A price of solitude

Most often things can be worked around. I am not so sure how things will end this time.

Being introverts makes some tasks all but impossible.

The Evil Sleepy time chair crashes

The only chair we have that when things go bad I head to ; the EST chair, finally completely crashed while I was going through the worst of the problems over the last few weeks.

When we first got the chair , it came from my folks’ place. a nice Lazy boy ,high enough back and enough range that it keeps my neck where I need it during the bad headaches and when I can’t breath it adjusts to that as well…. When I can’t handle the bed , this is where I go… Of the two matching chairs, I was given the broken one . It had been cracked by in-laws flopping into it and then wrestling in it… I didn’t get to pick and knew some day I would have to deal with it.

We couldn’t see what the damage all was until it completely crashed. Ma and I flipped it , took off the material to find two broken metal supports and two broken wooden frame supports. Much worse than we had thought. I had imagined only having to add an angle bracket , thinking damn..this will take hours…..

Nope , I have no idea if I can even finish what I need to do here…

After pulling the fabric , seeing how much more damage there was . We finally ended up having to remove the springs for the seat from the back of the chair to bracket both corners of the front plus gluing and making brackets for the other piece.

Doing just that took the entire of Saturday along with completely battering both my arms and torching my neck and lower back not to mention frazzling both Ma and myself.

I finally couldn’t pull any more weight , only putting in 1 1/2 of the springs back into place. As of right now , I have no idea if I’ll be able to put back in the other springs and if I can , I may be lucky to put in one a week…..

We don’t have people due to being the introverts we are so We shall see how we go about it.

This STILL leaves figuring out how to make new metal supports. They are pretty much just two supports to keep the wood frame from spreading.. I don’t weld and I am not sure if I can just bend some flat iron to do the job…..

The thing that is so irritating is that I probably could have fixed all of this back when we got it if I would have tore it down… or , course, if I would have gotten the un-broken  chair from the people who broke this one..Only seems kinda fair but such is how things go for us….

I am just short of panic mode on the chair as short of sitting in my truck , I have no back/neck support place now and none I have looked at new fit me .



The peace of Zen

Some how , things always work out. Maybe not for the best , but they always work out.

Life , other than the damn chair , moves quietly along this winter. The warmer temps I have been watching come back into the pattern over the last couple years is giving us a very nice warm wet winter.

The snows are ” Just for Lookin at ” and rains are managing to fall often enough to simply soak into the ground. Even the last few nights that were suppose to be dry have left us with wet mornings.

The clouds low in the gorge have been giving us fog in the mornings and again in the evenings as the dragons settle in the groves around the Homestead.

With the crazy days we have been having for weeks now , that little time we get to spend watching the hills waken makes that time so much more important.

Evenings in the high 20s and low thirties to slip up into the 40s and even 50s on some days has felt more like spring than winter. We’ll take it when we can get it.





He has stayed all winter so far other than a day here and there to visit the family down in Gotham at their little Hummie Townhouse .

With temps being warm , Hummie has been in a mood chasing all of the birds around Zen and even picking on me.

Ma and I walked out again later in the morning , just around dawn to look about. Hummie heard us chatting , flew in , grabbed a drink then sat down to talk to us about his day.  He had sat down on one of the plant where I couldn’t see him , I also hadn’t heard him for a bit so I asked Ma if Hummie had taken off. Hearing his name , he flew up to hovering in front of me chatting away , letting me know he was still there. Sitting on the fence by us until we went in , then he flew off.

Later today I saw him out there with Mrs Hummie..Seems she came up for the day..most likely to let him know he had chores at the townhouse to take care of .

Ma’s spinning


Three of the Shetland wools Ma has been spinning for a Shetland Hap ( type of shawl ) she is creating . They are running in a light fingerling weight , very balanced , very strong and very soft..


hap fiber1

Here you can see the before and after the spinning/plying.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to set up a , probably monthly short series for Ma’s spinning and knitting , off the side of the Sunday Post where she’ll run through what she has been up to and the road to get there.

I haven’t forgotten , she just keeps doing so much cool stuff that I can’t keep up..We’ll get there though , hopefully with some info and maybe some vids for folks who are interested.


Final Thoughts

Once again , I am keeping this short. Our days are speeding by and it is feeling a little hard to keep things going.

The chair has me freaking out as I realize how much weaker I am than I was with no idea what to do. Somehow It’ll get fixed … I need it so we’ll figure it out.

Today the elk came through again. We have been expecting them , and sure enough , here they came. I completely lost count as they just kept coming through . A couple small bulls but almost all cows.

A long busy week ahead , I still have just a couple things to get through today so with that…..



The days are slowly getting longer as we head through this winter and ever towards spring.

Ma and I got up shortly after 5am to sit out , watching the lights of Gotham until the fog rolled in. Inside the rain cloud it’s self , the more got wet than rained on..

Ma talking through ideas for her Hap project and reading what folks from not only the spinning groups had to say but one of the larger magazines also had to say about her work.. I just sat smiling and , when I could, remind her that I had been saying all along that the work was very nice from fiber to finish . Spinning , designing , plying , spooling and knitting .

Going inside , I set up a fire in the woodstove for ma to spin by. Before long we went back outside , shortly before dawn to hear Hummie fly in. He had heard us and temps were warm enough for him to leap out of bed and sit , chat and have coffee with us.

Ever so slowly , the skies lightened . Fog rolling below us and to the north.

I looked into the fog and asked Ma;

” Are those elk? “

Sure enough , the herd was coming in on the edge of the fog. The first time we had “seen” them for awhile as we are normally socked in until either the clouds lift or lower for the day.

Grabbing my camera , I started snapping pics. The problem was , I can only see so many at one time and the fog was too dense to the north where they would all gather together. Minutes rolled on as more and more elk came through in groups or singularly .

We both grinned as we enjoyed the parade.

Hummie , nowhere near as impressed , flew about us chatting away;

“Look at me! See ME! “

Even to the point he let me take some pics of him …Of course then he buzzed me a few times to pay for the snaps. Brat.

The morning warm for winter , Hummie flitting about , the fog hard around us and the sun brightening the sky  let me feel the hope of the day….Yes this is

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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