40 year Class of 78 Reunion : Cracking Open the Time Capsule

Before I get into the post I want to thank …well way too many folks for a great night and adventure for Ma and myself

Cracking open the Time Capsule

40 years since we graduated.

I have seen a few of the folks here and again through out the period but most I haven’t seen since then.

The thing is , I could still see ” Them ” The kids in each so if I refer to folks as kids don’t take offence …Fine , I don’t honestly care if anyone does as the alternative is to think of us as old…Pick your poison .

Do you remember me ?

I know I smiled more than once when someone came up to me and asked:

” Do you remember me? “

Now let us not confuse ourselves here… Yes, I know I can be a wee bit of a jerk..Seems I have a talent for it…soooo

On every occasion I answered;

” Of course I remember you. “

Which , of course , leads to fidgeting while they wait for me to add more to it… Let’s also remember that when Kim gave me a name tag , I put it on the back pocket of my jeans…Just how I roll….

I was having too much fun to take anything seriously…Until I saw people I didn’t expect.

The same exchange would apply , the big difference is they would helpfully add their names…. * chuckle* Oh I knew who they were, I was just a bit stunned to see them.

Kim’s mom was there and that was the closest I came to losing it * grins* See , the thing is; I actually think about the neighborhood folks a fair amount of the time.. In my job I have waaaay too much time to think. When I saw her mom after having just thought about being a kid and a couple of the stupid things I did ..and got the ” look” well and as we all know the look comes with commentary which always, always makes me shake my head and grin….I am sure people think I am crazy when I do that walking down a hall…Fine I AM crazy but that isn’t anything knew to us is it?

I only had a couple chances to  catch a couple that I actually talked to that didn’t know who I was….Ahhh Good times …There might have been more wriggling as they pondered before I spilled….You know who you are * chuckle*

Jean and Kim

Thanks gals..if you manage to read this week’s post..

Everything turned out great. Everyone seem to have fun …Even if a few sat to themselves.. Trust me.. I don’t judge that … I so own the “hunker and watch “.

Thanks so much for treating Ma and I so well. Ma felt part of the bunch right off and enjoyed her time there with all.

Thanks for having Tryx play. If we hadn’t have I would have missed out on a lot of fun in the whole lead to the reunion let alone being able to get on stage one more time and play for the kids that we tried to entertain through the seventies.

Chatting it up

Yeah… I suck at that..Just sayin’

Ma and I are home bodies as folk know. Going to the store is a big friggin’ deal for us.

I hear that Ma was able to chat with several people… All who had something good to say about me…*whispers* “Pssst… Thanks. Ma believed it…”

I know Ma sat knitting .. It is what Ma does when she relaxes . Those that stopped were able to see at least a couple of her projects..Pretty cool Huh?..

Ma did a better job at chatting than I did…

I didn’t get too much of a chance to talk to too many for very long and several folk I had to simply go with the smile  as we saw one another across the room

Trust me , I wasn’t being aloof ..a Goof maybe but not aloof . Ifin I saw ya but didn’t get a chance to talk.. I still , and will always see me as the “Creepy Quite Kid ” as I was tagged as not too long ago..Ahh.. Thanks , total confidence builder that. I have a rough time  going to people … Don’t want to get have someone get that panicked look as I get closer…

I also kept getting pulled into things . *LOL*

I have no idea what all the pics were about but it kept me hoppin for a bit.

Of course , by the time we had finished for the eve a lot of folk were long gone.

The folks I talked with , the bulk want to stay in touch. We all do. FB gives me a chance to see some of what goes on in all these kids’ lives. I figure , worse case , we’re covered there.

The folks I didn’t a chance to talk to at least none that I saw I wanted to do an ” El Kabong ” on so..That’s a good thing. I didn’t notice any glares , some no smiles but..ok..

The Music

Tryx , of course , played for the evening. Three sets. Some songs we tried..once.. for the first time in forty years if not ever together before so there were a few bugs there but other than my favorite:

We all started a song..as one would hope….We all seem to have remembered it in a different key… Making it something like ohh a J#7m . See the thing is;

If it starts out that crazy , you get a good laugh with everyone and a free do over.

I am pretty sure everyone could hear us , and I laugh each time I think of it.

“What key is it?”

” I have no frickin idea .”

” I thought you wanted to play it in F#”

” Right group. wrong song “

“How do You start it ? “

See I know how I start it , problem is..I am “Bending” a note. That could actually make a coupe different keys right there.

Rob came to the rescue.

” C ! It’s in C I think..”

It fit with what I was doing. I checked a lead in and sure enough. We started the song and it turned out pretty decent. Basically we learned more on the song there with the kids than at the rehearsal the night before. You saw it first .

We had a couple others with as much pre time on them So once again ..You were there as we learned it.. I imagine folks are probably nodding their heads right now

“Ahhhhh.. Now it makes sense… “

There was a song in the first set that simply throws me into a panic … I have no Friggin idea what the key for my solo part is… Oh I know the song seems to be in G but…..I can’t use that.

We didn’t try it the night before and I had left ” Test KItty ” where I couldn’t mess with it. Both after practice and again the morning before ..Gawhhhh

” Dude ! What do I have to do to Not play this song.”

” We can try it later. “

Gawhhh fine.. whatever….

Last official song of the night.. You know… The last time any sees us together . I seriously freaked… Lisa , of course, let folks know it was my favorite song * Snort*

Playing the song, I am thinking ahead as I play through the cords.

” What’s the friggin key? Last time people see me play and I am gonna tank it.”

I got to the solo and… Thank goodness.. My hands knew more than my head. I pretty much looked down at the hands and thought;

“Hmm…..B…wait..WTH?….Oh crap I am playing ! Crap pay attention ! …Huh..solo is over…Whoda thunk … Seems I have auto-pilot .”

Of course then we play one of my favs and my hands got all tangled up …

“WTH!..you guys were playin fine on the last one.”

Musta burnt out a fuse or something But brain kicked in and  I made it through it.

The guys , and gals , in the band family really worked their butts off and they sounded great . I really had a blast hanging with them these months now.

We didn’t get a chance to play together much . Most of our time was each hitting the ” Vinyl ” and working on our own then hope what we came up with matches everyone else’s ideas.

The list

37 songs. We played most of them . People wanted more Fast as the night wore on . I think we hit all but a couple of the Faster songs and a couple slow.

We had everyone on the dance floor for one song. The next I believe that there was such a hypnotic sound that they were simply mesmerized and not actually looking for over ripe fruit .

So…. We can take THAT one off the list.”

As the night wore on , we noticed the kids were dancin ” with the band” even more than with each other.. Yes.. Even I noticed. I looked up every so often ….

Did everything on the list sound perfect? No… Close enough for Rock and Roll and for the Kids. Thanks Guys.

Everyone cheered the group on. As one could imagine , it is somewhat different for a group of people you don’t know compared to the actual people that spent the years with us originally cheer , dance with and laugh with us .I know that I couldn’t have asked for more and got quite a bit more than I expected.

This whole thing from start to end has been a great adventure ending pretty awesome with several folks I remember from when we were small .

Meeting and spending time with Emma , a wonderful singer with a passion for the oldies . Can’t go wrong there. as well as Rob; our “exchange student from Estonia “‘ Pianis..t .

He and I had a blast  playing back and forth on the solos from beginning to the night itself.

We had one song that we both had solos in. At the end it was suppose to be a simple chorus out . We started soloing off each other in rapid shorts. I faced him , He , of course , faced me…but also the rest of the band. They are trying to get our attention to end… Oh yeah , we know so we just play back and forth a bit more before we released ” control” so we could end.. The we giggled like a couple kids afterwards.


“WTH! I want some Zen stuff

The Hummies

Our hummingbird population is only around a couple dozen tops on a crazy day right now. Allens , Annas , Rufus , Calliope , Broad Tail … Probably missing something.. Are here.  They are in in the mornings as Ma and I sit on the porch…Thee New and Improved Porch.

As usual , Hummie’s family rules. His kids are not simply “use” to us , they play around us as we sit .

My chair is moved out for the now close to one feeder and Ma’s is by the other .

We had a pair of the young hummingbirds fighting behind my head, screwing around. One of them broke away swinging up to and hovering in front of my face . She took off to the other feeder . Sat on the fence watching me then flew close enough to my ear I felt her wing tip. She picked a fight with her siblings then hovered by my ear only to start all over again.

Ma was sitting in the covered part of the porch when a pair went through the window opening , around Ma then back out the center opening only to swing up into the air and repeat from the other side , flying around Ma’s head .

They come in shortly after we get onto the porch in the early morn and again when we go in just before dusk . The antics are like that all of the time that they are here.

Most years Hummie and the Mrs. have more babies here. They spend the summer and move a long for the most part.

This year’s wee hummers are some of the most fun to sit with than we have had for a while though they are like that to a certain extent each year.

When we got Home Ma went out onto the porch ,with in a minutes the hummingbirds started coming in .

A few nights I was sitting working on songs for the Reunion while Ma was looking at some Knitting info when I saw the little hummers, two of them , looking in the window to the front room from the covered porch. I told Ma the kids were asking if she could come out to play. Ma went out and it was them flying all around her again.

Yeah.. It really happens that way.

Final thoughts

The weekend was a blast !

I know that the whole experience of everything everyone did to make it all happen as it did Cracked open the Time Capsule from 78 .

Being up on Zen where we are isolated , we simply don’t go out. We work at Zen Living. It is worth it but it has a price.

Not being here was strange for both of us. We both had a great time meeting up with people . I am sure we will see some of the folks again and some other ? Most likely not.

One of the many things that, again stands out with the group , was when Les told bit of History with him and the band.. This is the stuff. He is another I can remember waaaay back. The guy is great . He was a great support for us as well .

Could we do the go out and Hang with people all the time?

40 years…derrrrrr…

Maybe Ma and I could make a B&B up here…Yeah.. That would also be a big fuzzy ” No.”

I enjoy seeing them though , I would like to hope we see a few before we hit triple digits . In the mean time, I’ll check out FB as I am sure they will . Ifin we don’t get ta be friendin * chuckle* I am sure somewhere we will run into one another..

I could easily go on and on…Yes.. I know you know..Stop rolling your eyes!…No , Seriously , I can see that smirk…Gahh whatever…

Anyway..It was a great Week and just like when we were younger ; waiting for Christmas .. The time spent working up to this was all great…even if I had a few…dozen….panic attacks.

Thanks for Backing Us and Me… A lot of support and a lot of praise .. Might even believe it a little…


The sun breaks over the edge of the Eastern hills darkening shadows as the morning burst of color fades.

Ma sits on the porch as the hummingbirds begin to come in, one at a time .

Hummingbirds flocking around the feeders. Annas , and Calliope edging around one feeders while others sit at the fence next to it.

Hummie sits at his feeder next to me as I chat with him. Hummie is one of the biggest Hummers here . The others fly around his feeder then off to one of the others.

He gives in to a couple smaller hummers , watching while they eat when in comes a large Rufus . He begins to throw his weight around while Hum watches…Keeping in mind that it all happens in Hummer time … Hummie flies up , beats the crap out of the Large Rufus , sits back onto the fence to let the smaller hummers feed.

The smaller hummers take to mock fighting around the porch area when one breaks away to be chased by the other through out the area  . One skims the top of the porch while the other dives at it.

A second pair fly off together only to come flying in over the roof and into the porch . Both pairs start to fly in and out of the covered porch where Ma is sitting .

I walk into the house to grab my camera from the table. Open the door to see all of the hummers take off.  Looks like it is just

Another day on Zen Mountain





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