which is why I started recording last year…

It will be quite a while before any are done . The quickest last year took four months..Nothing fancy , but I enjoy them.

Zen footage and Zen’s music …

Final Thoughts

The days are getting shorter . We have already started getting ready for Winter and we will right up until snows hit. It takes time to get everything in without getting crazy. We have , of course, already started the canning and freezing. Soon apples will be coming on and we will make juice and sauce.. so long as the dang squirrels don’t get to them first. Potatoes are still growing though we pick them as we use them.

With Summer closing and Fall coming , I am already thinking about the dang snow. The Summer has been fairly mild for us , hopefully the cool doesn’t get downright cold come Feb.

Most of the hummers will be heading out in just a few weeks leaving Hummie and clan to enjoy the down time after they’ve had company staying over all summer. Getting stains out of carpets, finding all of the bottles in the vases and pots around the Hummie Homestead. Vaccing and shampooing the Hum Theater room . attempting to figure out what in the heck they spilled on the Lazy Hum chair and how to get it out . No wonder Hummie is out in the woods counting to Ten , over and over.

Zen za Humming beginz


Our morning off together, Ma and I managed to sleep in past 3:30am.. more or less . Patterning around the house , I started up my comps , I had a song I wanted to play with.. I was pretty sure it needed a mandolin . I grabbed some coffee as did Ma. We walk out into the already brisk air of Zen’s Late Summer.

A light breeze started to build , awaiting the Sun’s rise . The winds began to pull low clouds and fog along with them as the tide rolled over the saddles of Zen’s landscape. Clouds filled the narrow valleys , moving along , drifting in the currents , funneling  into dells , pooling in open areas before spilling over the next ledge to the valley below.

We hear the first hummer as we talk back and forth. It is still fairly dark out when Hummie slips over to his perch by my window, giving Ma and I a chirp in greeting. Shortly after comes Mrs. Hums as she alights on the fence by the feeder on the other side of the porch. She chirps to us and to Hum who grumpily chirps back in a half mumble .

The fog had thinned for a bit before a heavier layer swamps the summit of Zen , plunging us into a sudden darkness . The touch of mist flows over us as we stand on the deck , billowing fog , and low clouds sifting the house as it rolled on by.

Moving to the north once again , the mists opened the homestead once again , and with that came in three of Hum’s family , all sitting with Mrs. on the north feeder while Hum quietly sat on hit perch , peeking through the leaves trying not to be seen.

Dennis comes up the slope, walking Limpy’s hunting line, checking to see if anyone has crossed their paths. He sees me standing on the deck , stops , watching me as well before he is sure it is just Ma and I then off to the pit for Chicken scraps after I had cleaned a pair the day before.

The hums are now flying around the porch and deck area , the arguing beginning. One of the kids sees Hum hiding . Flying over to him , the wee little hummer starts to complain about being pestered by siblings. Hummie just stares at her seeing if she can pick up on the

” And so you come pester me because they are pestering you?”

Frustrated , Hummie turns on his perch , putting his back to the young one….Who can’t take a hint.

” But Daaaaaaaaaaddddd … DO something about it ?”

Hummie looks over at us , I give him a sympathetic shrug. He rolls his eyes at me in a

” You’re some help .” look.

The elk begin to chirp and squeal  as the sun begins to peek from over the far ridge. One eye looming over the billow of his covers, yawning as the now East clouds slip over him , hiding him once again…. Which now has the elk calling in frustration

” Well What the how now brown cow ? I saw the Sun rising.. What in the little Mad Hatter’s cap is going on ?”

” It’s only fog you fool . Don’t have a cow , just keep it cool. The sun will rise and shine again ,  Just stop being a fat old wet hen . “

The hummingbirds fly about our heads chasing one another. Hummie attempts to stay under cover. The little girl finally gives up to chase her brother. The little guy is already gone , chased by another.

I have to smile and Ma and I watch the wee little birds. They are one of our favorite things about the warmer weather , they around all summer , but only Hum is here for the winter.

I look out to the rolling fog once again , I listen for the next call from the elk out in our hills , the hums all around me for Ma and I this is the place to be.

And yes, it’s just another day on Zen Mountain


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