Twilight at the end of the tunnel

Another shorty this week as I try to get out of the other side of this crap eye/headache .


After somewhere around two weeks of getting worse and worse I can feel things lessening.  I am hoping that this coming week will start to see some more improvements.

The mountain is rockin’

Zen hasn’t been this busy in a long time .

Friday Ma’s daughter came to visit and have Ma and the grandbaby have some time together.

Saturday  , our Metropolis neighbors made their way up to Zen as well . Shortly before they made it up , daughter and grand daughter stopped in for another day with Ma. Meanwhile one of the folks from work hit Zen’s Hinterlands looking for elk.

Sunday one of Ma’s sister made her way up to Zen as well for a quick visit.

Friday I was still miserable making me not too much fun on the first visit but I did enjoy watching the girls hang .

By Friday eve , meds finally started to help some and by Saturday morning I didn’t wake up sicker than I went to bed , a first in too many days .

Saturday I could actually spend a bit of satellite time around the girls as they talked and played….. I headed into my office to try to get out of the way. I saw Ma and daughter out on the porch and the house was FAAARRRRR too quiet.

But you know what?

To be quite honest , I have no idea why , but little kids tend to like me ..

I sorta see myself as an old junk yard dog “ARGH ! ARGH ! ARGH!” at the end of my chain when little kids see me and:


Suddenly the dog has a little kid clinging around his neck , his Eyes white with panic looking for an escape route….


I walked into the living room to see the little Snowpea cleaning up splatters on the floor from milk…

After finishing the cleanup , I put my things away and moved into the front room where Snowpea and I had a chat….Ok , fine…. I nodded in panic looking out the window while Ma and her daughter continued to chat away…..

“But, You know what?” filled a fair chunk of the conversation making me grin more and more each time she said it followed closely by ” Probably. “…….Yeah, fine…she may have picked that up from me…..

Fortunately, I enjoy Disney movies as much as any kid so we would sit on the floor looking through movies while she read off what they were as we tried to find the next perfect movie……

The gals finally came back inside….two or three days later…. to find the two of us watching movies and talking…

Ma’s daughter looked up and I could hear her whispering..


The EST chair is big enough that lil Snowpea had crawled up sitting next to me while we watched shows and I rocked us side to side…

There is a reason Ma isn’t the main hunter in the house…. I saw her sneak over the edge of the couch with her camera….aaaaaannnnnddd…The flash failed…..several times in a row…Soon both of them were snapping pics while the two of us attempted to ignore them and watch our movie….

We took a quick break for dinner and back up in the chair again as soon as I sat down…Yes fine… I might have even smiled…

Probably a bad idea

I seriously considered grabbing the grand baby to visit the neighbors as I heard them release the hounds….err… I mean kids. It is always a sure thing that when they hit the woods , the kids run screaming around their log home .. Most likely trying to rid themselves of city cooties….I am sure that is how it works…… I know I do my own version of it….let’s face it…. Everyone on Zen knows when I do that…

I really thought about going over , but then I thought about first just walking in on them when they had just got there and then the scary stuff…

I could just see letting Snowpea run with the kids and see her come back up the hill with muddy knees and butt along with vegetation clinging throughout her hair … I tried but couldn’t think of how to pass the blame off onto someone else…. Crap…

Sunday Drive

Ma’s sister made a quick trip in from Metropolis checking up on us . She always makes me grin too as I can sit back and watch her and Ma go through all things under the Sun …. Trust me , funny stuff… I have considered making a bowl of popcorn but I think the tides would turn and I would be noticed.

After a short visit with Ma going over things with her on Ma’s spinning and knitting…as Ma ran her new wheel through its first run, her sister had just enough time to eat with us and run back to the city.

Ma’s daughter had left early Sunday morning for a longer ride back to their place getting both families to their homes within a half hour of each other….That was just a bit ago.

Final Thoughts

I truly was beginning to think I was going to be forced back into the friggin hospital again a couple times during the week but I just didn’t see much point.

They’d poke me shoot me up and send me home saying

” Yup , you’re right . Not much we can do. “

I know I am not the only one out here that just get to that point when you all but give up. With Ma though , I know she’ll be here and we make it through yet another round of the crap from the damage to my eye ….

On the other end now though, maybe miserable but doable enough to keep my eyes open mostly now .

Really. It’s true

Yes yes.. fine fine whatever , it didn’t take long for Snowpea to wrap me around her little finger…. Didn’t expect it but totally cute and smart.. Well.. and we laugh at the same parts in the movies…


After more than a week of not actually seeing mornings , I drug myself out of bed. Still dark but Ma had been up for a couple hours. Walking through the house , I let Ma know I was up and we headed back out to the porch.

My head swimming , I groused about it, grabbed the broom to sweep snow off the deck. Under the snow was a fine ice layer. I tossed some ice melt out so that the girls wouldn’t slip when they came in later.

The coyote kids started singing to the north just after I sat down. Grinning I looked to Ma who was also smiling. Once again Limpy had his kids out for a lope about . Every time they would quiet down , Dennis would start back up again and another round would get going.  if I would have been on the ball , I could have recorded their singing as it lasted for several minutes.

The fog was not only close but layers of heavy clouds above made the morning even darker than the normal predawn. We had had close to two weeks of dark 26F days and nights. Hopefully the kids would be able to make their way in for the first time without getting lost.

The first birds of the morning started making their way in and bunnie came hopping across the yard towards the deck. It was going to be an interesting day meeting Ma’s grand baby for the first time….This was definitely not

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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