The calm before the Storm

Ok.. Technically , We are getting ready for the next round of Snow…

Rah-roh George

So, as I have been saying since… well as I have been sayin’…well,forever…Zen ( and the Gorge ) gets a storm around Valentine’s Day.. and , yes, I know… It is only the 10th … But it is close.. We got the first of the snows this last week and another Big one on Saturday..

The one during the week was only some 8-12″ which is plenty thank you very much. For the most part, however, It wasn’t a big deal. Mostly just for looking at though I had a couple close calls on the road heading down off Zen.. They plowed but they didn’t throw gravel so… solid ice… It was awesome.. I’ll get into that another day along with the near  wreck on Friday night that hands down there would have been a fatality and possibly dragging me and Red and the other rig into the canyon to finish things off..

Saturday , we were suppose to get 5-8 inches of snow


However… We got 16″ plus from after 10am and before dark. I had swept that area down before I hopped on Little Red to plow..

We ended up with a good three more inches during the night plus winds filled in all of my work from Plowing. Pain in the rear.

We are suppose to get another 3-5″ tonight and another 12+ ” tomorrow. I’ll probably be trying to plow yet again if Little Red will behave. If they are calling for this much snow and we doubled it during each of the periods of snow so far what exactly are we going to get ?

Today , I plowed until the lil tractor puked and died.. So I have THAT going for me. After I finished with getting her back to her spot…and that was annoying with her constantly dying …I switched over to a shovel to do the rest. At least she made it through our portion of the road and a good chunk of our drive before she crapped out. Once I finished clearing the drive ( not driveway…but our private section of the road and the big turn around at the house…as compared to your car is off the main road..barely ) I then looked up at the roof……………..


I had about three feet of snow on the roof. Pulling snow off as much as I could wiped me completely. After I lost my balance twice in a row..fortunately the ladder is too heavy to twist or that would have been ugly, I finally had to give up. I took a break and stared at the EST chair … She still needs more work…

EST chair repair part 2


The next step was to put on the newest metal brace we had to replace. It fit perfectly but for some reason the frame still seem to loose…

” Crap on a cracker !”

There was yet another broken metal brace !

“SOB!” No wonder it is so freaked out.

We took the measurement so I can make yet another piece once we get through this Valentine’s Storm sequence .

While we had it flipped , I stared at the springs… They were STILL unimpressed. I tried to pull the last two into place and could actually feel each of them scratching at the hole but a hair from going in….

” Oh Come on now “

I stared a little more and came up with a plan….

In the end , Ma was tugging on a ratchet strap while I pulled and between us we got the last two springs in place …. On the down side… I gave the chair a freakin rug burn.


It pulled off the texture of the chair fabric but no worse. We can fix it though it wont be invisible…..and make yet another brace….Hopefully that will be the last of the repairs …weeks of figuring and hours of tugging and bracing …errrr and swearing to fix what took one person a second of disrespect to someone else’s furniture… I know who gets to sit on the Yoga mat if they visit….Just sayin’.

The kids


We had some deer come through Saturday, early on to stop and visit before they headed off to the grove .


We had a few visits from the coyote kids during the week before Saturday’s snow.. I haven’t seen any tracks since then.. Probably know better than to come before I normally put out any week-end scraps…


We always get a kick out of them , they like staying close and we don’t have chickens anymore so they are welcome to take out the pests.


Even Limpy stopped by to say Hi . He is by far the largest song dog up here as well as being Alpha of the Home pack.


Our pair of CawCaw kids are staying close to home as well . They enjoy the suet blocks we put out….little monsters…


Even Hummie stayed close to home until the snow storm yesterday . Some time Saturday he gave up on this Storm to hit the Town House with the kids and Mrs…. I imagine that by now he is sitting in his Lazyboy watching Hulu sipping on a glass of juice with an umbrella and ignoring the little family as best he can..

Final Thoughts

Now I know I left a lot of stuff for another day but it has been a nasty work day if a beautiful day as the sun came out but cleaning up after Saturday and trying to not get too grumpy about as much or worse tomorrow I think I need to go chill out with Ma.

This year is a bear when it comes to dealing with this snow..

The Sami is down so nothing with chains.

The tractor , who could have been a LOT worse and I’ll get into that another time..Is still being a pill and dying on me , blocking what she is suppose to be clearing.

Red ( the truck ) has the syncros going out so if I get stuck, I am screwed , there is no back and forth tossing gears to get out . We had  a few very close calls this week and the last scared me bad enough I was shaking so hard I could barely get my coat off when I got home.

and a few other PIA things that just aren’t up to a storm…  My stupid health , once again threw a wrench into things . I was hoping this storm would have been a little more mellow.. From what I have seen , this could run through the month. They are calling for this weather through the 22nd so far… I hope they are wrong.

I am excited about what we got done on my chair , that was pretty cool so now it is usable again .

Snow is pretty. If I didn’t have to deal with the drive I would really be enjoying this….but I have to go through the snow, ice, fog.. One morning It was white on white on white. It took me fifteen minutes to drive less than 50 yards . Completely blind I had to just feel as I went off the road and swerve back in again and again at a creep . Good Times.

I’ll be glad when we get through this one though it isn’t anywhere near as bad as several we have had….

Zen it snowed


The mornings getting lighter earlier, especially with snow on the ground , I looked out into the last of the gloom of night . I waited to put out Hummie’s feeder until the last moment after days of the high being 16F. Once I knew he would be coming soon , I set the feeder out, turning around to see Ma coming out .

Snow had fallen during the night leaving a new coat on the ground. No foot prints anywhere yet . Even Bunnie hadn’t made his way around to the East side of the house , keeping more to Hummie Garden and around Ma’s office.

Fog slowly slipped over the snow as the clouds dropped below Zen and into the valley of Gotham.

I chuckled as I looked for our junipers. Ma had mentioned the year with the big storm and they being completely covered to the point you couldn’t see where they were , the ground had leveled far above them with snow. Looking out to the North , I could see where they were but we are already losing sight of them another couple snows like this and they will be hidden once again .

The CawCaw kids flew over head , greeting the day as they always do ; calling to us as we tell them good morning. Soon a large group of the crows flew over and even a couple ravens made their way overhead . The winter has been so nice up till now that only a few have come in as the eagles have been few and far between .

We watched the birds at the ” Fly-n-Go” having breakfast , they coming in early to fill up more often with the cooler temps. It has been several days now since I had even seen a hawk . I know they are here , we even have a mating pair of Red-Tails but until this storm , grabbing a bite was just as easy anywhere as at the bird station .

The sun finally broke through the bank of clouds , making Zen beautiful . No breeze what so ever and everything other than the feeding birds swept a hush over the mountain top


The work is very hard for me anymore but when I can enjoy the mountain for at least a few minutes , it is impossible to not be stirred by our place in the sun.

Watching the sun make it’s way into the sky I just looked to Ma as she watched the scape as well and thought about how lucky I am. The sunlight on the unbroken snow , the solitude of the homestead.. and This is

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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      1. You could call it “A Day on Zen Mountain” or “Hummie’s Best Day”, and have the hummer visit all the animals that wander through and sit and talk to you. Your posts are a great book as they are! Use your pictures…


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