Blown Away on Zen

The winds are daily, and nightly for that matter now since around the 21st of June.

Winds are simply part of living up here , you can’t expect to live on a summit without winds. We can hit Gotham and it’ll be calm, the closer you get to the homestead , the stronger the breeze.

Picking back up

Our Vacation had me doing little and less with my hip, leg , foot deal going on ( and still very much is ) but toss in the winds as well and it had me more or less just glaring outside.

This last week was all goofed up with the 4th . Ma and I both had it off , so we both had to work Friday messing up any two day jobs we have to get done.

Winds came through all that holiday week and still are a blowin’ . The other day I did a walk about picking up what the winds had tossed about.

Some ply we have tucked up by the shop was pulled out and thrown around for some twenty to thirty feet.

Our glider , as in for sitting on , not flying in , was beat to pieces by the wind. Screws unscrewed and were blown around , a couple lost , the seats were , of course, loose and flopping. One of the boards ; cedar , has a crack in it from the wind. Branches broken , leaves stripped, soil scoured meadows dried out, pond drained from wind and sun…and the kids to a lesser extent. Furniture on the deck , on the leeward side of the house were slid around so on and so forth. Most of the homestead is meadow and pasture so no trees to slow the winds down.

Wind Blown

Even when I was younger , working in the winds can wear you out. It can be hard to breath when the air literally gets sucked out of your mouth .. Just one more reason for me to shut the hell up I suppose.

Dirt moves across Zen like a sand blaster as the air moves between upper twenties to over seventy miles per hour. Working in that tires me out something fierce . Being gone so much for work , taking what days I can that the weather is reasonable doesn’t help to get me ahead. I have several jobs that I just can’t do when the winds are gusting and then the temps rise ( or lower ) enough that even when the winds calm , now I can’t do it anyway. Toss in my gimpiness and equipment break downs , and me being too buggered to do some of the repairs…

I STILL have work to fix things that were messed up from the last big snow storm…..

The shop has a roller door which is fun in the winds as well. It tends to bind as the gusts slam it against the building while I am trying to roll it.. I save some of my best phrases just for those Kodak moments.

Where the heck is the wildlife?

Even the kids have better things to do than deal with the winds.

Although we see turkeys , deer , elk , the hummies, coyotes and more , you just don’t have them here constantly like you do when the winds finally calm down… Unless that comes with a heat wave , which it is either Hot , Cold, Wet or Dry coming in. Lately it has been cold. With the late snows followed by a cool late Spring and so far Early Summer , the currents just throw up their arms and follow the breezes.. It should be warm , but the cool temps and more sun just make Zen crazy so more winds than normal though we see our fair share on any given season.

Only Dennis pops in , making his way around Limpy’s pack’s border The other we usually don’t see much of this time of year.

I have seen turkeys with their babies lower but not up here in the winds.

I haven’t seen any fawns for some time now and we usually are having them here by now…We still have no idea about that..

We got to see the calves last week but I haven’t seen them this week.

The hummies get annoyed due to the wind as well , more than one has come around a corner just as a gust hits and slams them into the house.. That doesn’t make them any too happy either.

The 4th

Well Ma and I were both wiped before fireworks started. I don’t think I saw a single one and we slept through any from Gotham. Usually they wake us up if we fall asleep first even though it is some 15 plus miles as the crow flies and 2000 feet below…and out into the river for the closest fireworks… Normally we sit on the porch and watch. It was too cold and , as usual , I fell asleep in the EST ( evil sleepy-time ) chair. She is still in great shape after we did the major rebuild from in-law abuse.

The day itself I didn’t do too much , trying to heal up so I can head back in to trash myself again pretty much covered that day . I had some equipment to work on as well as some music so as it kept me mostly off my leg , it was a good thing.

Ma , of course, spent a bunch of time knitting..Yes, I know… Shocker. I am keeping Ma busy with socks alone , between making and repairing .. I am terrible on socks. I pivot a lot and always pushing or pulling something so I wear out heals and toes very quickly. It isn’t anything for me to wear through both of my work socks in a day .

Look Ma! Holes in both heels “

Although I try a lot harder with the wool socks , I still am terrible to them and there is a bin in for repair to prove it.

Ma has been working on socks and a sweater and a couple shawls ..Yes, all at the same time . She would be spinning too if we didn’t have so much going on this time of year. Spinning is more of a sit by the fire task.

Harvesting and gardens

We are finishing up our cherries and currants . I made another Parsley cutting as well as Feverfew.

Parsley went into the dehydrators and feverfew flowers as well. The feverfew leaves went into 190 proof for its start into what will be Migraine Tincture by the beginning of September and it’ll be around  a pint and a half at this time. I may be able to do a second cutting , we’ll have to wait and see.

Something is eating all of the leaves off the pepper plants in the “Test” garden pretty sure it is some kind of bug but haven’t seen anything going on in there.

The asparagus plants are all ferning out and they are the biggest tallest ferns we have had so far . We put in Basil this week to hide under the ferns so they wont burn , hopefully whatever doesn’t eat them as well .

The tomato plants in that garden are doing great however.

Eden side , the winds are playing hell with the gardens in its nonstop strip all green and dampness. Once again I am glad we did drip irrigation .

Some of the pepper plants on that side look the same as when we put them in the ground , others are just starting to show some growth. Zukes are tiny plants and we need a serious harvest this year. We need to make up more pickles and last year we didn’t get much of a harvest at all from them putting us pretty much a year behind. Looks like this year could be hot peppers. Potato and corn are looking good so far though as well as winter squash the Brussel Sprouts are also doing pretty good so we should be fine there too.

Fruits , it is hard to tell yet. No plums at all this year but we see prunes so that is something. More pears than last year at this point but that doesn’t mean much yet and apples look really good so far.

Ma saw a pair of Silver Grey Squirrels though so that could literally wipe us out like they did year before last and they are extremely hard to control. Grey Diggers we have been keeping them as close to nonexistent as we can .

Hopefully soon the winds will calm a bit and everything will start to grow instead of just trying to survive.

Final Thoughts

With lots to do and little time to do it , it can really be frustrating when you have to fight or wait on the winds as well. They did clear out what smoke there was from the few fires that got carried away close by without making them worse.

Temps are suppose to rise , but so far no change in the winds. I am not overly worried about putting in the only AC unit yet this year which is good because I am a little concerned about carrying it in with my hip/knee/ foot right now. All I would need to have happen is to buckle and have it land on me, or for that matter just friggin land and trash it. This extra little set back , once again because work folk don’t listen to me when I say there is a problem , is really putting a nail in the coffin this year… Again.. I haven’t caught up from my eye yet..

With winds and warmer temps , the windows open , and summit AC takes over.. until it gets too dirty or too smokey .

And Zen it began to blow

Ma and I were sitting out on the porch waiting for Hummie to wake up. The skies a slate grey just before color tints the clouds.

I saw out of the corner of my eye , a pillar of light in the dark. I watched as the skies began to lighten bring colors into the heavens , clouds backed with fiery reds and golds. The pillar still stood in place. Ma saw me looking and we watched together as clouds raced across in front of it . The sun slowly getting closer and closer to the far ridges of the next state over and yet the pillar of light was unchanged.

This all seem so odd with the winds moving everything else.

Hummie came flying in , landed and started chatting away , shrugging off the pillar of light being completely unimpressed. He was , however, concerned about the fact that one of the feeders was once again getting low and the wee ones would be coming in for breakfast shortly.

Ma filling Hummie’s feeder had gone inside for the moment when the sun peeked over the rise …and yet the pillar still stood.

Now that the sun was claiming the morning and the skies , the winds began to pick up currents getting stronger and gusts closer together as it tried to chase the sunlight off the hill top, attempting to push the warmth into the valleys below.

Ma steps back out with the feeder full , hummies hovering about her as she placed it. The fact that there are several other feeders up and full  made little difference to the hummingbirds, this was fresh juice , just out and everyone wanted to be first.

A gust hit from around the house , all but pulling Hummie from his perch and pushing several hummers in the air feet away from the feeder.

I had to laugh to myself as Hummie began to chew out the wind for disturbing him , as I do the very same thing While the baby hummers flew again the winds to get a drink and Hummie cussing up a storm , I held on to my cap shaking my head and thinking

” Yup , this is most definitely Just another day on Zen Mountain . “

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