A Turkey of a holiday

Sometimes things do not go as planned…Yeah , ok , fine.. Almost never but that is another story…umm..ok .. All my stories I imagine..

Another holiday buggered by work schedules.

Who needs plans anyway

For a very long time now , Ma has had to work any and all holidays. Can’t leave customers to figure crap out on their own for one day …. A holiday..

If a person has a problem with something THEY buggerd , They want it fixed immediately…..on…A Holiday.

“Um..You realize you sound like a petulant idiot right? “…As you stare at the phone wondering who popped this whiny, snotty , completely unrealistic person out of exactly What orifice …

Anyway…. This is why people actually answer the “help line” when you call.. no matter when you call …. This is because some horrid little Crap biter feels that their “underlings ” do not need a life .DO not deserve a life.

Of course, you can’t argue with their philosophy  really .. Some Uranus hired them because they felt this crapper would be a good Supervisor or Schedule Manager …So being the loathing little shits they are , they have little else in life but to pull the “god” complex.

In the crapper’s mind I am sure they feel that they are being treated like crap as well and we all know what runs downhill ….. And like a snowball , crap just keeps getting bigger as it travels… The scheduling person is only doing what they feel is the right thing to do: Bugger everyone worse than they are getting buggered…Because…Obviously it is these folks’ fault that Queen Craphead and Sir Soggy Drawers are being treated poorly by someone higher up .

 * chuckle *  mmm why YES I may indeed have issues with citiots ..Why do you ask?

Well they ( Queen Craphead and Sir Soggy Drawers ) buggered MA’s schedule to a new level …and from the sound of it; for the rest of the holidays…Awesome.

Plan “B”

So Turkey Dinner?  Yeah, we decided to make a quick thing of it. I’ll roast up a turkey basically for sandwiches. We have cranberries and even some taters so yup, rushed as it may be , we will have our little feast…We don’t get anyone up here for the holidays any more and with Ma’s schedule ..even the pre-screwmenow schedule , meeting people someplace else is a simple no-go. Try to make family get that one . Between our schedules we are up before dawn and shortly there after we are getting ready for work, then we get off in time to eat and go to bed. ..Unless I have an early shift which happens a lot , then of course it is wee hours to wee hours.

I know , it sounds whiny….Nope, it simply “IS” There is nothing to change , no way to change it. This is why other than myself , only Ma can handle living here at the Zen homestead… If you are a social butterfly , Zen will drive you away within a matter of weeks .

Zen is slower , not easier.. There Is a difference.


Are we there yet?

Are we done…..?….

Well , um…no…

Yes , yes , we had many days of below freezing with hoarfrost coating anything that didn’t move fast enough……And yet…..

Dratted birds wiped out our rose hips…Most likely to get back at me for not having the feeders brimming .

Apples… we had a good bag full that we just didn’t have time to do something with so the kids got a treat.

Tomatoes … Well a five gallon bucket full mostly went to them today too. I ended up with some rot on a few instead of ripening.

The Brussel sprouts now…..

During the freeze , I went out to grab a few more of the last of the veggies;

pumpkins and winter squash which Ma has roasted up for storing, when I saw the sprout plants all covered in ice and frost .

“CRAP! crap Crap crap Crap crap Crap! “

However…… I went out today , cleaning things up still , when I saw the plants…Happy campers that they are

“Frost ? What frost? Nah , we’re gud. “

buggers are actually getting bigger…Well All righty then. I am not going to worry too much about them just yet . Soon but not yet.

Closing down Zen for the winter

We live outdoors as much as we can. Especially in the mornings. My fixation with Sunrises , of course, but also with my schedule , I see very few sunsets anyway and Ma is working during most of them throughout the year so except for my early days , we get most of the sunrises together.

Living to watch the East , we set up things to watch from the East side… However , Little Eden is on the West side as well as Hummie Garden , so they also have a lot of this’s and that’s …We have been pulling all of that the last few weeks…

The hardest is pulling the gardens..veggie gardens of course…herbs and flowers are perennials so all of that stays. Putting in the windows for the covered porch pretty much pissed off Hummie and even more Mrs. Hum . We had to move their feeder so we can take care of it for them and it has some protection for the little brats as well… The Mrs. doesn’t care

“That’s NOT where it goes!”….” Hummie! They moved the feeder !” …” You moved the Feeder!” …” I am SOOO not going to use it now!”

Oh.. she does….after a lengthy complaint .. several times a day..Every day….

Hummie just complained the first time..No doubt because he had just gotten an ear full from his Honey Beak. Oh..he still glares at me ALL the time but it’s our ” Thing ”

Final Thoughts

The days are shorter and the chores are heavy plus all of the normal weekend things that go on year round .

This is just another part of Zen . You are always getting ready for something…

Winter, Spring , Summer , Fire , Winds , Drought ,Fall , Harvest …Friggin Work ..

There is no call the landlord , Emoji  a pizza or whatever you do with those things…You don’t just turn up the Stat wait for the city to plow your roads and complain about the few feet of snow they pushed in front of your weenie little parking spot.

The bright side is ; it may take me an hour to get to work but it is because of mountains , not traffic…usually.. No sirens no thumpin music in some drive by Chi splattering low rider…and so on .

Rough as it can be some times , as much because I am getting slower , I would rather deal with this than the city stuff.


So it’ll be a quick turkey dinner for Ma and I. The only difference between a regular meal and this is I may make up a bunch of stock. If I do , it’ll be more canning yet again.

Turkey left overs? Well yeah… But we are getting 12lb turkeys not the big arse 23lbers .Leftovers are fine for us…Remember , that is how we live up here.

Zen again


The shorter days means longer nights meaning more time in the dark.

I woke up from another nightmare to see it was close enough to morning that I didn’t have to try to shake it off and get back to sleep.

Walking through the house I could see the silhouette of something in the yard. Watching for a few moments , I could tell it was a deer. Watching and waiting , I saw it raise its head.. Ah , a doe..two does..

Getting a cup of coffee , I went to my office , started turning things on. I have been working on a video project that I knew I was ready to wipe about half of it off and early is better than late when I can sit and think about it.

Ma comes through the house so I stop what I am doing , heading to meet her in the kitchen. Moments later we walk out into the predawn night.

Breezes coming from the SouthEast make even the covered porch chilly in the 30F weather . I sit chatting with Ma as I see movement to the South in the dark. Low to the ground. It must be one of the coyotes.

Ma and I continue to talk while the kid comes up around the fence line some 30 yards off. Stopping , the coyote turns to us listening.

“Good Morning . “

The coyote stares back at me . I can’t see more than its outline , but you can see that the shape faces us.

Ma looks out and sees it as well. The coyote turns its head , looking at Ma as she talks. Moments later , the coyote tramps up closer to the porch. Where I sit , I can’t see it any more though I know where it is . The kid is now some 15 yards off , sniffing around the yard below us.

” She probably smells Bunnie. “ I mention as I watch.

The coyote looks up at me now some seven yards off , just below the deck. I am far from nervous but I am smart enough to consider what steps I would take if it climbed the stairs little more than five feet in front of it.

The coyotes are not tame any more than anything else up here though we have had many animals that weren’t bothered by us as we have been here their entire lives chatting at them as they pass.

She looks up at me again then back to sniffing the ground following a scent. She looks around again and pauses while Ma and I talk .The little coyote , finally having enough family time with us turns around and begins to pad off.

The skies begin to show orange and red through a gap in the clouds as all three of us watch.

The coyote arches back, lifting her head and…

” Yeah..Naw.. Not feeling it….Laterz guys. Have a jolly day !”

One last look at us , then she pads down into the saddle below the house.

I grin while I watch her retreat into the predawn dark .

It looks to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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