I’ll have plenty of time..

Yeah, I knew I was lying to myself

Whoever created time did a lousy job !There is never enough of it. I know someplace there is a big ole bag of time layin’ about that was suppose to be delivered to me… Probably the dang UPS driver again .. Been here for nearly thirty years , only one stop sign , multiple signs… I even painted them that obnoxious green to stand out.. From the Moon! ….and yet packages get left by the road ( close to a mile away ) or at any one of the few homes up here…. When I call;

” Oh he dropped it off at your neighbor’s house.. ”

” Ummm… No! That was never an option .”

“Oh , he left it at your mailbox.”

” Ummm… I don’t have one. I have a PO box ”

” Well he can’t deliver to a PO box.”
“Thus why I had it delivered to my physical address. ”

” He couldn’t find it. ”

” That straight road throw him off did it? Maybe too many signs pointing to my house with a series of bright green posts ? Too much ? ….Ya know.. Fed Ex Never gets lost.. Maybe you could have Fed Ex train your drivers? ”

” There are weeds around your sign. ”

” Thought he couldn’t find the place.”

” I’ve been up there. ”
“Then deliver my damn package Skippy. There are no weeds around the sign…SSS… Your Boy is lazy or scared of dirt…Possibly heard banjo music…That was an actual pig, get over it. ”


Oh yeah…. Time…Well… We’ll never get back those few minutes will we?


I want my bag of time..just sayin’….

I have a ton of work to do to get ready for the gig… I finally can more or less use my hands again… I’m tellin’ ya.. Lots of water and citrus along with some dandylion root.. here and you have been spraying it all these years ..Ha ! Good one.

So , I have guitar work to do.. Finally get my hands back and I think..

” Sure.. If I just sit down on Saturday. Spend maybe four hours and then again on Sunday…”

What THE HELL was I thinking ??? Exactly??

Ya know… There is a reason why I haven’t gotten any work done on it…. We are in full Spring mode up here. Grasses..as in acres not feet.. Are growing like crazy. I have to keep it down with citiots setting off fires constantly, let alone the dang rednecks … Someone set off something this last week.. IN a matter of minutes the sky was grey and smelled like burnin plastic..accordin to Ma ..Y’all know my sense of smell is toast..If my right eye is 20/1000 then my nose must be 20/5000 ….

I get calls at work..

” We smell something burning..”

” Ok….Umm..I’ll be right there..”
” Can you smell it?”

” Seriously?”

” Oh..Right…..”

………..yet another big ole bag of time tossed out the window there……

We have new gardens .. well , new to the season… After a week of thirty plus mile an hour winds every leaf looks like I was achewin’ on it. The ground turns to friggin pottery. Who needs a kiln? Trying to water the plants is a test of wills…When the wind is blowing , ya best be within six inches unless you have to face the wind….Good luck there.

We caught a break Saturday , the winds calmed… Well, ya see, I saw that the temps were going to be in the eighties… and Sunday in the fifties… Only one way to do that………….Wind.. So , I had one day……….. I patted my guitar as I passed by..

” Sorry old girl …”

By the time we finished for the day neither of us could completely open or completely close our hands. My neck injury from the flying wallenda back flip over my amp and guitars was crushing me into the ground. Felt like brand new just out. Sooooo no playie..

Maybe Sunday

We got up early as always. Outside dinkin around and Ma asked me what I was going to do while she was working…

” Well duh.. I have to work on the songs.”

Yes, yes I did… for about 15 minutes before the sh!!tstorm hit… Technology crash and burn……Finally got things back up and lookie what … I ran out of time… I want my bag Dude…

So here I sit..in between jobs BTW to toss down some thoughts before I get back at it..Oh..and Yes.. the wind is raging again so good thing we got what we did done.

So…What’s the plan ?

Not a freakin clue…

I work super early this week so I’ll try to get some time in after I get home. Friday is Graduation which means a ton of work for the crew. Not even a wit of an idea of when I might get home.

Oooh Ooohhh.. Next weekend!…Really? Really?

I’ll do my best to get done as much as I can…

Oh I hope the judges will see how much BLAH BLAH BLAH

LOL.. Ma and I do not watch much TV..Not the least of which due to the fact that we get around an hour of down time after we are off work, which is when we eat..then it’s normally sleep in bed or in a chair… Ah , yes… I’ll take sleep for a 100 Alex …

What we do watch is ” Face Off ” when we can..One of the extraordinarily few reality shows we watch..

You always know the guy is gonna get cut when he makes the comment;

” I hope the judges can overlook the FREAKIN FLAW  and see just how much effort I put in…”

Yeah yeah.. Everyone puts in the effort and; “Yer outa here!”

See.. I bring this up because that is how I am feeling right bout now…

Hands have been toast.. No time..damn UPS….Didn’t play for 30 years let alone trying to figure stuff off I-tunes… But the thing is.. Yeah.. sux but it is what it is…

I am fully aware that I obsess over each friggin song looking for something different then I worry at it at the expense of other songs.. not an easy thing to overlook for me…So I go into jam mode.. then I overthink and those

” Oh man, I bet they listened to this song on the way here…”

Right….Folks won’t notice..well except those like me….and we will have those there.. Mostly though I could be playing a box spring for all they care…yes.. that’s just fine by me..

A) I want everyone to have fun…including Ma and myself ifin we can

B) I want the other guys in the band to have fun playin together.. Most likely our last time but who really knows.

C) I want more friggin TIME ! just..in general…

So let’s keep this short

Ok..so I am working on this week’s cooking though for the most part it’ll be fine. I’ll be home in time to cook dinner and probably no time to eat before I leave.. I don’t know about you but I am not very dang hungry at 4am.

I got some watering in this morning before the winds hit. Go team !

I had to put a new scope on my .22 pellet gun. My nice scope broke seal..

\Ma is, of course, working.

I have more chores left to do before Ma gets off work..

Final thoughts

This week will be crazy as we get ready and have graduation. It isn’t on campus this year as we under remodeling …So, we have no idea at all how it will go..Not on campus means that spectators could actually pull a Woodstock on us. Heck seating opens three hours before it starts.. The back half is all lawn chairs blankets and so on so I can see a nice tailgate party with beers and more going on before hand..Then we have to tear it all down afterwards…Awesome

Between the early shift and graduation plus the music and Lil Red being a pill… My brain is a wee bit tattered.

I have a lot of mowing left and Lil Red is just tossing a fit and shutting down.. Every time I think I fixed it……nope… I don’t have time to tear her completely down and start over So I’ll baby her , do parts as she allows until this Fall.. It isn’t hurting her and only annoying me so.. there ya go..

We are looking at adding a new deck , not a giant one but big enough for us. Hopefully we can get that in not too long from now.  Part of the extras will have to wait till Fall as well….Time Dude..Time…

I have to grind pork again.. More time….We are selectively fertilizing with organics both liquid and solids which is pretty much weekly as we work around…

Watering with the winds is all by hand and slow…Time…

Time Out…


Hummie sat at the top of his evergreen in the wind garden …Just…Waiting….He knows they come in. They always do…He will catch them this time …

Hummie calls out letting the other hummers know he is watching for them. This is his place… Stay away……..aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd here they come completely ignoring him  as they fly around him to the feeders.

Off he flies like an arrow at the closest , as another flits around his other side.

Meanwhile… The feeder by Ma is being visited by a young female. She peeks over the top to see if Hummie has seen her yet. He is too busy with the others.

Another hummer hits the feeder by me. A young male Anna . Hummie sees this guy , making a bee line to him. Off he flies . Swinging about Hum sees the little female. Straight up in the air he zips until almost out of sight. Diving full speed, Hummie breaks to fly up again making a popping sound. Chittering from over head Hummie repeats the dive over and over while the female ignores him.

Behind Hum. Another hummer hits the feeder by me. Hummie sees him, turns back to the female to hover in her face.

” I’ll be back. ”

He takes off after the male, up and over the house they go only for Hum to find another six hummers at other feeders!.


Looks to be ………..

Just another day on Zen Mountain





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