Currantly picking Cherries

Well both Black and “white” currants are ripening quicker than we can pick as well as having cherries ripen daily.

We made up a small batch of cherry juice with a mix of Rainier and Montgomerys but the cherry size of the Montgomerys compared to the stone doesn’t leave much juice. We got more than enough for a week , but not by much…. Course, it was two days picking on a young tree so we can’t complain.

SO far, it seems that Bings make the best juice. We look to be needin another trip to the orchard if there are still cherries worth picking in a couple weeks.

The 4th pretty much toasts the coming week for us with having to work the day we would normally go down there to stay out of the weekend rush and also as it is a two day process with picking one day then prep, doing the actual job and canning on the following day. Sooo we’ll see how it goes.

Already in just the short time we have been making sure to “take” our cherry juice every day.. Yeah, that’s rough I know.. Both Ma’s and my hands are showing some improvements from joint swelling and pain..


Keeping it short

Heh, well the week went by very quickly getting up at 3:30am is still making me drag.. along with the right side….I start dragging my leg around after about four hours and hip popping after about six so the last four hours is a ” Keep your eye on the Ball ” run.

We got a fair amount done on Friday and Saturday , getting the small tractor make up and running . I spent a reasonable part of both days running it with the mower.

It got warm enough , not horrible but out on a summit with no shelter but the brim of my cap it got pretty hot out in the fields and I didn’t want to over tax the tractor after just getting it going again . If I could get the big one up and running again it’d be a little easier. Not a lot but a foot wider cut on each pass, and more so , the tires are bigger so going a little faster too…It all adds up.

We have one last section I need to get down soon .. I can work out the rest as time permits but we need the immediate fire breaks first. The area I need to mow yet , is still pretty green though it heads into a dry section.. Then to the Wood Shed sooooo gotta get it done.

So more chores to work out before the day is done.


We still have MOSTLY Hummie’s family though there are many other coming through . While some hang about irritating Hummie , others just pop in for a while and off they go.

Four feeders are draining about as fast as Ma can mix new juice for them all. Multiples go from full in the morning to empty by end of day.

Hummie spends a lot of time looking in my window now that I have it open. He sits behind the bush and close to me and one of the feeders keeping him entertained , cool and well fed along with the Ninja attack option when one of the others swoops in , not seeing him hiding ,until it is too late. Mrs. Hum , of course, knows where he hides so she flies in behind him to pester him. I even caught her the other day sneaking in and pulling feathers from the back of his head with her claws. Never saw that before..Needless to say , Hummie twitched a bit on that .


We are seeing several does but not a single fawn. No idea what is up with that.

I mean , they could bring in fawns after dark , maybe.

The coyote kids may have gotten a few, I know they would sure try and with three local packs……

There are always the cougar up here too and they would definitely grab young or old , they don’t care. Whether they need the food or not just like any cat.

Weather on Zen

Well, now that our holiday is over , the weather has been great .We went from having to have the wood stove going to a couple days later everything is open and fans are on . We are a ways out from needing to fire up AC however, we are still in the high 70s at best.

We had several days of thunder storms which when they don’t start fires and actually drop a bunch of rain is awesome. Several days in a row soaked things down including a light rain for a bit last night.

Final Thoughts

Well , now a lot of wildlife going on up here at the moment though we do see everyone.

Turkey Girl slips by about every other day . Ma saw a young buck just down our drive yesterday. The does are here every day some times in groups but more often just by themselves . We saw one of the coyote kids this weekend slipping through the tall grasses. Couldn’t see enough of him to see from which pack but keeping an eye on the deer.

Hummies are like mosquitoes so we have a lot of fun watching and chatting with  them . They all but brush us as they play and more than once they have smacked us in passing.

We’re still harvesting fruits and herbs and will be for some time. Drying herbs and cooking down the bulk of the cherries ,splitting and freezing the rest. Currants are getting frozen this year. Last year we dried them but I find that they are a wee bit too crunchy for my teeth in salads that way.

We used the charcoal grill the last couple days which is always fun if less practical than the propane side. The worst part about the charcoal is that I’ll get things cooked for dinner and I make sad faces at the perfect bed of coals . I always want to grab a wheelbarrow full of meats before I start it up.

I’ve been working on my music gear still. It seems every time I get one thing where I need it , I need to get another cord or start over on settings for something else. I spent several hours working up everything , plugged the board into my Mac , which I use all the time and it wiped out every setting….Yes.. I did indeed swear…..and again when I fixed it on the PC and the Mac wiped them AND the back up I set up showed that the folder was updated today and yet , the file was missing …Crap…. So I set it up yet again , gave up on the Mac and put my PC laptop to the task.. all is well so far.

Zen I snuck up on his right side

Getting up almost two hours earlier now for the next few months Gets us outside back in the dark again. I don’t make it out during the work days now until I get home as I barely have time to get things together and hit the road which makes days off very nice…Though we seem to be in mode now , still getting up earlier.

Ma and I sat down inside the covered porch watching the night winding down.  I walked down off the deck , turned on the drip system to two of the gardens then back up to sit on the deck watching to the North.

The skies lightening, Ma leaps up.

“WHAT? “



“You see tha..”

” I’m going to cut you off there. I can’t see anything so if I can borrow the Binocs and sort of point me in the right direction. ..”

Sure enough a reasonable nursery group on the North hill side. Ma saw some eight calves which is good. We watched them for a bit before I sat back down , going over things I need to work on, then trying to figure which ones I COULD work on ..

After a bit , Ma got up to head inside. I spun to head back down the stairs t change where the water would be when I saw one of our does right behind me.

” Hey Da. “

” No Babies? “

” Nope. Just hangin’ here now that you put out the good salt. “

She was only a few feet away and not at all bothered with me moving around or talking with her. While she enjoyed her salt , I just sort of hung around the deck looking to see if there was anything else about though other than the hummies it was all pretty quiet . The herd had moved to where I couldn’t see them.

Finally sated , she got bored and moved down out of the yard and down the field into the saddles below.Getting down the steps again , I switched out the water and began to head back in when a pair of hummies flew past my face chittering away at each other.

Grinning , I took one last look around. The sun mostly behind a bank of clouds all but black with stored rain was slowly rising.

Mount Hood , off to the South was buried deep in rain clouds sheets of rain  darkening the skies, the first storm passing below us. Likewise , Adams to our North was hidden in a related storm the heavens deep grey to black , clouds and thunder rolling. The breeze very light and temps not too chill, I could see out own storm brewing to the west it looked to be shaping up as

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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