Ma, the old Man and the Blustery Day

It’s a bit breezy today

” I love when the wind blows ”

Said no one ever from Zen Mountain summit…

Four days off. The first two were a bit breezy… The wind , though only around 30 mph , wiped out most of the fruit on our trees , razed gardens and well.. annoyed the crap out of me.

” I hear that train a’comin’’s coming around the bend…” ..” Oh h3ll no! That is the wind trying to move our gardens to the flatlands , one layer of soil at a time.

Bleh, whatever…

Now, 30 mph with trees or buildings breaking it up is just ducky. When you are on a summit , the dang wind starts in the ocean and doesn’t slow until it hits the “Blues” some hour’s trip away from us. We are just ” in the way.”

Gorge to either side , we are the pimple to be erased.

Anywho…. Friday and Saturday the winds were nonstop ..Not anywhere near the worst we have seen..Simply annoying when it wipes out our new plants .

I have no idea why the winds target the Eggplants.. I mean.. it’s not like had anything to do with their total destruction …This time….Each time the winds come through as they did , they shear off eggplant..ermm plants at the ground level.. I swear, it wasn’t me.

Oh I love the wind ! It energizes me ….

Yeah, I have heard that.. I invited them up .. They came they saw they ran away in tears.

“Yeah Buddy feelin’ energized? ”

Had a friend come up once..Yes.. I have friends…Friend…. Ma counts right?…

Anyway.. He came up to pick up some things for his kids when I was tearin down the old place up here .. It was breezy… Like Friday and Saturday .. I was working out and about in a T shirt when he showed . He got out of his minivan..Ok well Almost got out when the wind slammed the door on him…oops… Then he got hit by a gust .. Jumped back into his rig , grabbed a jacket and preceded to complain about the weather ….

” I thought you liked wind? ”

He threw the toys into his rig and left … The wind and I ” High Fived” then I went about my business.

What the hell?

It was some decades ago now… When I was still new to Zen….

The wind ALWAYS blows around the fourth of July..It’s a given.

I had my little truck parked out front of the kitchen area . I was washing, oh who knows what.. road kill something for dinner probably …. I looked out the window to see my truck moving..

I ran out to see that YES my break was on and there were skid tracks in the dirt…. I turned to walk inside when the wind sucked the breath out of my lungs.. Very nice.. Welcome to Zen… Then the door slammed into my ankles for good measure….I swore.. Go figure….

Bam Bam

So.. The old place was very nice…For a dump.. I lived there it seems like forever..I still have nightmares..No , really…

The original place was a single wide with a tip out…

Winds meant a couple things …

A) Once the winds stopped and the rain started..Ya have a new water feature .. I repaired the roof after every wind storm.. Normally anything above 45 mph meant major damage. So pretty much at least once a month..Winters were the worst. More wet and the cold made it great fun to get tar to stick to anything besides the putty knife , my hands and boots.

B) Bam! Bam! The wind would shake the house hard enough to lift it off of the blocks. The roof would shake. I thank the insurance company for that. We had a horrible winter storm not long after I moved up here. The president called it a disaster and everyone was suppose to get help that needed it.. The adjuster came up. Refused to get up on the roof to look at it and said just needed tar. Only the edges were still attached. I had five companies come up to look at it. They ALL said the roof needed to be replaced as well as the ceilings … I got tar….

Crash Bang Boom!

I had a storm come through quite some time back now.  The winds, in winter, came from the South at 55 mph. I had multiple wind fences up. I had fences from six foot to 16 feet all to stop the winds. They all had spaces to let it through but slow it…. They were all set for winds from the West and North West …

I was in the house. It was getting late when I heard what I knew was a bad thing.. I had a gazebo on my deck on the East side of the house. The wind coming from the South grabbed the top. From the North and West , the winds went over it , no problem. From the East Still No problem as it simply hit the house and diverted… The South Winds however…. I ran out to grab what I saw was an edge lifting. The wind took the edge and me and threw us some fifteen feet into the yard… I had to give up came back into the house to wait out the storm.

Sleeping that night was pretty tough with all the above ….

In the morning I walked out the door to the mud room…..Well… Not… The door wouldn’t open.. What the hell?…. I went out the other side , past the destroyed gazebo , into the drive to see the damage…. Every single wind fence was sheared off at ground level. Every single post. Nothing but piles of wood tossed about. The mud room had been folded onto its self and pressed against the door….. Ahh..well that explains the door problem.. There is a room flatted over it… Ok then…

Kaboom !

Ma and I were in the new house watching the storm come through in mid winter .. The winds went over 70 mph …Worst I have seen up here. I looked out into the drive to see sheets of ply flying about like the wicked witch ! Damn!

Have you ever tried to hold onto a 4’X8′ sheet of ply in a 70+ mph wind storm? Yup..Good times.  Fortunately I had moved the rigs as the sheets came flying down into that spot like a bunch of chef knives… Awesome!

I manged to drag the sheets into the Lee of the shed when suddenly the wind blew the wood shed apart… The door faces south.. The wind got in and was freakin! It wanted back out again….Soooooo it made a way..and some spares.

Hi! My name is Zen and I am an aquaholic

” Hi Zen!”

“I haven’t touched the stuff in… Crap! I have a 32oz bottle of the hard stuff ( from our well ) in my hand right now! ”

So… I normally drink one to two gallons of water a day.. Yeah , no idea.. I just do.. The more I drink the thirstier I get…

Imagine my surprise when ” This ” happened…..

Lemons and backache

I ended up with a horrible flu in March that lasted some freakin six weeks. At the end of the flu it settled into my hands . My joints hurt so bad I had a hard time pulling covers, Working on anything that I had to grip…. It got worse…

In April , of course , the band talked about getting together… When I wasn’t working , I was playing. The joints , muscles and tendons got worse and worse. Then it started heading into my other joints from my feet to my neck. Every day got worse.

When Ma got hurt , I tried to help her, lifting her from bed first thing. I blew my own back .. It simply wouldn’t heal .

Between my eye , my never ending head aches and now the joints etc .. I was getting to the end of things…

Something tickled my brain, more than once as I am a total space case before it settled in..

Uric acid … Yes ; Gout , kidney stones…and so on…

The chemicals I work with play hell on my system but.. I drink a lot of water, it should be all good.. Wait! since I got sick I can’t stand city water… tastes like sh**te !… I realized I had only been drinking around a half gallon a day since.

Let’s put it to the test.. What’s the worst thing that could happen?. We grabbed an extra jug to hold a gallon of Zen water… I made sure I drank a half gallon before I left for work.. At work I would drink the gallon then come home and drink another 32-64 oz…You know.. The old norm….

I added lemon juice to my water I drank before I left… It was mentioned when I dug deep enough into the acid and what it can do….

Doctors tell ya..” Drink water to prevent kidney stones. ” Actually what that means is

” Drink water to prevent Uric Acid. ” Drinking more water , adding citrus juice or apple cider vinegar to your daily will help with lower back pain, arthritis , kidneys , and the stones , and the list goes on…..

No idea  what all will heal and until August or more likely September I won’t be able to cut back enough on things to let my hands heal.. After the fall I had a few weeks back having my hands partially numb as well as legs doesn’t help things much but there ya go. I went in , had some stuff fixed but still fighting that too… Oh well…

How much water is enough ? Maybe it is relative. I have no idea . After day one I saw results. Slow but sure.. I of course, then did too much and buggered things up again…Go figure… Things to do…. The thing is… Water, lemon ..Give it a try if you are having problems… What’s the worst that can happen?

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I worked outside until Ma got off work then we Both worked outside.. When we were wiped out and came in to get cleaned up I talked Ma into driving us to town for some more plants….. Then we came home to get cleaned up…Then work in the house…

I hear Ma still working as I work on this really quick.

Final Thoughts

We have plants to plant in the morning. All of the week’s cooking is close to done. The planting will hopefully go well… It is for a wind break….

We have been working on both the liquid and mineral fertilizers again today.

I had smoked butt for pull pork. Made up the sauce early this morn. Smoked up chicken . Broke it down this morning.  Fried up some rice and Ma is working on the veggies and sauce of it as I write.

The weekend has flown by yet again. Friday I could do almost nothing as my everything hurt after the doc’s appointment then a long day at work where I managed to bugger up the work she did.

Saturday was mostly just trying to keep alive new plants in the winds.

Zen’s quest for fire

The ongoing battle with my hands has put me so far behind working on songs that I would be freaking if it wasn’t starting to feel a little better. Will I catch up? No idea. We finalized the list at 37 songs.. I may have to cut a couple if I can’t catch up.. Oh well.. Not giving up yet.

Hoping to get together mid June . Time is winding down… Heck I haven’t even been able to change out guitar strings.

The fire is low but , I am hoping I’ll be rekindled this week…


Funny how close that comes to Xeno…. The more we are up here the harder it is to come off the mountain .

It would be really easy for both of us to just stay home , hit the stores only when needed and head back up here before most people are out of bed.


The winds finally slowing , Ma and I walk out to the porch . The sun low in the sky yet , we watch as our deer make their way up the slopes towards the homestead.

Hummie flies in as soon as he hears the screen door close to say good morning . Hummie on his feeder , Ma and myself sipping coffee.

A cry from the North grove stops Ma and myself in our thoughts ..The sound of a bear cub and it’s Mother some fifty yards from the porch.

I grabbed the camera and wait. Ma talking to me , I know already that the bears most likely heard us too. NO signs of them coming out of the trees.

We look back to the deer as they crest the berm to the East of the house. One then another look to the South. They begin to get antsy .One doe begins to stare back as she moves to the North. IN a rush all of the deer bound off.

Ma and I look to the South as well.

” I’ll bet it is one of the coyote kids. ” I say.

” I see it now.” Ma replies.

Sure enough here comes in our older male with his limp. Taking pictures of him I notice a second. This isn’t his mate. They have brought in a new kid to the pack while Ma coyote is denning with the new kids….. The two make their way to the pit for Sunday breakfast.


I smile , watching one of the CawCaw kids fly over.. Things are shaping up to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain




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