Short note from Zen Homestead

Just putting in a very short note today

I managed to bugger my right hand just about a half hour ago so no big story today.

We are getting ready to add a new deck to the porch starting tomorrow. I decided to get out and simply lift the stones and take down the stairs. It should have been quick and easy. The contractor that did the original work and a couple of his guys did a lot of extremely poor work.. This was one of crap jobs.

It’s a good thing we decided to have the new deck put up after what I ran into…

I managed to destroy a couple hammer drills and my right hand. The thing is swollen and won’t close so there goes playing till..??…Back to work in the morning so it’ll get aggravated more there and we play again this coming weekend. At the moment it is a complete no go… I am really getting tired of this body. The whole weekend has been pretty bad with Friday night into Saturday night the migraines got up to levels I haven’t had for months…yeh wahwah… Anyway…

I actually had this week’s story all lined up, just had to type it…maybe next Sunday.

Again , sorry so short but this is killin’ me


Let’s hope this doesn’t continue to be

just another day on Zen Mountain



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