Getting into a ” Rut” It’s that time of year

“Hey Baby, you sure smell gooood. “

The Does have the bucks worked up again. The Rut has started on Zen Mountain .

The Buck stops here


This time of year, when I am not brooding about winter, is one of my favorites. We get to see a lot of bucks as the rut starts up.

Most of the year they big boys stay in their little hidy holes . We have Blacktail deer up here. Bucks tend to own small deep dark areas in the thickest of woody glens. You can , and I have walked right by big bucks without them moving…Then they leap up , I have a friggin heart attack followed by me gingerly making my way home to change my shorts.

During archery season , finding a buck up here is usually a chore. We are on the edge between woods and prairie . Beings the boys like the deep dark and we have open expanses , we don’t see them.

Come the rut however ; the boys are dumb and lookin’ for love.

Get off me !

get off

More often than not, the girls are not as interested as the boys are… Hmmm..

Generally , the girls want absolutely nothing to do with the bucks going as far as running up to Ma and myself where the boys simply wont go.

“Crap! Buck blocked again !”

Before the big winter storm that lasted weeks on end up here dropping inches of snow per hour, day and night for all those weeks , we had a LARGE band of deer . Does were constantly in the yard and getting into trouble . With dozens of does during rut you get a LOT of bucks come through.

Since the storm other than our doe that hangs out here at the homestead, we do not see very many meaning less bucks and of course that means less fawns which again leads to less deer….

The numbers are slowly coming back slow but sure. The winter is suppose to be mild so we shall see once they all herd up for the season.

We still get to see quite a few bucks as they wander through looking for our girls and they running from the boys.

Nice rack!

We have had several come by throughout the years . Usually the Big Boys still manage to only come through when it is predawn…or right after I put the camera inside.

In Theory; I have a video of some decent sized bucks from yesterday though I haven’t had a chance to see how it turned out. They were a couple hundred yards out.. If there is anything it’ll probably end up as one of the “seasonal” music vids.

These boys aren’t the biggest nor are they the smallest but when they come in , it is always great to see them. They made it through hunting seasons…sometimes Ma and I grit our teeth when we see a nice sized body buck that would have looked nice in the freezer as venison is a nice portion of our meat group. We don’t just go for racks, it’s all about the meat.. smaller antlers and bigger body is far more important to us.

Hunting season over , they are all about looking at them and enjoying watching the antics between the boys and gals.


We are generally slow moving up here as a rule . We normally are fairly quiet .We still get busted by the deer ALL the time.

In my case, my field of view is crap now to begin with but I also tend to be thinking about a project or problem when I take that step out onto the deck only to feel someone staring at my back. Turning around it is usually a doe some ten feet away that I hadn’t noticed…dumbass …

The girls normally just stare at me. Sometimes they start simply due to me moving quickly to look at something..something important…. like a deer bush , or possibly a bear rock….*eye roll* only to have an actual animal right behind me.. Because I am soooo in tune with my surroundings.

I have had a few bucks this season watching me before I see them..Pretty sure one of them stuck his tongue out at me before he turned around to walk off.

Yesterday I was harvesting tomatoes and peppers..Yup they are still going in November this year…When Ma says;

” Don’t move. Turn around he is right behind you.” in my mind , my sarcasm is weighing comments verses doing what Ma says:

” Hmmmm point out that I can Not ‘not move’ while turning around and who exactly is right behind me which covers a lot of land to not move and turn around to…meh… I’ll just follow instructions ish..”

Sure enough another nice buck was staring at me harvesting…

I watched him..

He watched me..He looked at the hand full of tomatoes then back to me , then tomatoes.

I turned back to finish harvesting.. There was no way I could get out of the garden , around the deck , up the stairs , into the house, back out with the camera all without moving..Soooooo.. As I couldn’t see him all that well anyway..Figured if he was hungry , he could come help. Seems turning my back to him upset him and to took off…

He came back later.. Garden gate closed


Final thoughts

Today’s post is another short one with me trying to get some work around here done and back in the “studio” again

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I put up the ” Public ” version of

“The Awakening “ a year in the folder waiting for me to get back in “Studio” mode.

A year ago October , I watched the sun rising and sat in the studio watching what was at the time a couple pics and came up with this…. This last a couple days I added a bass track and some mixing….Yup… all that time for a couple day’s work…

I am presently looking at “Donnybrook ” the Lightning storm music vid which has been on the shelf even longer. I pulled several tracks that I wasn’t too happy with so I will have to rework them. Then I get to sit down with the storm and try to sync the two together …So.. Probably not today….or this week….

As I say , I have the new Buck vid , no idea if anything will come from it. Lost my Elk video SOMEWHERE.. I have been looking for a good week . Also lost a really cool full moon rise, and a couple cool snow vids. So…. I’ll just be watching for more fun stuff out there . That is  the nice thing about using daily stuff up here for inspiration : errr… It can happen any day. Just not Every day.

Sit and Spin

Ma has been working with her travelling “ Pocket Wheel” Yesterday , we decided to more or less relax and she with her wheel and I with the studio…..

Hummie sat outside the front room window bobbing his head from side to side like watching a tennis match while both Ma and I were “What the Hell!”ing and Seriously?!?! Come On!”ing until he got bored and flew off.

The thing about Ma’s small wheel is that it can be adjusted down so fine..Which means , of course, there are a billion fine adjustments all of which make Ma swear like…well like me.

Trying to get the wheel set when there is no real info out there other than ” It’s so easy..”

What in the Hell kind of instruction is that ? Fixing a toilet is easy too but I have seen Many numbnuts bugger the hell out of that from flooding restrooms to cracking bowls . Telling them “It’s easy.” Isn’t going to keep you from heading to the store to buy a new toilet to replace the shattered one or from having to run grab the wet vac..

For the Instructionally challenged ; Instructions are like a “How To ” or ” DIY ” page or video ..Instructions are not adjectives…friggin duh.

Anyway.. so that is something I am trying to help Ma with by looking in other directions.

And of course , Ma isn’t just trying to set up a new style of wheel , learn to spin with it which is completely different from her Castle Wheel but she is also running a different style of spinning as well as Plying ….Yes.. I know “Blah Blah..Yakity Smakity ” I’ll get into all of that in another post ; one for Ma and her spinning/ knitting..

*shrug* I think it is interesting . Ma makes some great shawls , caps , hats , gloves, sweaters ; of many styles and uses, very nice warm socks , once again many styles…and on and on with out a single snot rag cozy in the house .

Weather forecast

The Sun will come up at some point , dropping once again until a moon possibly takes its place.

We are having mostly wet weather with some wind in between. Temps are dropping.. All those things that mean Fall. The day warms.. the wind blows..The wind blows.. the next storm comes in…then the wind blows…

It looks like we are suppose to get down to freezing at night for the next few eves coming up Tuesday which , of course will finally wipe out the harvest….with a large pot of Salsa Verde Zen Mountain style following shortly there after….Hopefully we will still have jars as there are several other canning projects ahead of that and it does NOT freeze well at all.

Zen Vee shall See


Waking up early is almost a chore for my eyes now days as I watch the sun rise in part for them to adjust slowly to light keeping the headache to this side of blinding rage.

Still , sitting out in the mornings even in the dark is interesting.

Walking through the front room , the house is as dark as it was when I went to bed. Looking out the front windows I can see the lights of Gotham far below.

Not wanting to wake Ma just yet , I stumble about in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, pouring black coffee from a black coffee maker into a black cup in the dark..marginally tougher than in the light with my crappy vision . Deciding by weight that the coffee is actually in the cup and not o the counter , I quietly open the doors to go out to the porch.

Far too early for worrying about a camera , I sit down to watch the far Eastern skies , looking for a glimmer.

Slowly a wink of orange flares in and out . The colors blackening as clouds far beyond the far ridge swallow the first signs of dawn.

I see movement through the few bushes that are between myself and Gotham. Hints of silhouettes of something walking through the last vestiges of a night wearing down. Picking up Ma’s Binocs , I look around to see a pair of does coming in as they normally do in the early morns . A large buck following behind them snuffling at the scent they leave.

The buck’s neck , swollen with the rut  doesn’t notice me watching the three of them as the girls make their way into the yard. Too dark to count antlers even with the binoculars , I put them down to pick up my coffee .

The buck stands off to the side of the does while they lick at the mineral block. The girls know I am sitting there, they had watched me as they came in with a pleading glance at the buck and back to me. I shrug my shoulders . They sigh as one and attempt to ignore Horny Boy while they hang out .

The girls edge away from their courter while he edges ever closer whispering sweet little ;

“Berrrrrrrrppppp”s at them . Seemingly a Don Juan De Redneck ..pretty sure belching in a girl’s ear has never worked in swaying any gal to give up her virtues ..but then , What do I know?

It was about that time that I moved at the wrong moment and he saw me.. Being the proverbial “Deer in the Headlights” he stood there “He can’t see me if I don’t move right ? “ …um no.. that would be Myth….

“Crap….” He slowly backed away from the girls as they waved and giggled then all but dropped to the ground , unclenching .

“Thanks Da…. “

I watched the buck easing back into the brush , looking through branches at me.

” Still see you Bud..”


The colors of a coming dawn began to once again seep between layers of low clouds; reds golds and orange traced with browns. The clouds black and heavy as the next wave of rain began to fall.

It is beginning to look like

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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