Misty Mountain Top

Winter is on its way , bringing in our cloud for the season.

It’s an annual thang . For the most part , we live in the clouds during the cooler seasons. When the days are sunny , the clouds will burn off , settling into the lower areas but in the eves , our clouds roll in to cover Zen in a blanket of fog.

There be dragons


Yes, unless you are new to the post , I do see Zen top a little differently as we all know. Watching deer slide in front of you from the fog , the shreds of moisture cleaning to their winter coats lets you envision the shorter days with a touch of fantasy ….

That , or you are forced to see winter as nothing but a pain. Days are short and cold, hoarfrost building for days on end until the trees bend and break in the frigid winter winds coming in at a more than impressive and somewhat terrifying with gusts well over 70 mph…..Days and nights of moving snow , breaking ice from doors to get out, hauling wood , fighting the back dirt roads to get out to work….

I think I’ll look at it with my eye , even if I have to use the bad one to see something special.

the dragon clan

When I see the clouds slipping over the edge of Zen ,  racing across the meadows , I see dragons’ breath.. Why not?

I actually wrote a story on it, but it seems that it was on our old server as I have lost it ..oops

Listening to the frost fall from hundreds of trees as a new wave of fog fills the woods gives it a feel of something large prowling just beyond the tree line ; slowly making its way through the woods a dragon , wings curled brushes past tree trunks , shaking frost from boughs. Its breath warm from the dragon’s gullet , flowing into the woods , building, enveloping trees and wildlife alike in in dragon breath ; a white misty , flowing fog rising slowly to shoulder levels . Ever building , the fog rising along the edges of  fells and along cliff faces , slowly tracing its way over Zen , the dragon resting just beyond sight.

The normally slow winds of winter moaning through trees helps you hear the beasts as they quietly call out to others. Soon fog rolling in from another area tells you that the voices on the breeze hear each other , resting , waiting for the dark to hide their movements .

The sun finding them curled in the darkest woods or in one of the multitude of caves in our area. Sleeping dragons , their breath cooling , the sun bright , letting the fog drift , sliding into valleys below us.

Tis the season

Friggins studs , chains and snow shovels Oh My..

Friday I spent some fifteen hours in town between tires and work. There was a time I simply took care of the tires myself. Where I use to change them at work on lunch is no longer available and trying to fight the weather up here and the other hassles that precede each and every task at the homestead has me waiting along with everyone else.

Up at 4:30am to make my way into town and get into line had me at less than two hours wait instead of the seven hour wait for the folks that waited until the place actually opened….Yikes. They say it has been like that since the beginning of November …

Red truck all studded up , Sat morn I went out , unloaded my summer tires..which I will have to replace , hopefully in February … I tossed in some of the cinder blocks to keep the truck rooted to the roads and off to town Ma and I went for supplies.

……As always……. Shopping just pisses me off… How is it that we have to be soooo careful with how we treat people at our work and yet when we go shopping , we get treated like vermin…??

” Ummm Yeah , No.. Not going to go this way… It is one thing to have people look down at me at work, quite another when I am paying for the pleasure..”

You would think that even Citiots can see me coming when they have their:

” Smells like I stepped in something bad.” face on when they talk to us…

“Really ? …Really !…”

You know I am not going to play well with someone that does that..I mean Seriously WTH? That there is a SPECIAL kinda stupid.

Anyway….. I probably DIDN’T most likely..that you know… chuck Christmas candy at the back of anyone’s head…

Welcome to the chain gang

We got home, with a ton of things to get done quick like a bunnie.. One of which was me having to repair the road.

As I have mentioned ..possibly a million times….Nothing is as simple as it sounds when it comes to chores up here.

To work on the road I use my SAMI that has all the tools in it, plus she needed her chains for winter..Just in case…

I jumped into her and…ruh..ruh….dingdingding…

Brilliant! the battery is dead……Shocker…..

I pulled the battery , took it into the shop and put it on the charger…

Off I hike down the dirt road with a Hoe….no an actual hoe thank you very much funny person… Redigging my drainage trenches that I had filled in partially for summer as even I get irritated cracking my skull every time I drive over them ….But what is totally funny is…

I enjoy standing at the end of the drive when people who have driven over them before ALWAYS..ALWAYS swear and turn around in their seat to look behind them after they drive over one… Yes ..Fine.. I probably don’t need them as deep as I cut them but * snort* we live in the middle of ; You can’t get there from here  and just past the crossroad of ; Dude! we are lost and I am scared !…I hear Banjos !

Yeah..well…. I like to think of it as soundscaping ….It cuts down on unwanted company .

Finishing Zen’s Mariana Trench system across our road , I moved on to the ever popular putting on of  Lil Red’s chains. Weighing in just a little under a hundred pounds a piece , I have a tendency to start pitilessly whining as I walk out to the bags o back pain  .

Though I put them on in record time … almost two hours… I buggered my right hand doing it and as I had already fried my hips at work in yet another work accident ..yippy…which BTW this is my first hip thang and how the hell are you suppose to keep them from grinding and clacking? Totally unfair , I think that hip pain should be removed from the game…I got no sleep last night… Bugger it all…

Count down to Christmas

Of course, for us it is Yule that we count down to. Soon we will be walking down to Mother Tree for our bough ..Sweet !

And… Only just a few weeks till I put up the 4th annual

Zen’s Night before Christmas post

Course.. It is still close enough to run as a normal Sunday Post so I don’t hammer folks with extra crap.. That would be NEXT year.

Yup , decorations are going up slowly but surely around the house…. We enjoy them and as it becomes somewhat dreary with a bunch of extra work for winter, we get them up fairly early and keep them up until it starts clearing up .. That’s our gig …

Final thoughts

So far so good with the colder temps. We are still harvesting.

I brought in a giant basket full of brussel sprouts just a bit ago.  Ma cleaned them up then we blanched most of them , Ma then racking them in the freezer to be packaged later on for the year. We still have as many left out there in the garden but they are small. Either they will continue to grow or not worth the time pulling with the size harvest we got already. So.. I suppose we will see if we get yet one more harvest from Zen before the new year.

Rut is over

The kids still come through every day but the big buck have gone back into hiding probably with thoughts of;

” Crap ! That went fast ! Another year just to get some Me time with that hot little doe at Ma’s place..Crap!”

The smaller bucks are still coming through..smart enough to wait until hunting season is over before they jig around the mountain top….

Ding dang

After having the battery on the charger for a few hours, the sami still wouldn’t find power.. I have to hope that I can find time before it gets miserable to look at her and chain her once she moves..dang Brat!

Still have the jeep to look at though she is no fun at all to drive.. the list is long with her…

I still have wood to move before snow… Crap! Between work , back , hips and hand …well….Just..Crap!

The smaller chores wont go anywhere..damnit.. so I’ll get to them eventually.

I keep thinkin I’ll have time to sit down and work on my music but….

The closest I got yesterday was when my phone alarm went off..It sitting in my office. I came stumbling in , still dark out and early , only to kick my pedal board and remove a couple top layers of skin from my small toe… Right Side Right side..damnit..

The sun too also rises

We ended up above the clouds yesterday ..eventually and today with only a light breeze so it is pretty nice up here for now.  It is hard to believe winter weather is supposedly days away.

Crap! Just sayin 

Zen the world comes to life



The mornings taking ever longer to show a hint of day, Ma and I usually sit outside a few times before we can see any color and so it shall be for weeks to come.

Ma and I sit on the porch watching the meadows as we chat together about the day before. Generally by the time I get home in the evenings , a lot goes unsaid and that usually because we both have so many tales to share.

I stop to listen around us as I hear someone coming in out of the North. A lone doe crunching in the frost from the night makes her way between the junipers to visit with us before she heads out beyond the berm. Ma and I greet her as we do any of the wildlife that come in. They make time for visiting , it would be rude not to share a good morning with them.

The doe stands off the side of the deck from where we sit munching on new fall grasses. Turning to the East she stops to listen. Moments pass as she stares towards the berm , darkness receding as the sun yawns beyond the ridge .

Two does and a small buck look over the berm at us and our doe, checking to see who is about before they make their way over to visit as well. Slowly they pace in across the fields when over the top leaps another doe, racing in to get here first. Passing the other deer, she leaps the fence only to have our doe flatten her ears at the interruption. The new doe locking her legs , slides in the frost coming to a halt far to close to our doe who raises on her back legs slapping the newcomer across the back in a

” Back the Hell off  Goober !” move.

The new doe backing up fast enough , she lands on her rear as she slips in the frost. The other deer now slipping through the fence to visit as well.

All of the deer now turn as one to watch the North woods.

A large buck slowly makes his way in, following the scent of one of the does. Our does still getting the boys interested though rut has past. Making his way through the fence, Ma and I sit watching as he begins to follow around one of the does.

“Back off Horn Dog! Where were you a week ago? Huh? I waited and waited! No Hot monkey sex for you Bucko ! I have a headache… Go take a swim…”

I sit , smiling as the buck chases the doe around the yard , not even noticing us. The doe grimacing and looking at me.

” What? I don’t want him following me around either . “

The sun rising to the east as the big three by four buck walks off over the hill in a huff.

” Blah Blah Blah..Back off Horn Dog! Where were you a week ago? Huh? I waited and waited! No Hot monkey sex for you Bucko ! I have a headache… Go take a swim…Whatever…Women! It’s been a freakin Year and she STILL has a headache…Yeah..Sure..”

It looks to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain.



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