Happy New Year from Zen Mountain

Well , we are coming to the end of yet another year .

We had some highs and some lows again as we made our way through it. Getting back together with the Folks that makes up “Tryx ”  as well as hanging , if only for a bit , with the ” kids” from school at the reunion. was definitely on the High end.

A quick glance

The Spring and Summer went by so fast with travelling to see the guys and gals of our ” Tryx” family.  The group fell in together pretty quickly and each time we did get to play it was better than the time before. I hope I can get around to heading back up again this year.. Guess only time will tell.

The fires again this year with the pyro hanging on one of the main  runs through this part of the state setting the fires was the biggest low . It was bad enough forcing folks from their homes and losing crops at harvest time but also the loss of life .

Summer is tough enough with fires that are accidental without having someone setting them on purpose.

With me running back and forth to play and for work , I got behind on the gardens so we didn’t have the best harvest on some things. Winds and smoke didn’t help at all and just to add that extra touch ; moles came through destroying plants , sucking them right into the ground. Now THAT really pissed me off . I can only hope they didn’t do any damage to the asparagus plants , we had a great harvest this year with them and would like to continue..


Ya know , if it takes a special day of the year to start something or break habits , I honestly doubt they will stick. I am sure some do someplace but I have never heard of any that did simply because the plan was started on January 1 …

Obviously , I don’t make such resolutions . If I want to start or stop something I do it when I decide it needs to happen. It’ll work or it wont and if it doesn’t , I don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year again to try once more. Sorry , just doesn’t make sense to me.

Should old acquaintance be forgot

Meh… Some really should I imagine .

We all know I am not a social butterfly . Neither Ma nor myself hit the party train . I have folk that I think about fairly often , mostly the Band folk , kids I grew up with and several I work with …. but of all of the people I can bring to the front of my reasonably impaired brain , only one has made up to Zen to visit ; Mikey …….

Most simply don’t pop in because Ma and I are generally working and when we aren’t …We are…. We have little time together as we work different days so trying to set up anything is pretty rough though possible.. In theory ….

I think that made it all the more special to hit the reunion this time around.

I think of all of it , maybe not the most important by any standards but the funniest was running into one of the neighborhood gals who actually reads the post and didn’t recognize me . * chuckle* I knew her as soon as I saw her and it was entertaining to watch her squirm .. I grin every time I think about it.

Seeing my oldest friends even closer to home was great , though it was so brief it was sad . With my eyesight , or lack of I suppose , missing someone as I walk by them , seems more than once , feels a bit tragic . More time chatting would have been great… My loss.

Work folk , well , I see them all the friggin time and most are friendly but I doubt they would stop me in the store or whatever which is fine … Chances are , I would walk right by them without seeing them either… I tend to look down and focus close , it is just easier on my eye and the headaches stay a little less that way .

Plans for New Year’s Eve ?

Umm… suuuuurrrrreeeee…..

Ma will knit and I will sit in the Evil Sleepy Time Chair , we will stay up till maybe 10 pm .

Sorry , but I have no want to watch anyone’s Balls slide down any pole . I don’t care if it is in New York or not… and it sure wouldn’t entice me to throw around sloppy kisses.. or receive them from strangers … Ya just never know where them lips have been ….

I am sure most everyone has plans of some sort; hitting big parties or making the run of bars or whatever… If that works for you : Great! Just make it home safe and try not to kill anyone while you text and drive and tweet or whatever …… Some of us are just trying to get home from work.

Final thoughts

Last week’s Post was a long one so let’s make this short for all our sakes eh ?

The winter is looking good so far. Temps are staying mostly above freezing during the day so we get some snow at night and rain most of the day or it snows and melts as it touches down. That works for me. I like looking at the snow. I even enjoy snowshoeing but driving back and forth to work in it; Not so much.

We tend to live in our winter cloud up here though we have gotten a break or two but usually at least one way or the other I can barely see past the hood of Red .When it snows too it is really hard to find the road especially in the dark so this is much nicer for me .

Back to work in the morning trying to get things done before people come back from their vacation and dealing with last moment construction people.. Now, I know they know they are coming..would it REALLY be that hard to let us know , oh maybe a day in advance? Seriously ? And any areas I have to close down to try to get a job done ONCE in the entire year.. That means they had 364 days to get it done or the next but NO they have to tromp through where I am when it is THEY that made this window for me in the first place and then they get pissy that I am inconveniencing them … Trust me; I let them know my feelings about the whole matter as well…. citiots…

Ma is working on a new shawl from yarn she spun and plied herself as in at this very moment and it is awesome… Once that and another project she is working on are done I will do the Ma’s spinning post as I want to show off her work.

Hummie is still hanging around up here. With the weather fairly nice , he is refusing to head to town. Mrs Hummie comes up if not every day to give him a ration . You can always hear the two going at it …. and yet she can’t quite figure out why he doesn’t come down to the Townhouse with her and the kids….Shocker… He has spent most of the day hanging just outside my window today chatting with me and then out to the porch when he hears Ma and I out there talking. He comes over grabs a drink and chats with us .. Yeah , no , he actually does…

The other morning , I leave when it is still dark these two weeks … Ma was out on the porch while I was getting ready for work. She came in fairly startled and completely freaked out. She had heard something just off from the porch . The fog was so thick I could barely see far enough to creep my way off the mountain . She couldn’t describe it to me and we have had so many odd voices of animals and birds up here that it was hard telling . When you hear things in the fog that you can’t imagine , it can raise the hair on your neck and send you packing inside . I have had it happen a few times over the years and never did figure out what the heck I have heard . When I have come face to face..as in steps away , in the dark , with bucks or cougars or bear or elk  , you can get twitchy at sounds that don’t fit what you know ……. It did however turn out to be the elk herd for Ma , just beyond site as they grazed from North to South next to the house.

Zen the clouds came through

The morning was close at hand as Ma and I stood on the porch. Winds were whipping , bringing in heavy clouds that darkened the skies even as the sun began to wake. I could see where the sunrise would be even if chances of actually watching it were remote. While we stood there , clouds rolled over the north meadow hiding the grove where our dragons were bedding down for the day. Fog was even  erased from the grounds by the heavier clouds. Snow began to drop , flakes the size of half dollars .

The northern edge of the house disappeared from view as the clouds pushed over the house . Just like that , our view was gone and the edge of the deck became the edge of our world.

Breezes picking up , we could hear it tearing at the branches of our evergreens though we couldn’t see it. A crash above us told us that something got blown down in the sudden wind storm that came through. Gusting from out of the North West swirled around the house as the storm brought the eye to us. In moments the winds were howling in our faces out of the East and just as quickly from out of the South before everything became still , the snow increasing now that the clouds were in place. Snow turned to large ice pellets as the storm stood on edge at the Zen Homestead .

With a gust out of the North , the storm began all over again . The clouds we were in began to move towards Gotham , our view increasing to the edge of the yard now.

We could now see what the crash was. My wood pile lay all across the ground where the violent winds had pushed over a cord of pine.

Slowly the clouds fell back over us again , deepening until once again we could no longer see past the end of the deck. Winds calming somewhat as the temps fell .

I sighed to myself as I checked the time and knew I had to leave soon to try to make my way to town though the field of view was some ten feet . Welcome to winter and

Just another day on Zen Mountain.


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