After the Trill is gone

The final in what seems to have turned into a series on Tryx and the class of 78 and the 40th reunion :

TRYX : The Phoenix Flambe Tour- Zen’s quest for fire

What’s Tryx ?

I’ll have plenty of time..

of Snow Bunnies and Test Kitties

Tryx and Treats ( for the gardens )

Tryx : The final (?) countdown

40 year Class of 78 Reunion : Cracking Open the Time Capsule

The big day come and gone , sliding back to Zen

The reunion over , folks are back home , hangovers past and “every day norm” slips back into our lives.

Posts on the social media recap the events as well as the band. I have to grin , and of course , comment here and there . Pics and videos are still popping up . Being one of the few people out there that doesn’t do selfies  , I find it down right strange seeing myself …many times over…. When we started this there was No pics of me..Anywhere online. I still remember ( I am sure I’ll forget before long ) In April when the band very first got back together for our 40th reunion ( and first for me ) Pictures being taken making me freak… Not a picture person , not a hugger , don’t do well in company , hadn’t played in front of anyone in 30 years plus.. didn’t play at all for right at 30 years  (thanks to injuries from the accident which by the time they faded and after a new doc fixed others I had simply put music into a box in the back of a closet somewhere )…Total full blown panic mode.. My nerves were totally shot Before I had someone , literally , push me out of the way , and me and my guitar into a wall so they could hug another band member..WTH!?! ..Still a little pissed off about that…duh….

Now ,it would seem , I am fine with the pics and videos, I actually get a kick out of them , though wont be going out of my way for any photo shoots… It would seem that now I AM a hugger..friggin yikes.. Sharing feelings and emotions with old lost friends..Who the hell is this guys I have turned into * snort*…. Best to probably pack that goober up into a box and slip that box into said closet as well..

Hello Goodbye

I said my final good byes to them all , in person and finally one last time in our own little chat community . Winding back and away to step back into Zen.

Three months. In our normal Zen world it is simply seasons and the change of seasons .Months are just part of the seasonal movements. They are a way of counting down to snow and from snow to Planting.

Three months however hanging out with old friends I had let go of when the band members moved to each own’s new developments catching up with them again , simply enjoying the moments , the music with some simple goof off time together was healing for me…

I see you..Not..

Probably my oldest friend ended up in the hotel we were in while at the reunion. She saw Ma and I as we sat outside in the mornings ,we just enjoy outdoors more than inside even when the chill hits..course then we run, fine, hobble, in to the fire afterwards but yet..

Anyway , seems I ” looked” directly at her a couple times . I am concerned that she thought I was maybe snubbing ? her..No , I just don’t focus on what I ” see ” unless it is something I am looking for or driving…which why I hate driving , even a short trip makes me sick as a dog for a good fifteen minutes and more as my eyes try to relax I guess… In any case.. Nope , never saw ya . Didn’t know to look.. Even the guys in the band I didn’t see as they walked towards me until Ma pointed them out ..well and they got close enough.. Other folk had to call out to get me to focus well enough.

Glasses are actually worse, just makes the damage bigger making me want to hurl… Right eye pretty much just for looking at though it doesn’t look bad .. It just isn’t connected quite right as well as damage to cornea and apparently glaucoma setting in..

Left eye gets jerked around thanks to the right eye and it simply doesn’t see correctly though it tests well..That whole focus until you want to get sick up ..eye exercises not helping. I have charts at work as I head to my locker throughout the day.

So for anyone else I looked through , sorry , not on purpose . I don’t snub , just can’t see the broad side of a barn unless I force it and even then it isn’t clear .

The Horrors


Monday Ma and I took a look at the gardens after our extended  leave..two friggin days…

We lost 9 trees , all of out cantaloupe plants ( which were the last things I watered ) , 3 of our pumpkin plants ( of course two had maturing pumpkins ) one of our yew bushes , all of our planters, 4 zuke plants , both of our Acorn squashes  ….WTH ?!?!

Something around 48 hrs and we lost all of that and more…. We watered up until we left..

” What could happen? ”

” Friggin Hell takes over Zen while we were gone I guess. ”

I will grant you that two weekends in a row I was gone. I only get about a half hour to take care of things before I leave in the mornings and too late to deal with it when I get home but Ma waters after I leave so.. WTH!?!

I imagine if I sat on the porch and watched the plants they would have happily grown under the same conditions… I have never seen such a wipe out.. No bugs or vermin did it.. They just turned to ashes in a couple days.

Catching up

The new week found us rushing hither and dither trying to get what survived re-watered…again..WTH?!?! It looked like I had watered in ..err.. April… Ma watering after I left while I set things up before the friggin sun came up..

Saturday not only did we water but we also started back up the fish fertilizer. We hadn’t been able to do that in a few weeks with me on the run so hopefully what made it will be happy for the treats.

The Test Garden looks good though as of yet Nothing to harvest…???… I have to imagine that it is the same thing… Water…

The sun seems to be baking everything though most of the time we are only in the high eighties.

I was wearing gloves while I was working , black, I could feel my hands literally burning from the exposure. It is just crazy.

I can remember in the 90s one summer when it was just like this.. well short of the POS loser arson setting fires to everything in two plus counties  but it just wiped out everything it was so dry.

Yes, we have an arson going around burning all the wheat fields and open lands to the East and South of Gotham. There have actually been a couple as we have one a muck and another in jail..  We have watched way too many fires in the last few weeks from Zen. There have been a couple closer to home but taken down super fast thank the gods.. I’ll never understand what turns someone’s crank to burn everything down… I guess if you are a total complete and utter POS loser that can barely tie your shoes and will never amount to anything what so ever , you can not do anything productive and hate everything and everyone , why the hell not ? There have also, of course , been some accidental fires putting the hills in flames and gorge back into a smoky mess .

IN any case…

So we are trying to do what we can to salvage the season . Losing so many productive plants is pretty rough.

Granted , it is all relative . We will never put out crops as do a lot of folks we know but when we can’t get what we normally do simply because of a couple days of heat and or wind….

ON the bright side; our asparagus plants are going apesh**t crazy so yay … The Tomato plants look good though not a single red tomato yet… I know , right ?

Eggplant..umm… plants , and brussel sprouts still look good. We will see how things shape up in the next couple weeks.

Another guitar build


So , I have several in the wings for building , repairing , upgrading, remodeling … It is what I use to do before the whole stupid eye thing… Now that I lost more vision but also lost some of the tenderness with light , I have played around with some of them. Test Kitty is in decent shape.. Until the next build.

I have a white Strat that has been sitting around just waiting.. Friday I jumped into her , upgrading pickups insulating , neck work and more… yeh.. and then chatted with one of the guys from the band and totally geeked out .. I thought of upgrades to an upgrade I hadn’t even finished …so now I am waiting on new parts to finish the newly upgraded upgrade of the upgrade….sadly… I have been contemplating a newer upgrade as I worked outside …damn…worse , I can not find the part I want to use online though I have an acceptable backup plan.

Another Strat is little more than a pile of lumber that these “old” upgrades will go to..* snort* well as of today.. I’ll probably geek out again as I wait to get to her…

Zen Music

While I am right here…

So yep , sat down again Saturday , everything hooked back up in the ” studio” playing around with some of the songs we played .. That is the plan there, I want to keep at those as it is actually helping me loosen up and rethink some patterns .. all good for what I like to do…plus just fun..

I am back to working on our own stuff as well. I have a fairly simple blues that I had laid down tracks for already.. Playing off that alone I see how much different I play from what I was before the push. I am interested to see what I dig up when I start some new songs… Back to the ” single malt” bluesy Zen music.

Elk in the woods


Our herd is back after several weeks from home. They are hanging , once again , in the wood saddle to our North.

Each morning as Ma and I sit out on the porch  chatting with the hummies we hear the cows chatting away which sets off a bull. Listening to a bugle ring through the trees just makes us smile at one another.

They have been out there every morning just before sunrise now all week. They very well could follow the patterns of last year staying close through the hotter part of summer . They have trees , a constant breeze and an artestian well to hang out at. There is grazing and all but no one to pester them. We have cougars ,bears and the occasional wolves as well as the coyote kids but those are everywhere so still the best spot around for them this time of year in their route .

Getting the rhythm right

Getting back into the swing of things is interesting any time you have to change how you run your days… At least for me it does.

We are , of course , still in Summer mode which generally means ;

Get up , water some plants , eat and head out the door for the drive to work.. Come in the door get dinner ready on the few days it is my turn over Ma’s Relax in the EST ( evil sleepy time ) chair and maybe watch a show.. generally while I am looking at the door to my office to make the break so I can play a bit before we head to bed and start over.

We get one day a week to work together on things here making our ” day off” anything but… It simply is how you run things here , not a big deal , that is just the rhythm ..

I get up now and bring up my music list , grab a guitar and work on a song or two then start over with our routine .. Not a big change.. I feel caught up with that at least so now I finally get to sit with the songs I want to dig deeper into which I find both relaxing and exciting… Then I notice I spent 5 minutes screwing around so everything goes into hyper drive before work.. Bah.. it’s all good….

Not having the extra learning bulk in the mornings could make me lazy so I’ll have to keep my digging..quality instead of quantity ..Hopefully it’ll work that way….Then when I have some time to kill I’d best hit quantity again..

In the mean time , Ma runs her tail off trying to help me get things going while she is also getting ready for work and then making dinner and cleaning up.. All the norm we all do.. The difference is.. We have snooping Hummies staring in the windows at us while we work on things. Once we head outside they hover about us between visits to the feeders. Bunnie rrrabbits bounding about or sitting watching us.. Deer in the yard ignoring us for the most part…

” Oh.. it’s just you.. ” …………….. Thank you .Thank you very much…

Elk wandering about to the North and coyote kids , well , everywhere…

Personally , I will take this over sirens and thump thump music as cars drive by. I’ll grant you there are days when I get twitchy; fires and wind , snow and ice storms … But over all… It is worth the effort.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

It’s freakin warm Dude!

a little after 9 am and it is in the mid nineties .. I’ll grant you it is hotter in the flatlands but for up here , that is hot. No trees to cool the house , dark green sides and black roof..  I am pretty much done with outside work already thank goodness. We did the bulk yesterday that HAD to be done . It is suppose to cool off during the week. We will see.

I dug the holes deeper for the forsythias at the end of the porch but I would like them a little deeper.. This time of year it is literally like digging into concrete . There are rocks jam packed into the soil there…err Let me rephrase .. There is a little soil holding the rocks together… Digging is slow and jarring but I am almost there…

The rest of the day is more inside stuff… I have a couple outdoor things but no more breaking rock for the day. I filled the holes with water to see if they will drain. If not then I have a ways to go .

The Zen of the porch


The skies ,  shades of orange and browns from the fires begin to brighten with the oncoming dawn.

I open doors and windows to get the most of the cool breezes before we have to lock things down for the day.

Ma walks in to get her coffee and out to the porch we head to wait for the hummies to rise .

Heading out the door , we watch a small buck in the yard. He looks up at us , back to the mineral block and back to us. We are just part of Zn mornings so he enjoys his morning snack. A pair of does stand at the water watching us as well. One of the two spends the better part of her life within spitting distance of the house . She casually walks up to the block as the little buck starts to leave the yard. Seeing her , he turns to come back not wanting to share even though he was done.

I hear a bugle to the North as the local elk herd moves in for their morning meal just beyond the tree line. The call set off our Northern coyote pack. They start in with a chorus to try to out do the bull. Cow elk not giving in to the likes of them begin to chat about which , of course, sets off the pack. Lippy and his family hearing their relatives to the North chime out , respond in kind from the oak grove at the South end of our property…whhhich sets off the north pack  and of course that sets off the bull , which sets off the elk cows…

During the Zen mountain dance off , our deer are swinging their heads back and forth looking like they are watching a tennis match . You can see them getting a little uncomfortable with so many coyotes chatting about ;

“What do you want for breakfast? “

” I don’t know ,. What are you guys having ? “

” Venison sounds good. “

Our deer look at each other;

“Wait ! What ?!”

The fourth doe loses it , snorts and barrels over the fence taking the rest of the deer with her. Some eighty yards out , The deer all standing about , look back at the house then each other.

” ..and we left Sanctuary why now again ? “

” ummmmmm ..”

A couple of the does head back to the house hanging now in the north forty but still close by. Another swinging back around heads back to the block and water..

Meanwhile , our hummies are flitting about trying to get our attention  creating general mayhem …well in hummie style.

To add to the din , as with every other morning now for the last several weeks…. A lone yellow jacket buzzes between Ma and myself , staying close enough to drive one than the other of us crazy, buzzing about our ears…. Well, that pretty much confirms it.. It looks like it’s going to be…………..

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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