Groundhog : It’s what’s for Dinner

As we know , the groundhog says another six weeks of Winter…. Which is, in fact ; the right answer…  Spring Equinox is not going to move around due to what an overgrown rat has to say…

Groundhog is more of a side dish than a weather predicting phenomenon..

“What’s fer Dinner Ma?”

” Thad be; Venison steaks , wild greens and a side dish of Groundhog drum sticks. “

“MMMMMmmmmmm… Now thad be sum fine vittles yehhuh “


We sit here on Zen today waiting for the storm to hit. The predicted  Early February storm.

Zen’s winter

This is a nice mellow winter this year , as we expected. The patterns have been working towards this for the last two years .

The storms that generally come through are rolling towards an end for another season. We have the Feb storm that is suppose to hit late tonight though if you look out our window right now you’d think we were coming in to Spring.

Normally We get those certain storms every year : Thanksgiving , Christmas followed by another around the New Year and once again around Valentines . We also get a chance around Halloween and St. Patty’s Day . The last two you may not notice during the warmer winters but they do come through. We have had complete white outs during the first week of Spring..

This year however has been very nice . Lots of wet up here but most of the snow has been ” Just for looking at. ” We will see how this storm works out. They are talking some 7 inches tonight and tomorrow with another 3 inches on Friday , and snowy all week. The temps are suppose to be back down in the teens , which is a little annoying with the plants already kicking in for upcoming Spring. We hope that this storm won’t do too much damage to them.

I am definitely not going to complain too much with what the Midwest and East are enjoying.  I very seldom work out the Wind Chill unless we get bad winds from out of the East which tries to freeze the house up..

So long as I don’t finish off my syncros on the truck I’ll be happy… And even better if the freeway doesn’t get too bad..Friggin Citiots always drive too fast follow too close or even better when they panic , drive so slow that gravity slides them into the next lane.


Yup yup… Ma and I got some more work on the EST (Evil Sleepy Time ) chair.

We fixed what comes down to 5 separate breaks in the wood frame , I made up a replacement for one of the two metal frame pieces that were shattered.. the second is a little too large so I have to start over on it.

We managed to get in three of the springs complete and the final two , fortunately , on either side of the center spring , one side in and the other still not quite .

All of this means is: Stubborn for the win . Oh I so totally still don’t trust it. I sit in it , it works just like new , but I hold my breath every time I lift the foot rest up and sit quietly and carefully… Once the other parts are finished then.. I will STILL hold my breath and sit down quietly and carefully.. I don’t trust repairs for crap though they always seem to work out fine.. Once we finish the final pieces , Ma will reattach the last of the cloth though it is out of the way . I just hope this holds and you can bet I will be hovering over the chair any time any company comes in ….


What a day

Saturday was even up into the 50s for a bit.  It was calm and great to be outside when we could. Later in the eve , the clouds rolled in and during the middle of the night , the winds hit.

Hummie has been in and about with one of the other boys getting out of the city for the weekend . Needless to say Hum was not altogether happy entertaining company .

We had lots of does come through over the weekend and as I write , they are walking back in to the yard from over the berm.

The elk did not come through though I didn’t expect them yet , maybe after the storm makes it’s run.

When the first predictions from the weather sites showed the beginnings of this storm , it was suppose to be only 24 hours. I saw that and laughed to Ma…

” Just wait.. If it is coming in , it’ll last a lot longer than that..” presently ; they are talking at least a week of the chilly temps and snow which fits the timeline for a Valentines storm… We’ll see.

I went into ” Hummie Garden and Little Eden ” to pick some herbs and another large batch of Brussel Sprouts , those guys are still going strong.

Bunnie was in Hummie Garden as I went through , not all together happy at being interrupted while she was having a bite of Thyme ….Oops..

Sit and Spin

As it is the time of year ; Ma is sitting and spinning up yarn by the fire for her “Hap” shawl . She hand blended a dark and light grey which made up a tweed yarn , so far it looks pretty cool.

She is also working on a second shawl and a pair of socks for a test knit. Designers are laying tons of projects out for her to check  , so Ma has far more choices than time. She always hates turning down several of these folks , but this year she is finally only working on a hand full at a time instead of stacks of projects…

What in the world do you do with all of the woolen products?

Most of Ma’s projects she works on for other , and most of her own creations are used by us.

Do you wear socks every day? Do you wear a shirt? When it’s cold do you wrap up or do you just sit and freeze?

How many pairs of socks do you have ? How many shirts? Etc….

A lot of folk complain that wool is itchy… That depends on the wool and how it is processed and even the final work of whatever is made. Ma’s are not itchy with a very few exceptions .

Well.. How do you wash them?

Well..yes, wool doesn’t go through the washer and dryer.. Ma hand washes them and we made a series of racks for everything to dry on . We also have plans to make up some other styles of racks this Spring and Summer…

Yes there are acrylic and “super wash” ways to go.. that’d be the ones that shock you and everything clings to but they are easy to take care of and great for items that get a little more abuse.

The thing is : We wear Ma’s work every single day. Woolen garb is much warmer in winter as well as breathable for warmer weather… It all depends on what Ma is making them for..

Final Thoughts

Yup , another shorty as Ma has some time off today and I’d rather hang with her than in my office.

I am sure I will have some moaning and groaning about the storm come next week , but it could just as easily go the other way and not be as bad .. This year’s winter has been very nice so far. a little hiccup is expected.. I am just hoping to not get the winter south winds that hit 70+ mph … They do tons of damage in a hurry .. A  week or so of actual winter , we can deal with.

Hopefully Hummie isn’t so stubborn that he doesn’t head to town if it does get bitter up here , but like us… he is just that….

I am hoping that I can finish up the work on the chair and that it outlasts me , but we will see….We all get a little wore out with age …

Zen it got icy

We were sitting on the porch as I looked out over the deck. The rains had come out of the west so that the covered porch was dry and the deck looked suspiciously shiny in the dark…

Being me , I couldn’t stand not knowing. I took a step onto the deck and slid… Fortunately , I grabbed onto one of the supports for the Gazebo , stopping with my toes at the edge of the deck side. Bunnie looked up at me from under the deck , taking off like a bat out of Hell . I grinned and chided her for running away when I was just visiting.

The sensor light to the wood shed turned on as I slowly turned around. Stinkie was making her way from the pit after munching on the end of a clump of celery. She had drug the piece all the way out of the pit and half way around the shed before she decided it was too heavy to carry around.. The light only mildy spooked her , chasing her into the shed and between pieces at the back.

Smiling , I slowly shuffled my way back to the dry of the porch , glaring at the ice….which didn’t seem to be overly impressed though it was a very good glare….

The fog began to roll in , Gotham’s lights hidden in the gloom , then the berm and finally to the edge of the deck.

We could hear someone eating out in the field but we couldn’t see them. It had to be deer as there was no chatting about.

Sitting back down in my chair Ma was explaining to me about where she was on her project and what she needed to do next.. Funnily enough , I could understand and envision the changes…

Like Ma, I listen when we talk about what work we are doing so I am somewhat fluent in knitting and spinning just as Ma is in music , recording and the setup of the videos I work on … I smile as I wrap myself tighter into the clothes Ma has made for me all custom to me including how I wear things out .

The fog begins to clear again as the cloud moves along to the East , the deck collecting moisture from the cloud its self , not from rain.
We can see the deer now though it is still too dark to see horn unless they were to walk between us and Gotham’s light show.. The black turning to grey , with hints of color to the East as the Lazy Winter Sun begins to wake, now and again  a blaze of orange glows between the clouds only to be swallowed again just as quickly…. The breeze is light , the temps close to freezing I snuggle into my robe as I watch the birth of

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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