Tryx and Treats ( for the gardens )

Saturday with the Tryx Family and a Sunday in the Gardens

The countdown to the 40th Reunion puts us at 34 days to the event .

For Ma and I a Sunday in the gardens makes for a great relaxing if very busy day to wind down from the trip. Both days were fun and both were productive.

Hangin with the band

Each time the band gets together we get a little tighter , things flow over all better and I am more relaxed playing as well. Even I have to admit that I am pulling together playing this type of music. It is nothing at all like my ” single malt ” blues style that I have been working through as a ” Zen style” music. What is nice is ; it lends well to filling out what I am working on.

The trip went well and playing together is a treat for me. It has been  , and still will be , a lot of work. Most days it is all I do between work and sleeping. I finally feel like I wont be letting myself or the guys down with the style. I’m no where near what I was but for starting over after three times as long retired as playing , it isn’t horrible.

Watching our singers ; father and daughter , work together always makes me smile. I doubt the interaction between the two could happen any other way… A pair of adults just wouldn’t be quite the same as when he smiles when she is singing or when she does the daughterly frustration face as he tells her what needs to be changed.

I really enjoy playing with the keyboard player. We can pull a little off each other as well as giving each other a chance to play parts we can’t with either a lead guitar or just keys. I wish there was more time to develop that but there ya go.

Age has caught up to all of us and as one expects we all have our aches and pains whether hands, ankles ,feet or wearing down by the end of the day and sooner we all are aware that we aint in our teens anymore.

The other guys work with other bands keeping them pretty busy while Ma and I have Zen to keep us running. Pulling Tryx together is very special for us but boy howdy is it spendy on the body.

Yackity Smackity

Test Kitty made the trip though it was more to be seen this time than anything. I didn’t play her much only because every time I switch guitars it is time away from the list. For the reunion , as it will be a longer evening , the switching will be just fine . I could just run her and not the strat but that one extra fret on the strat makes a big difference. Strings actually bend easier making it easier on these old hands.. just that little extra on the fretboard. Test Kitty however has much more sustain so it is a trade off.

The Helix ; basically a major pedal board was fun to take this time round . I had to make a lot of adjustments that I can’t do here. IN the ” studio” I am just running her and monitor speakers. With the guys I am running amps as well which change the sound completely

Home again Home again

The trip back home was one long rain storm. We crossed the storm across its width all but floating in several areas to make it home finding that we did have rain but nothing like what we had gone through.

The trip back , instruments didn’t seat quite right making the back of our seats more than a little uncomfortable. Ma and I both had sore backs by the time we got out of the truck.

Carrying three guitars , two amps , the Helix and my Go box fills the area up pretty full. The Helix bag slipped pushing everything else forward and squared the mid of the backs of the seats for us with one of the guitar cases. I am glad we had outdoor work today to stretch things out again a little.

As nice as it is to hang with the guys , pulling into the drive here at Zen is always the best feeling for us . We are home bodies . Nothing is better than walking through that front door again .

Hitting the gardens

We always have so much to do up here that the list only gets longer no matter how hard we work. Knock something off the list only to jot down three more …

We were up early as always even after the trip. Out in the gardens before the sun hit them

Ma was weeding while I was feeding.

Something smells fishy

Alaska Fish fertilizer both the 5-1-1 and the 0-10-10  got mixed into our two gallon watering can . I was running around 1/2 tablespoon of the 5-1-1 and one full per gallon with the 0-10-10 for the veggies and flowers. The trees I went with the straight 5-1-1 at 4 tablespoons per gallon.

Our soils is so crappy that it takes a lot of work to keep things from withering away.

The plants we could hit twice a week  and trees once every couple weeks. The can empties very fast so it takes a long time to feed each garden.

The evergreens we planted a couple weeks ago now are showing more than an inch per week in growth.  Although we could up the 5-1-1 to them for the now we are happy with the results. Plants are almost growing at a rate that normal gardens see if a couple weeks behind the flatlands.


Ma was snipping flower tops while I was feeding , cleaning plants as well as collecting seeds. The switch to the Fish fertilizer has greatly increased flower production on flowers .

We did several cuttings of bushes while we were at it in another attempt to add to the plants of Zen. Ma has a very good success rate so it is always exciting to see how many take.



Our East garden ( Test garden ) I put up some plastic around the fence on the North and East sides to cut wind and warm it a bit from the cooler weather up here.

Today Ma and I added an outer fence to sandwich the plastic in keeping it from whipping as bad with the constant winds up here.

The plants in the garden are already showing signs of enjoying the warmer and a bit less windy conditions . Some time this week I’ll get in to feed that garden as well as the others on the East side. It’ll be interesting to see what some treats as well as a blankie do for the garden.

The kids

We have yet to see any more fawns ( bunnies ) but we have seen our actual bunnies hopping around. The little cottontails are hanging around Zen . Fortunately they don’t cause any damage unlike friggin squirrels of all kinds do.

We have our one doe that hangs close to home. She spends the night under our window in the bedroom right between Ma’s window and mine. It seems each year we have a lone girl that decides the homestead is just fine if they aren’t raising bunnies.

Along with our doe , we have a turkey hen that frequents the place. Seems the same goes for turkeys as deer. If they aren’t raising kids , they’ll spend time with Ma and I.

We see “Limpy” the male coyote fairly often and “Mama”  as they come through in the mornings making the run. There is also ” Legs” who seems to help with babysitting and one loner female ” Red” that is new to Zen Homestead. She is coming through during the middle of the day , probably trying to avoid getting busted by the pack.

I heard coyotes in some serious pain , didn’t hear any shots so maybe a cougar or the pack catching up to ” Red”. No way to tell who got hurt or taken out until we see or don’t see everyone.

Final Thoughts

Once again short this week. With so much extra going on sitting down for much of anything is getting tight. If I am writing , I am not doing something else.

I always think about so many things during the week to post but when it comes time to sit here, I just can’t fit everything in… Thank Goodness right?

The time with the guys has been great. Playing the old songs is fun as heck too. For me it is starting over with all of them. Every once in a while muscle memory kicks in and I end up just grinning as I play something from the past…. Course, if I try to duplicate it..good luck… The hands do what they remember or they don’t and I have to learn something new. The accident and then time on top of that erased pretty much everything.

I have a hand full of songs yet to figure out what the heck I am going to do on them . I keep trying to pull something new and different from as many of the songs as I can even if it is something small…and then I grump when  I fall back on what everyone else is doing. I’d like to do more than just add more of the same if possible and when I play , I hear in my head what I want to do… I just don’t have time to work everything out . I am still relearning to learn. Much slower than I would like.

The gardens are finally kicking in up here. We had snow peas with dinner on Friday.. Yes Snow peas just now producing in June.. Welcome to Zen. Temps have been far to close to freezing at night several nights in the last couple weeks still.

Eden is really coming along now , all of the gardens are filling up and very few weeds remain. Ma has been working like crazy every day before work and on her days off. Ma’s hands are getting to be every bit as bad as mine.. Getting old is not for the old… Let the kids get old.. We are just too worn down to deal with it..

The sky’s the limit

I wake up to see the colors of the very early morn. Looking out the bedroom windows I see that night is fading.

Ma wakes with in moments of myself. In moments we are ready to get to work.

Coffee in hand we walk out to the porch to relax a bit before getting into things. Unfortunately it is light enough to see well enough for Ma to see weeds. The bed still warm from us waking , she is down in the gardens coffee cup forgotten and a rooster tail of weeds flying out from either side as she digs in to her work.

Groaning softly , I shrug , take my first sip and walk around to the shop to pull tools.

Even in the early morning’s dim light that announces the soon to rise sun , I watch the proverbial ” Cotton Candy” clouds overhead , the breeze moving them lazily to the East .

Deer are up and moving as well , being woken by Ma’s incessant weeding and following commentary of the reestablishing weed population . The does watch Ma as she tosses clumps of weeds and grasses behind her , most likely wondering why it is ok for her to tear up plants while she shakes her finger at them when they are clearly trying to be helpful .

I open the gates to Eden , hooking up the wand to start watering trees and transplants before I begin to feed them all.

Taking a moment , I add water to our pond for the birds… Completely spacing the pond for the deer.

In short order Ma is in Hummie Garden, bucket in hand to toss weeds in and a paper bag to put seeded flowers in.

I finish my pre-water  and head to the shop for the jugs of fish fertilizer….. Then I remember the water can is on the other side of the house…

Getting my act together , I begin to measure out the feed for the trees. The area smells like fish strong enough that even my destroyed sense of smell picks it up… The mint they add to lift the scent is great but it still takes the day before the fishie aint so fishie.

Every few minutes finds me refilling the can . I look at what I have done and what is left, shake my head and think…. Yup….

It’s just another day on Zen Mountain




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