Make the bad bug go away

With something eating the pepper plants outdoors and biting Ma indoors has most all twitchy crawly flying things on the hit list this week .


It isn’t bad enough for Ma to be eaten up by something somewhere around the place., we have no idea where or what, but then a dang yellow jacket stings her foot too.

Ma and I were sitting out on the covered porch when a dang yellow jacket comes buzzing in , long before sunrise . The dang thing bugged me for a bit then over to Ma. I took a swat at it and these the one on the floor was already there or another snuck over , went down Ma’s slipper and stung her . Perfect way to start the weekend.

I raced.. fine.. hobbled off to the Master bath , about as far as you can get from the porch , to get some seasoning salt we use for stings. When I got back I rubbed it in for Ma thinking we got it all in time…. Nope…

Ma’s foot is horribly swollen around the sting days later and burning and itching along with Ma’s other bites .. The squidgy little thing that was biting her finally stopped but the bites are still messed up. Poor Ma hasn’t gotten any sleep for the last few days.

Meanwhile out in the Test Garden

The Test Garden should be the best spot we have with fencing and wrapped in clear plastic . It is on the leeward side of the house gets morning to noonish sun missing the hottest part of the day.

We had our first big couple pepper crops come out of there , with ground Ghost Pepper still filling a large jar from a couple years ago from out of there.

Last year and even worse this year , something is wreaking havoc on them. It has to be a bug but no idea , we haven’t seen a thing in there. The dang bugs wiped out all of the pepper plants in front of the tomato plants and started on the much larger Poblano Plants off to the side here recently. Not messing with tomatoes parsley , asparagus or Basil just pepper plant leaves.

The pepper plants in Eden are doing just fine , but let’s not not mention those to the bugs shall we?

Like a friggin Jart

For those of us that grew up with Jarts ; Lawn Darts , you may enjoy this quicky .

Monday I had to go up to see SAIF’s doctor about my knee….He is a back surgeon … He doesn’t look at knees…. Sooooo that was a total crap.. I think that pretty much shows how well this is going to go for me….

Tuesday I was in at work and had to move some furniture.. A 18″ X 60″ slate table.. one of 60+ that I have been moving around for 30 years was my downfall.. more or less…

Beginning of the morning. I had moved a few pieces with no problems. I grabbed the table , on a hand truck . Started to put the table down when my right knee went out again…as it has since April… It didn’t go numb , it didn’t buckle from the weight.. The knee just stops working as if a pin were pulled. I was , of course, bending to my right , holding on to one of the legs..

The Table flips when I lost control of my knee . Me holding the leg , which ended up as the far leg when the table flipped . The tables being a slate are very top heavy so it was like a catapult . It would have been YouTube worthy if there were cameras in the room. From what little I grasp , no leg to stop me , the table pulled me over the top. I couldn’t let go fast enough and was thrown over the table and on to the concrete floor completely missing the table Hurled like a friggin Lawn Dart head first .. I got hold of my supervisor . I couldn’t get up so he helped me. I had hit my head, shoulder right side , elbow ,knee ( perfect ) and both wrists . I didn’t black out , as far as I know , but I was shaken up a bit . They took me to the ER. I was already on the way back as more things were showing up.. Go figure , I’m old…

All in all ,other than a few more bumps and bruises , and a suspicious nick on my forehead that I didn’t notice until later that there was blood .. No one mentioned that and messing up my knee more it was mostly annoying .

Final Thoughts

Yup one of the shortest posts I know but my eyes are giving me trouble still so it is a bit of a PIA to try to type.

We kept a pretty quiet weekend other than I went to town with Ma to pick up groceries. Walking is not my favorite thing right now so trying to keep non work  hobbling to a minimum when I can. Stairs are the worst of course even just the couple steps on our deck .

Weather has been really nice lately , other than winds on most days. We have had a little rain in the evenings here and again though it wouldn’t keep up with summer so we do a little drip irrigation on the weekends .

The elk herd has finally moved on to the next place. No fawns around the house still , or bucks. We have seen a few does but not too many deer around here either lately.

The smoke is in the air from fires around the larger area of Zen. So far it isn’t as bad as the last two years but we have a long way to go before we hit the rainy season again . Let’s hope for the best .

Hummie Zen the Family

With Ma not being able to sleep from the itching , she is up and out sitting on the porch before I drag my rear out of bed, still long before sunrise.

I walk out to the kitchen and I can hear Hummie already chatting up a storm.

Sitting down by Ma , a hummingbird flies past us both inside the porch and out to buzz Hummie. He lets out a peel of his wrath to the interloper as a second wave of hummers comes flying around the corner of the house.

Hummie sits by ” His ” feeder next to my office , Liam sits by ” His” feeder next to the kitchen door , a couple more are hovering around the third feeder by us another three fly back and forth between Hummie and Liam trying to get them to move off so they can have breakfast with us. The fact that there are three more feeders on the other side doesn’t matter to much to them as we all fill out our morning routines together.

Liam finally gets irritated enough that he flies up and after one of the girls pestering him , zooming off and around the house while the other two land on the feeder chatting away while they eat.

Hummie starts in again  , letting Liam know that there are girls taking over his feeder . Moments later he is back chasing off the gals… Woo , in vengeance , conspire to make life hell for Hummie for a bit until he too chases one of them off leaving the other two to sit on his feeder… Liam in turn starts chattering away letting his Dad know that his feeder has been taken over.

Hummie chases the little girl around the side of the house , she buzzes Ma and I Screaming

“He’s Touching ME!  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!  Hummie germs ! “

The whole lot of them get into it at this point with eight hummers whipping around in and out of the porch area flying past us , everyone chasing everyone and anyone that stops moving for a second for several minutes.

The sun beginning to peek over the far hills of the next state brings a red glow to the smoke in the air . The ominous light show catches all our attention as we watch the sun rise.

The hummers all settle , sipping from feeders and flowers as we all watch the morning begin .

I look to the smoke in the East , and clouds to the west , heavy with rain . I hope that this round will bring only rain and no lightning strikes but it is more likely that it would be the other way around. We watch as clouds rolling with thunder strike the ground across the river , and again , and again , and again . Moments later Ma gets news updates that there are , in fact , three fresh fires from the strikes. I am glad we got as much fire breaks done as we have though there is still plenty out there to burn . A light rain begins to fall as the tail end of the storm passes over us.

The hummies back to chasing one another again , Ma an I stand to come in . I take one last look around the hills and valleys of our states , no new smoke close by. So far it looks to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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