The First snow of the season on Zen

Yup..It is snowing as I write..

The first snow of the season came in Friday night and now the second wave this afternoon Sunday.

They ( weather Dudes ) are talking 1-3 inches…..which , at the rate it is falling right now would mean that it would have to stop within the hour as we are already sitting on anew inch since it started again about a half hour ago and is suppose to continue all night soooo……..

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It is getting all white outside and decorated inside. The fire is going , it is snowing and Ma’s wheel is close to the stove.

Ma just finished another vest for me …Yes, no… not a normal vest , I tend to wear what amounts to little to no sleeve sweaters around the house instead of a T shirt or flannels etc mostly just because I can toss something over it without getting all bound up around the arms then pulling a Flying Monkey fit shortly there after, chasing my tail around trying to get things to fit correctly…..Ergo.. vest..

I have actually started the Ma’s Knitting post for some time early in the New Year that’ll have a bunch of Ma’s work and some insights for those that buy Mart sweaters and wonder why nice ones cost so much…so on and BlablaBlaBlah….

Meanwhile… err well while I was writing one of the coyote kids just walked by..dang brat got a quickie pic…


Completely missed another Eagle pic as it flew right by my window while I sputtered away.


A pair of Mash Hawks were whipping around the berm so at least I got a pic of them as well as a bunch of a couple of our does and the nice little buck that has been running with them lately…..

Ya know, I really should have worked on a vid for this snow but it is coming right into the covered porch and I just don’t want to trash the camera. I’ll have to figure out something.

The countdown to Christmas

As far as big plans.. ummm not work that day? As always, Ma’s work kinda messes with all that , so we simply don’t worry about it. The big thang is ; I’ll be working an earlier shift..That covers it. It is more of a ;

“Jolly……It’s snowing…again..”  Dealio …The stuff is pretty and if I ever retire then I’ll enjoy it at that time. For now…..jolly….

I actually have a start , as well , to the next two posts , as they deal with Christmas so got that going for me.

At least Ma and I wont have to deal a lot with the crowds shopping. I am sure we will have to do another grocery run but hopefully if we need to , it will be a quickie .

What bitty present shopping we had to do for each other is done. We tend to just enjoy being together over ” Oooh Ahhhh…Whatcha get me ?!?” err stuff.

Enjoy some of the holiday movies but not so much the rest.

Tis the season to be hassled

Have you noticed how telemarketters and the wanna be sly crap buckets are calling more now? Yeah, happy holidays !

I have had one calling every single day for a couple weeks now… Here is the deal… My ringer Only works on calls from my addy list… So if they call , no ring tone…If they don’t leave a message.. the number is shunted to an ignore list ..The only way I know they are buggin me is when I see the missed call list. I don’t carry my phone unless I am driving or working… Any other time is is sitting gathering dust… I do not like to talk on the phone.. I have a hard time seeing so any message longer than;

” Hey.. I need… ” or ” Happy .. whatever the hell ” or ” Whatcha up to? ” is pretty much just decoration . Not a smart phone so most texts are multiple pages and pretty much the second and third wipe out the second so gibberish…. ALL of which means… Unless I am sitting by the phone at home, I miss everything…and really don’t concern myself too much about it unless it is friend or family Work or emergency…. So the people trying to scam me.. HA! have a jolly day !

Final Thoughts

Chuckle* I have spent more than enough time today working on my ” Donnybrook” song and am achin’ to go hang with Ma who is off work now and in spinning just beyond my door. So y’all lucked out again: Short post week.

The snow fall is getting finer now as the two fronts battle at each other..who knows what it’ll do over night.

We are sitting at 28F right now which is the highest it’s been for several days. Living inside our dragon breath cloud , it has been on the gloomy side which is fine, it is that time of the year and still beats the crap out of the smokey gloom of the last two summers.. not to mention ; snow doesn’t burn…..well at least here.. I don’t know about Big City might.

Studio work

As I mentioned, I have been working on ” Donnybrook ” The lightning storm vid..well the soundscape anyway.

I pulled out several tracks redoing some of the drums and bass…and will probably redo them again I am sure.

I put the rain and the thunder tracks back in , which are not on the version that is at the bottom of the  main page of this site. I have been working on this one now for what? a year and a half? Putting out some dozen and more others while I have worked on this.

There are several parts that stay and the rest end up on the floor every time I go back in.

Oh well..It IS in fact a hobby.

Snowing aZen


The dark of the morning skies were off set by the glimmer of snow as I looked out. Thoughts of seeing an elk herd or maybe a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer were moved off to the side as I saw..snow…Just snow.. Hard telling just how much , I slipped into my slippers stepping out into the morning’s brisk breeze from the East.

Catching my breath for a moment , I steady my step , set down my cup and grab a broom. Ma smiles;

” I love the new deck but now there is more work for you to clear snow. “

I shrug , sweeping the new snow off the surface. At least there was only a couple inches and it is dry snow. Stepping down onto the steps I check to see if it is slippery but fortunately it is all good. I clear the stairs and pad below then back up to sit by Ma watching Bunnie scamper across the yard. Looking up at me , Bunnie turns to face me, kicks with all four legs hopping straight up into the air, spins and barrels off to the wood pile below only to turn around and race back up to where she had been in the first place.

” You’re a goof you know.”

Bunnie just looks at me

“No, seriously you little freak . “

Bunnie , seemingly unimpressed ,begins to eat grass that pokes up out of the white blanket of snow.

Catching my eye , the first birds of the morning hit the ” Fly-N-Go” for a bite in between predator shifts. The owls just went off to bed and the hawks are still snuggling under the covers.

Soon , the feeding station has some couple dozen birds flitting about, the light of predawn more of a haze through our fog rather than an actual sunrise. The greys of early morning are being replaced with the lighter greys of the day . We will still need lights in the house to do anything.

I look over to see Bunnie has moved closer , eating next to the steps

” Hi Bunnie. “

Bunnie turns around to show me her cotton tail…

“Seriously? “

Bunnie wiggles around to look at me and again leaps into the air to run off…five feet and back again.

” Weirdo.”

Bunnie looks up at me and pretty sure she is bunnie swearing.

” Well alrighty then. ” Ma is telling me about one of her knitting circles and the drama…’s a knitting circle ..With drama….Really? I just chuckle to myself… People that live in a gated community a stones throw from Zen going on about the horrible weather and that they can’t get out……Really?

I look at the couple inches of snow..Then at Ma.. Then the snow..Then Bunnie.. Bunnie looks at me..Then at Ma.. Ma looks at Bunnie..Who looks at me.. I look at Ma..We both look at Bunnie who turns around leaps into the air and scampers to the Fly-N-Go and back

” You are strange.”

“Nibble Nibble Nibble.”

Well.. I suppose I can’t argue with that logic. “

As I watch Bunnie in the snow , the birds at the station and to Ma as she looks over posts and patterns I have to smile…It looks to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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