What’s Tryx ?

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the show..

The guys , and gal.. got together again this weekend….Here’s a little update on the count down to the show ahead of us… and , of course, All Zen , all the time.


Seriously! What the H3LL ?!?!

We were having to keep the place in the 50s with evening fires in the wood stove just days ago…

Temps hitting into the 60s..and today 80s… This is not the normal Zen May weather though we have been close up until , as I say , days ago.

Wednesday I was getting ready to head to work , Ma and I were chatting as I walked out the entry door when I heard a rattling next to my foot. With my eyes being buggered now , I couldn’t , and never did , see the snake though I knew I was next to him. Ma looked out the door as I told her there was a rattlesnake at the entry. She described the snake as close to the diameter of my wrist. It had been curled up about a foot from , well , my foot at the same level. Ma couldn’t see the length as it headed under the steps and entry area.


I have had way to many close calls with rattlesnakes during my life that I was totally freaked..ok , fine, still am.

Walking sticks at the entry to tap the stair making sure if it comes back there it’ll have warning before I am standing next to it again. I also loaded a shotgun up. Normally we don’t see any snakes until August and then not next to the house. This could be a bit of a tense Summer if this is how Spring is going to go…

Aches and Pains ..

I  have talked about my hands hurting so bad now since ? March ? I have been wearing bands to be able to even work .Arthritis gloves to drive and limiting by guitar playing to absolutely only what I HAVE to do so that I can continue playing at all…..

Ma’s back is finally calming down. She has been able to play a bit outside as well as not needing the canes to get out of bed finally. Now it is a matter of keeping her from overdoing it….

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the show..

Friday I took off so that we could buy plants, start putting them in and then I would head up to play in the band Friday Eve and Saturday .

We spent a fair amount of time at Ma’s Candy Store ; the local nursery . The truck filled with plants , we came home. Getting the truck unloaded went well and fairly quick. I had put a tarp down behind the seat to put many plants in the cab so that they wouldn’t get wind whipped. Deciding to leave the tarp as it was, basically , why bother….

We put in as many plants in as Ma’s back and my hands could stand. I didn’t want my hands so swollen again that , once again , I couldn’t even hold a pick.

Pack it up

The next thing was to fill the truck back up again . This time with equipment. I don’t want to haul any of it in an open bed so everything had to go behind the seat.

Two amps. Two guitars . An effects case. A pair of guitar stands and what clothes , meds and liquids I would need.

Everything fits… Just….

The truck loaded , I started putting together the actual travel stuff. My truck is old enough that the GPS isn’t built in.

CRAP! again

Where’s the cord?

Wheres that mount?

I had them both in the truck but where were they ?

……………………….Oh Come ON!………..

There was only one place they could be………………. Under the friggin tarp!


I pulled one amp and the two guitars from the driver’s side. Well… There’s the mount..

Seriously ?

The cord must be on the other side, under the rest of the gear.


I stepped back to close the door………….and tripped backwards over the two guitars and amp. I landed on my neck and head with the equipment under my back cracking my skull on the rock drive.

My head throbbing , I got up lifting the guitars off the amp to check it. It seem ok……. The guitars preceded to fall over the other direction onto the drive again ! Seriously?

Fortunately , one was in a hardshell case . The other was in a gig bag…Lucky for me it is a nice padded gig bag. Neither neck were broken . I would have to check the amp when I got to where we would play. At least it was the solid state amp and not the tube amp.

There it is…

I unloaded the other side and under everything was the cord…

I set up the GPS then repacked the truck. It never goes in as well the second time .

I didn’t really have time to think about anything , heading in to get cleaned up before I had to head out.

Road Trip

All cleaned up , I jumped in the truck and off to play. The trip took me about three hours last time. This time around it was about two and a half..Nice!

I wore the gloves to drive so that my hands wouldn’t seize up . I pulled the gloves at the other end to fill up the tank… Good thing , I managed to get gas all over my hands..total klutz .

There we are

Funnily enough, I barely got there , met up with one of the guys when he got a call from one of the others that he was just down the road. We met up with him only to find out that the other two were at the place. We came from three different directions some at better than a five hour drive and we all made it there with in about fifteen minutes of each other.

You should write a book

I hear that a lot.. One of the guys told me I should write a book about all of the weird stuff that happens around me as I told him about all the dumbars stuff since I had last seen him. From the hand pains themselves to getting them smashed the three times by the swing, ripping the nail free , and gluing it back , the snake and the fall , plus more…

I do seem to have pretty silly crap happen around me.

The Band Man !

We got everything set up. Everyone comfortable and started playing. Things went smoothly and much better than the last time. We were clicking very well.

Playing until we were wiped , we finally shut down for the night.

Nahhhhhh.. really really?

I lay there in the dark. I can’t sleep for crap away from Ma and Zen mountain ..Go figure.

I stretched my hands as I lay there…….They weren’t throbbing……Oh .. There we go… The pain slowly receded again… That’s weird.

Ooooooohhh Tingly …..

When I got up in the morning , I walked about a bit. Late to bed , first to rise . I walked outside and called Ma. We talked for a while then I figured I’d better get back in again. I had already been locked out once.

Sitting at the breakfast table I noticed my right elbow tingling and forearm and hand were cold… I also noticed that neither hand hurt.

I have been worrying about arthritis all of this time as both hands started hurting at the same time, though it was a sudden event which also made me think of tendinitis and yet , both left and right made no sense.

It seems that my fall un-crimped something. My neck hurts like hell feeling swollen . My head always hurts so hard to tell about that part as it is not swollen. My back is killing me too from the weekend…I think something must have happened back in March that I don’t remember.  Oh I still have the whole trigger finger thing but that will take some more time to go all the way down after all it has been through.

We played Saturday and my hands still didn’t hurt. Another great day. We packed up and headed out.

Getting home I told Ma all about the trip , our playing and so on..and that my hands were Suddenly better.

A few more weeks

The Band will be back together again in a few more weeks. Once again we have around a dozen more songs to figure out independently … Once we decide what songs they are…..

Most of the work lies in our own hands individually. We then get together and play . A few could be better but overall things slip into place well. Even if we have to make changes on the fly to make it fit.

Looking at what they now call ” Classic Rock” we have to find what I can play lead to , our drummer be able to handle as well as our singer not explode trying to hit the high notes. Thank goodness for his daughter taking on several of the songs.

The next session we should have our keyboard player with us. Who knows about our second drummer.. We can’t seem to get hold of him for a couple weeks now………

The weekend went better than any of us could have ever expected. We aren’t back to our 70s’ days but we are making a decent showing of things. I know my confidence level jacked up a long ways …. I also know it did for the others too… We hit the ” fun zone” early on. Since I hit my “Jam mode ” everything has changed for me .

I have already started thinking about after we have finished with our run. Nothing lasts forever. I know it is making changes in how I look at things as well as how I play…dramatically … When I do go back to ” The Studio ” I am looking at a different route for myself and where I’d like to go with Zen’s music…

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Getting up this morning was taxing unto itself … I was so sore from the weekend but MA had to work early so no sleeping in.

Once Ma got to work I started in outside. Mowing weed eating and more mowing with the micro tractor . Planting , now that my hands work again . Staking trees . Watering and other fun outside stuff……

I have yet to start soup or this week’s morning quick fixes ….. I am sure glad I wont have to leave early. I know I am going to be sore yet again with so much left to do before we hit the bed tonight.  Then we will have to start again before we go to work…etc….

Final Thoughts

This weekend though longer than normal has flown by . Some five plus hours of travel . Playing two days which is a rush and so tiring I can’t quite figure out how we did it most every day when we were young.

Confidence levels rising , fun factor increasing  , memories shared over and again , the group is coming back to what it should be .

We are all taking time out from our normal lives to put this all together again… To make that time capsule for the folks we grew up with .

It is a ton of work but it is becoming less of a chore now with my hands back to normal suddenly as well as all of us getting comfortable being together again .


I hate rattlesnakes …. A Bunch ! I’ll go through some of my snake stories again later on. Tonight I believe I have rambled on just about enough..

Zen again Zen again ……

Tapping on the porch steps , I carefully look around my feet as I walk the stairs to the patio . Coffee sitting by my chair , I open the gate to the “test garden” Another asparagus is ready to be picked putting us at another meal in the fridge. Three new spears popped up overnight . They are from this year’s planting making them little bitty things but they are growing and that’s what matters.

Coyote kids to the north start singing in the new day, Wishing Ma ” Happy Mothers’ Day ” .Lizards are everywhere already this morning . They run and leap about as the terrestrial versions of the hummingbirds.

The Hummers are about with new kids coming in every day. Hummie is making himself crazy trying to shoo the all off.

I sit in one of the patio chairs while I talk to Ma. I hear a sort of rattly sound next to my shoulder and feel something crawl onto my arm . Leaping up with a bellow , I jerk around to see one of the lizards looking up at me…

” What? ”

“GAWHH!” ” About wet myself!”

” hehehehehehe”

I sat back down and he crawled over to sit on the chair next to my shoulder again.

” Weirdo!”

” Takes one to know one .”

It looks like it’s turning out to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain







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