Zen’s Nursery Groups

The wildlife of Zen finally brought the first of the kids through this week.


The Nursery herd

The elk herds got closer to the house this week , as in , in the yard and it looks like one or the other of the groups is in each evening or early morning at least for a while.

We are seeing them just before dawn when we do see them and from how much the kids’ water goes down over night , we have missed a few more visits .

There seems to be a couple small groups ; one with around five calves another with a little over a dozen.

So long as they behave and don’t try to take down any fences we are all good. I noticed today that one of them got tangled in the barb wire fence . The section was broken free from the rest of the fence. They can do stuff like that without notice . We have to hope the apples wont make them crazy if they are still hanging around.

Here Kitty Kitty

Last year , we were able to meet our bobcat’s twins when they were wee little kittens. This week Ma got to see our bobcat with triplets . That I didn’t expect.

Ma was sitting on the porch when the little bobcat brought her kids through to visit. They swung through the yard by the porch then up and around to the path at the north end of the property.


This week we got to see a few groups of turkey with their little dino kids . I get to see a couple flocks as I head down Zen in the mornings and a couple more file through the yard on their way heading into the Fells .

Again , we are looking at dozens of little ones. It will be interesting to see how many make it to full growth. We usually end up with a lot of young adults .

Right now , the dinos are smaller than a football , but growing quickly.

The fawns


We still are not seeing many here at the homestead though we did see one of them this morning.

I did see a few on the way down the hill So they are close. I imagine it has a lot to do with all the wind we have been having. Today is the first day in almost a month that we can have windows all the way open without worrying about things getting knocked over in the rooms from the gusts.

Hopefully we will start seeing them a little more often soon though if the elk stay close we wont see as much of the fawns….

Coyote kids


The other night, well early morning , Denis snuck under our window to sing. He had already woken me up when he was farther out so I knew he was coming in .. He sung for quite a while then moved off to the other side of the fence to start in again… Took forever to get back to sleep for an hour… The Brat.

One of the youngest coyotes is now making the rounds from Limpy’s Pack . We haven’t seen any of the older adults for a while , not since  about the time new pups would be coming. So now , we have the next few younger kids coming through to check the pit and renew markings .

Limpy usually keeps the pack to around five so he may have them out getting use to being on their own as well as maybe hanging a bit with the others out and about from the other small packs we have up here on Zen . We have three den areas fairly close with a few more farther out..

As far as what we have seen and heard , Limpy’s pack has the highest numbers with the others usually around three . I imagine there are several young coyotes up here doing the “Meet and Greet . ”

Hummie’s Family

Well , Hummie has taught Liam all he knows it would seem. Now with Liam all grown up , the two have worked out a strategy to keep the feeders by the house all their own .

Hummie has taken over the feeder by my office window. When I am home , he is sitting on the fence less than two feet from me. He just doesn’t let the other hummers at it , well except Mrs. and the kids.

Liam has taken over the feeder at the other side of the porch and sits at that fence  doing the same thing.

Hummie was being a brat to Mrs then came over to chat with me. She snuck up behind him , hovered over his head and pulled at the feathers of the top of his head with her claws. It was pretty funny to watch as he spins around looking. After that and getting chewed out a few times , the boys started letting in their families to feed, but no one else so there is a constant

“Chitter Chitter Chitter!!!”

pretty much all day long.

We have a few other feeders which the kids all use but they all like to come to this side to eat anyway.

Final Thoughts

The weekends are flying by even though I am pretty much staying off my leg just as much as I possibly can without going completely insane just trying to let it heal some over the days off.

This weekend , although still windy , was pretty nice up here , we could actually stand being out in the winds a little more than we have. We got up into the mid seventies so that is fun too.

Whatever bug is playing hell with the peppers , still is . If temps stay like this and the winds keep up , we may not see any peppers , just too chilly for them so far but the warmer part of the year is almost here….and then it’ll snow….

We get to start seeing the babies finally for a couple months anyway . Then everything turns back around again with the rut .

Zen she saw her

Ma was sitting out on the porch though I had already come back in and was getting ready for work.

The Sun still getting in a last bit of sleep before it was time to rise and shine. Clouds made the pre dawn a little darker with hints of moisture in the air.  Layers of blacks and grey slowly made their morning commute to the east . Larger clouds slowly dragging over the edges of the summit while somewhat smaller clouds pass them by pushing and crowding one another  as another slower layer of clouds moves above them in no hurry , they know where they need to be and enjoy  watching the changing landscapes below.

Breezes push the meadow grass around in waves , ebbing and flowing with the gusts that make their way across Zen’s lands. Evergreens bending , dancing , squeezing at the winds that pass through them . Other winds flow over pastures and meadows on the summit after being free to fly down the gorge without restriction before hit hits Zen , the last block before spreading over the prairies and desert lands to the east. Gusts so strong that they sound like a train as they try to push around and over Zen .

Ma sits knitting occasionally looking out to see who will come visit.

I was in my office when I see Ma waving like a crazy person. I finally got up , walked around to the door to ask her what is up.

Ma is waving and pointing as she calls out

” Elk ELk, There are elk coming in from the north. “

Looking out into the yard , I reply;

” Ummm ok you mean More to the north. What about that one? “

I point to the salt lick at the end of the deck are.

Ma still waving and pointing continues to tell me about the elk to the north while the young cow in the yard looks at me and we both shrug , look at each other , then Ma and back again .

” You know there is a cow elk right by you right? She seems to be getting a little irritated that you haven’t talked to her yet. “

Ma stops , looks at me then over to the cow.

” Oh crap! I didn’t even see her .”

” Ah. “

The cow looked at me again and shrugged.

” Must be the cow camo . “

Both Ma and the cow looked me and rolled their eyes.

I looked to the north to see the other elk coming in then headed back inside to finish getting ready.

Ma came in with me . We walked the elk coming in and smiled.

” Crap.. I have to leave in a couple minutes. I don’t want to scare them . “

It would seem that they heard me , heading into the trees just as I was getting ready to head out the door. This was the second day in a row that we had seen them in the yard.

The nice thing is , that makes it

Just another day on Zen Mountain..


After I left , the herd came back through with the calves. Followed by the turkeys and dino kids .

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