The Home Studio : frickin demon seed

” Oh this will just take  maybe an hour…It’s a friggin two minute song after all.

The Home Studio

I have some seriously cool toys to play with when the rain is falling.

I have both setups for video work and audio.

There are enough instruments to keep me from wanting much and where the real end , virtual begin .

Between my camera and the video software , it gives me enough to make the attempt to bring a normal day into something a little Abby Normal ..

Well….. That was the plan anyway.

When I am not working on the old music or playing around with Blues and its offspring , I like to see if I can make what I “see” into something others can.

When I am not writing , I play around with the ” Zen Mountain Seasonals”

Zen Mountain Seasonals

Yes , Yes.. There are Four Seasons right?

Winter “Crap!”

Spring ” Yeah ”

Summer ( Technically : Smoke )


Fall ( The Gateway to Winter )

We also have a Rainy Season ….Generally Mid Fall and again in Late Winter , but we generally just call it in the Fall as Winter begins to slide closer.

Spring generally has a lot of wind with the temps and Sun fighting each other as they Zip over Zen.

There is also the Rut ( The Deer and Elk Boys and Girls fall in love , get married and dream of little babies…..Ummm..Fine.. They get horny and play Post office )

There is the Season of the new Babies up here from Hummie’s kids to Dino kids and on up to the aforementioned deer and elk kids….Along with the Coyote kids, Bobcat kids…well you get my drift…

It goes on and on….So the ” Seasonals ” I try to come up with the feeling I get , trying to pass it on..

I have a long way to go but I am in no hurry…

The two I do have up already..well and another uploading as I write….

Donnybrook : The Lightning Storm


The Awakening : Watching the sun rise…which most know is ” My Thang ”

Are both actually only partially done as of yet , but enough for now.

Ethereal Spirits

Just finished loading up as well which is just watching some pretty cool clouds bursting off the edge of our Fence line along an edge of a lip..


So.. I actually decided late Saturday night to begin playing with the video… Technically this is a test for a winter video but after all the crap I dealt with , it became one of the Seasonals

I got to bed around 1am which at the time I completely forgot we needed to get up by 6am…Oops.. We did .. I ended up thinking I would just finish up the Video portion so I could have something to work with…Which lead into the very first bit with the Strings and I was hooked…. Then everything started to crash…

The video editor started basically puking video portions all over the screen.. Watching it just now , I saw a blip still Crap… Oh well.. I’ll work on it another time like the other two.

Video more or less put together , as I mentioned, I moved on to the sound. Then the Studio software puked…. Ohhhhhhhhhh Sooooo many times….

Each instrument is on my guitar which was way too fun..except the drum.. That , I of course, used my pad  as usual… Which the Software kept putting up something completely different than I was playing…

With my old eye.. it took forever for me to dig through sub folders to figure out it was “Humanizing” me ………… Um am mostly Human already thank you very much.

ON the 20 something..ith? time I managed to clear all of the dang weird new toys on the software updates…Friggin simple part that took probably an hour…Friggin 2 minute song right?

The rest of the tracks only took me going through the song a couple times to get the feel I was looking for and done.

Some eight tracks I believe maybe ten at most… Took the better part of six hours…Two minute song….. Then I had to tighten things up , still only partially Mastered…Why?!?! Because there are a ton of versions..Why?!?! Because the unholy friggin Software kept freezing up my comp …Then… It sounded great laid out but mixing it down into a song?!? Another 3 hours ..three friggin hours to finally figure out what the CRAP! the software was gagging on.. * chuckle*

For some reason , I imagine it was a LOT to swallow for the software and the comp , the song was totally ruined every time it mixed down so I would start some things over again and again for hours until I figured it out…then started over again …

Final thought

Totally burnt out , obviously….

I hope you guys like the vid . It was fun putting together..totally sucked finishing .

I have a bunch more coming this way… Hopefully I have the bugs worked out of things enough to make it a little more reasonable next time.

The Rut.

The Rut has started here on Zen  but I’ll get into that more on a different post..Right now I just want to go hang with Ma.

Knit Wit

This weekend was one of the Fiber Fests : yarn and fiber for Knitting and Spinning which is Ma’s thang . She wore her shawl she was working on at the 40th Reunion and got a LOT of compliments from people that do this same stuff Ma does in her spare time to relax. She is incredible and I will have a post specifically on that as well coming up.

Let it rain

The rain is coming in hot and heavy here on Zen now for days… I will always take the rain over smoke or snow .

We are STILL harvesting up here . Saturday when we got home , I saw some great looking apples on the ground under the tree so I went out to harvest the old fashion way …. I shook the dang tree until those apples WAY up there started falling…On my head…CRAP! Raining apples on my skull …They Be Tasty too.

Zen it started

The mornings are , well , night still when Ma and I get up to sit out on the porch now.. The rain a fallin’ I am back under the covered porch , banned from my chair on the deck  whose seat is under water….Crap!

We watched the lights from Gotham , far below us . Listening to the morning begin to break .

Coyote kids had come through around 4 am they always do… I suppose Limpy feels I should still be up and around by then. The change in my schedule isn’t going to change his it seems . Generally I just grin and listen to him calling through the bedroom window:

“WAKEY WAKEY ! We be burnin’ Moonlight .”

Some times I attempt to get a bit more sleep but the brat literally waits for me to get out of bed before he shuts up.

” No Snooze for Ju “

The traffic on the freeway still light , we look over the ground to the lights below , seeing what will silhouette as they cross to the house.

Ma steps inside for more coffee as I watch , seeing movement out in between the trees… A deer I am sure , Ah two.. It must be does.

As Ma sits back down again , I see our doe come in from the south , heading to the mineral block for a morning snack. For now , she is just darker movement in the dark , but I know her.

Something is coming up from the south , moving quickly .

“What the hell? “

Looked to be too tall for  a predator  . The animal coming closer I could see it was another deer… What is the rush?

Then the black is lightening JUST enough I see antlers.

A giant buck is chasing our girl . Then it sees me

“CRAP!” we both mutter together.

He stands just outside the yard watching me then our girl and back again.

Our doe getting the creeps from Daddy Long-horn takes off slowly to the south. The Buck looks at me one more time , shrugs and follows her.

Our doe then swings back around and into the yard. Letting out a great sigh and his shoulders sagging , he follows her into the yard. He looks at me , sighs again and begins to pester our doe.

My camera inside , and still too dark anyway , Ma and I watch the buck as he drools watching our doe. Normally she hangs with us instead of getting chased and she is not pleased.

Ma peeking over the edge of the porch , watches the buck as he yearns for our girl.

I just grin at Ma and at the doe who glares at the buck , then at me.

” Can’t you just SHOOT him? He keeps following me !”

I chuckle to myself and think  :

“And so the Rut begins.” and yet it is still..

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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