The first weekend of our Summer vaca..which is more of “sick days” thanks to another injury at work..

Thanks to SAIF it took weeks to get any type of medical help as no doctor will look at me anywhere here for a work injury other than Occ Health.. which is several weeks out for an appointment…Gosh , wonder why..  ( again ) Thanks to SAIF ( workers comp : AKA screw you and your little dog too  )

Getting hurt at work , when you are following instructions , whether or not you agree… You now have tons of paperwork to fill out all making you look like an idiot, yes , I know , it wasn’t your idea to do the job in this way to begin with..doesn’t matter.. paperwork makes it LOOK like you are a moron..because being injured in the first place isn’t bad enough… Now, here is where SAIF kicks in… the guys that are suppose to help… Now you can’t see any regular doctor as they get beaten up by SAIF as well so they won’t touch you.. NOW SAIF complains because you took so long to seek help… WAIT WHAT? , No I didn’t , I simply could not RECEIVE any medical help due to SAIF.. the guys that are suppose to help.. Now you get a ton more paperwork, yes in three days I got three very large envelopes full of paperwork saying ” IMMEDIATELY”..” OR ELSE”.. ok news flash.. in my case anyway.. they drug me around making me feel like a villain…Remind me to pick up wax for my mustache.. all the really good villains do the cool waxed twisty thang ya know..OOOOH! and a cape! I so need a black cape !..Oh yeah and a Top Hat.. then I’ll fit in.. They did this for a year and a half.. during a permanent injury , and THEN still didn’t help me , so OR ELSE has no weight , thank you very much.

ANYWAY.. SO.. Now you have been hurt at work , because of someone else’s idea..doing what you are told.. You get injured.. you deal with it for WEEKS without any type of health care . You are treated like a villain “TATATA!” you then have tons of paperwork to fill out Or ELSE… The doctor that you finally get to see wants X rays and physical therapy along with more visits.. You say no , can’t..

WHY?!? Why are you here then??

Well, can’t afford all of that stuff as SAIF..the guys that are suppose to help.. will just drag me around again and I’ll have to pay for another work injury.. So let’s just not wrack up the bills just yet..

Multiple phone calls later from SAIF…the guys that are suppose to help.. With wanting statements, and of course threats of not helping if I don’t take pics and a bunch of other crap that I finally just stopped them reminding them that they JUST did all of this crap to me..we just paid off the last time less than weeks ago though the injury was years ago.. as SAIF…the guys that are suppose to help.. enjoyed tearing me apart until I couldn’t even talk about it anymore without breaking down…. They stopped talking for a moment then told me then FINE! They would come themselves and talk with my supervisor.. Fine ,. I reply as I have , of course, gone through all of this with two levels of supervisors as well as the rep of the equipment that injured me.. I have paper trails and some 100 plus folk that I have talked to and seen the problem… Oh don’t get me wrong, SAIF…the guys that are suppose to help.. Will still create their own ” truth” like they did last time.. but threatening me with not helping me means SHIT to me after the last time..

My doctors wouldn’t battle them. They wouldn’t put their necks on the line for exactly that reason ” They make their own truth” no matter what…..

SO.. I am a little miffed that I got drug into this with them again , once again just doing what I am told.. even after complaining that it is a bad idea..worse.. It did a far worse job than if they would have let me do it the way I have for 30 years… Just because it is new and the salesperson says it is great doesn’t mean it isn’t a POS .. They are there to sell you stuff.. They also make their own truth.. Oh and same company that caused my eye vision loss and constant headache since May 3 2017 … So.. Not a fan of them either…They also sold ” us” several other “great tools” that suck ass… and I can come up with twenty others that will tell you the same thing… I’m just the lucky guy to get injured from these “great tools”.. Three times actually..

Soooooooooo anyway.. we can’t do all we wanted to as I am a gimp now..err more gimpier it seems. I need to not do what we want if I want to NOT have this ALSO be permanent ….Oh and SAIF…the guys that are suppose to help.. Have crap they wanted from me this week too..they can piss off… what are they going to do? Oh wait.. Not help.. Right..You know cause a few threats are what I need to help me heal up.. from something I didn’t think was a good idea in the first place…

The actual Post

So Ma and I are starting our Summer vacation as of this weekend.

Ma made me do nothing on Saturday.. So I worked on some stuff in my office.

Today , we played in the gardens a bit. I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to as I am gimped up pretty good.

We did get in some watering and a bit of trimming along with feeding the plants… That’s it.

Tomorrow we have to make a trip to town for groceries . It’ll be the first time I have done that since I got hurt. I know it sounds like a quick thing , but it is hours in Gotham then some for me to break stuff down whether veggies or meats .. and it’ll be both so it’ll be rough by the end but that’s ok. It needs to be done.

We are hoping to go pick cherries as well. The local orchards just opened the doors the last few days and we want to make up a ton of cherry juice. That will actually be easier than the whole shopping thang.

Other than that, plans are pretty light now. No trips anywhere . No big Honey Dos. I need to be all better or as good as I can by the time I head back to work a week from Monday.

Mama and the baby

Ma has seen the wee little fawn again as her and her mama lay under the tree beyond Ma’s office during the day. They feel comfortable and safe with Ma watching over them.

I get to see the mama but haven’t seen the baby. Too early , too late in the day when I am around. Maybe this week.

The Hummers

We have a bunch coming through to visit on their way North , but Hummie’s family are the only ones staying close yet. Usually we will see a bunch more come warmer weather. So far we have only had a few warm days yet.

The kids follow us around as we go garden to garden then back to hang with us at the porch when we rest… Yup , they actually do.

Final Thoughts

The day went by fast so as we have been outside I am making this short.

Obviously SAIF…the guys that are suppose to help…have me in fits , and for good reason..I just can’t get away from the abusers . The last time they just tore me apart and absolutely shattered me. I didn’t fill out a claim with them , work did.. Which I reminded them.. I can’t begin to imagine them doing anything besides making a bad situation worse… Where can I get that job? Just make someone that has been hurt trying to survive feel totally helpless and make them feel like they need to just be beaten to death… Oh wait.. No.. I couldn’t do that job.. I may be a jerk but I couldn’t be that much of an asshat .. It’s just not in me. I would feel sorry for them if they would just f**k off !

Zen I take a breath


I always try to see a new day as just that; a blank canvas . You wake up , you stop for a moment to watch the day start new , fresh.

The winds blow meadow grasses up here like green and tan waves. The thunder of the winds are a lot like the sound of the ocean as well.. You just have to catch it before the big winds hit and it is a lot the same.

The nice thing about Zen is , you don’t have to wait until whales come by for some kind of life crossing our ocean. We have deer every morning than come through, some to visit and hang with us for a half hour or more. Some pass through. They will stop in the yard as we talk to them, watching us , they will wiggle their ears at us while they crop the grasses. Other simply ignore us as they set pecking orders back up again .

Elk come through , somewhat more elusive . The herd will come in and dominate the hill top. We can have well over a hundred filling our yard and over the berm like locust . Cows chirping , calves chattering to their mothers . The occasional bugle from the bulls.

The Hummies are all over the place from the time we walk out until the time we come in at night. They fly into the covered porch . The feeders are always active. If one gets too low , the hummingbirds come to our windows of our offices to let us know and will chatter away until we look if we are busy. They follow us around the grounds playing with each other or hovering in our faces while we talk to them. When I water they will play in the mists. The little females pull Ma’s fiber from a suet feeder we have out for them to fill nests. If that’s not out , they will pull insulation .. Whatever it takes , the little things are busy building off and on from spring on .

Our bunnies are always about watching us , hopping by while we are sitting or working in the gardens.

Our bobcat will bring her young through to visit on occasions or she may just come to visit on her own. Sitting by Ma’s office as well . The kids always seem to want to hang with Ma.. Can’t blame them , I do too.

We have a mama bear and cub(s) to the north though they haven’t come out this year , yet anyway.. But they are there as well.

All our coyote kids , three packs and more though Limpy’s family are our favorites beings we are in the middle of their hunting boundaries so they visit the homestead most days.

All of the raptors from Eagles to Peregrines  that make this their home as well as the different owls at night who enjoy sitting just outside our bedroom window to chat with us…Brats..

Stinkie and her clan of striped little stink pots.

The cougar and her young as they come through, not my favs…

Wolffie and his clan who come through normally in winter and early spring who manage to almost always catch me without a camera and never just sit for a pic anymore.

So many birds and all of the bumble bees that love Ma’s flowers and fruit.

The butterflies that have ingrain Zen as part of their lives, batch after batch once they found this little Oasis in the middle of nowhere…

The lizards and snakes… not a fan of the rattlers either…

I have even seen an antelope up here , though quite some time back now..

And so much more…

You just never know what this morning will bring to make

Just another day on Zen Mountain

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