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just a quickie

My eye has me down bad this weekend so a little update then I’m outa here.

Food for wolves

Ma got to see the wolves today as they trotted past the house and down the game trail headed into our grove to the north. I was sitting in the EST (evil sleepy time ) chair trying to deal with the friggin pain so I missed them…and my camera in my room so no pics.

We generally see the wolves more during cold weather and it has been a while though I had just mentioned them to someone the other day. Ma says they were all grey wolves so not the black wolf that is up here from time to time nor the red. Hard telling if they are just passing through or just closer to the house than normal.

Makes me wonder now if the coyotes kids got the pork fat and chicken left overs or if the pack was already hanging about.


Hum has been back and forth from town lately. He can’t seem to stay away for long. I am sure, like me, he doesn’t care for being around so many people with all the noise they make.

Today , he was around quite a bit…according to Ma course. He kept sitting on the fence by my office window waiting to chat I imagine as we always do on SUNDAYS while Ma works.

Ma was getting ready to go out on the porch when she started talking to him through the glass door. He had his back to her while he looked in my window. I got up from the chair..no small task today… going to the door with Ma , I called to him. The second call he jumped a bit and turned round to face us. He still couldn’t see me until I got closer to the door.. He bobbed his head then turned on the red , as he always does with me , then spiralled up and over the house… My duty to the little guy done, I came back over to the chair….and pretty much haven’t moved all that much.

Final Thoughts

I really do hate the way my eye is. Too much stress the last several days on top of just the normal abuse as well as driving in the fog which makes it worse. If it is like this tomorrow again there is no way I am going anywhere.

We did get some ok snow this week , pretty much just for looking at but several inches I have a great pic..which I will add at another time.

Ma got her Christmas present..finally. A new spinning wheel. Same maker as her original. I had to do a tiny bit of work on it Sat as it must not have been used and was binding. It just needs some wax and some oil and she will be ready to go for Ma making it so she can be running two projects at the same time rather than pulling everything off her first wheel and then back again.


Well , alls I can say today is…thank goodness this is not

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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