Yard, Lawn, Field?

Yard , Lawn , Field .. Let’s not forget Meadow , Pasture or Park for all of that.

What makes the distinction on Zen?

What I use to mow it generally…..

“lil Red” and I spent morning to early afternoon dragging a PTO mower behind us while I watched rain clouds pass over the gorge.. or watched Mount Hood… Or Mount Adams..  or the Fells of Zen ..Dang, there’s the gorge again.

While Red and I made lazy Eights over Fell and Field , CawCaw kids came to visit us as did Ma’s kids; does and last year’s “Evil Twins”. The array of feathered freaks that had to get a closer look as we putted hour after hour was fun in itself .  Birds would fly in over the areas we pulled the mower chugging along , lopping Meadow Grasses and sending brunch up to them.

Warm spell for Zen

We are just now hitting the 70Fs up here during the day. I had told Ma; my better half , that I knew the last load of wood would take us till AC time… It is fair close. Our Nature’s AC hit today as we finished up some “yard work”/ Ma had some Thyme to plant in the walkways of ” Little Eden” No sooner had I picked up the last two pots then the breezes hit hard.  Rain and storm clouds have been boiling around us all day , I imagine the breezes will give them that gentle shove off to the Blues.

Soooo Whatcha mowin wit….

” Lil Red and I took out around three or so acres today, slow and steady as we were both down last season making cutting a bit more of a chore for us both. I don’t want to leave too much of a mess behind or the winds can’t clear it all. Taking our time means the grasses are cut cleaner and any brush along with it will be removed instead of sitting , killing off the grasses.

Shortly after, We headed up to the West ” field” That one is a PIA to mow since we put in the new place. Banks being the arses they are thought it would be grand to hold onto things from late winter until well, the following early winter . The fall was an extremely wet one as was early winter meaning all heavy equipment tore up my meadows. Now cleaning it up takes several pieces of equipment and days instead of an hour… Sweet..It didn’t matter that I was good to go, my personal finances etc were awesome.. The bank just didn’t feel like working on the loan..for months… Now I have this to deal with.. Never mind the whole living in the garage in winter bit.

round and round she goes…

“Lil Red” and I had our work cut out for us in the West Field. Much Smaller than where we had come from , this was more of a dodge ball thang. Year’s of work and I still have unseen rock that is just high enough , ruts that are just deep enough etc…. We had to back up constantly.. which she also doesn’t care for engaging and disengaging the PTO… The lower section cleared ,we headed to the upper section. This is really where the bitty tractor works better , but hey, we were there.

Soon Red and I were going in tight circles. Red started getting sick up…

” Da.. I’m getting car sick!”

We had to give up at the end as she was started to cough and gag…. I’ll have to head back in with Bitty for the clean up..


The lower section cleaned up about a third of the way.. The West section Mostly cleaned.. I figure I’ll hit the North on another day as well as the Big East…

I figured as Ma wanted to do some work in ” Little Eden” I’d better get back in and clean up the mess from the weed eater.

The walk behind started right up now that it was more ” Lawny” and less ” Pasturey ” It took no time to get the week’s growth cut down.

I grabbed my hand held weed eater to clean up the edges, the hill side and around the outer sections of the fence between where Lil Red was and the walk behind…..

Dang Just like the big city!… well if they had Meadow Grass for lawns I suppose.

Ready for Ma

The cutting taken care of along with a few more outdoor chores got me back into the house just in time for Ma to be getting dressed to go out into the gardens… Riiight…

I tossed my overhauls back on and out we went…..

The reign of the rain of Poo

Saturday we , of course, had work to do outside….

Ma was working in the gardens. Her first day since she got injured was Friday….while I was at work and couldn’t tell her no… Right?

Saturday she was back out there again . The work seems to be helping ….so long as I duct tape her up and drag her back in before she gets too carried away.


Well……….. One of the things I hadn’t gotten done yet was move manure into ” Little Eden”

The only way is over the 8′ fence…. Lil Red does not like manure or any other manure-like jobs. She showed me a new trick of hers … I was NOT amused……..

I had grabbed a shovel and Red , headed to the manure pile , filled her then headed around The West Field down around into the lower field to come up from the South Side of Eden.  The newly moved raised bed frame ( that trashed Ma ) would be where I would unload..Over the 8+’ fence … Between the two higher posts with only a couple inches to spare between….

We made our way around to the dump spot. I raised the bucket..Keeping in mind there was enough of a breeze that Red and I already had a mouth full of manure…

Slowly lifted her bucket up… We are also on the downhill side making it a longer reach as well. I got her bucket up just over the fence squeezing between the posts when her bucket flipped back towards me.. Let the Reign of the rain of Poo begin… Oh but wait.. it gets better…. The bucket now was free from the hydraulics .. WHAT!?!?!

Oh Come on !

I slowly backed up lowered the bucket as much as I could with her able to flip back and forward freely sprinkling poo, like candy sprinkles on the top of a cupcake, all over myself and Red …seems it bothered me more….pretty sure I heard her giggling…

Back up and around to the North Forty where the manure pile is. I lowered the bucket..It engaged like nothing had ever happened…. I may have swore..again.. at that point…

Seriously ?

Reloading the bucket , we made our way back down to the fence… I slowly raised the bucket. Got the load over the fence and the bucket freely peppered Ma and myself on either side of the fence.. GAWWHH!!!!!!! ( err something to that effect )

I backed up. Slowly lower the bucket to see it engage again….

Third time’s a charm

HA! I saw what she was doing that time ! I changed my bucket angle and Up and Over .


Rinse and repeat

Another round got us enough poo to fill the bed almost as well as we were coated.

From there we had enough poo for both raised bed and the center bed.

Strike three! Zen’s quest for fire

Earlier in the week we had been planting and I managed to mangle my hand to the point that when I tried to hold a guitar pick it would simply fall out from between my fingers..Perfect…

Finally Thursday I was able to play again for about an hour before I had to head off to work.

Friday I had some time. I had a “new” part to work on. I have been working with three guitars to be able to do what I want to do… Well… I tried all three and it felt like the Bear’s beds all over again.

One was too soft….I kept pulling myself out of tune simply due to the frets being so high.

One was too hard… Frets too low.. But I WANT to use that one!

One was just right… Really ? I honestly only wanted to carry the two guitars with me. Bad enough bringing another “new” guitar to see the guys.. but Two?!? Again?..

Nah I’ll make the two hard work.. It was my old main guitar……Dumbarse!

The part ended up causing me to rip my finger and nail from each other!  Too much pressure too low on my finger pad….I super glued them back together but Ouch!

Saturday I managed to re-swell my right hand again… It didn’t help that Ma’s swing , in Innie , managed to smash my hand not once but three separate times while I was moving it to get to the screen door.


After our poo bath , Ma and I wanted to move some of the manure to the middle bed . Ma had started before I could get around from putting Red back to bed. We got a few loads done before Ma was done done. I wanted to finish the bed so that I could till it today ( Sunday) ..

Moving the manure from the bed I got a horrible shock in my palm. The pain was bad enough I stumbled back ending on my rear.. No idea how I got there. It was bad enough I thought for sure I had ripped tendons free.

I tore off my glove to see if  there was any lumps in my palm.. Nope.. I started checking fingers and they all seem to do fingery things…Then the swelling started….

Sooooooo long story..whatever.. I can never make anything short…word wise anyway…

Not sure when I’ll be able to play again.. Heading up on Friday eve to play..soo um… Friday?

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Most has been covered.

Saturday we hit the town ( Gotham ) to get some foods… Seriously ..I don’t know what city people do when they buy salad stuff but even the stock dude started freaking at our lettuce purchase… What? We eat salad with dinner every night. We only shop maybe every other or every third week.. So we had a cart of salad stuff.. A cart of beers and no one would have looked twice… Which I didn’t even think of until we got home.. Oh well.

Anywhichwaybutloose…. We picked up a pork butt… It was on sale, go figure May 5 ..

I made up some serious Flintstone steaks And a couple nice sets of Pull Pork…

I generally use aluminum Bread pans , put in foil enough to eventually cover…Use all of my trimmings.. the Fat cooks down, melts away… Then I season each piece. Don’t forget some brown sugar … To finish off the two batches I added a drizzle of our own home made Zen cider..because…DUH!

I smoked that for four hours.. Two hours with Hickory , tow hours with Cherry.. We brought it in , covered and cooked in the oven over night at 170f.

..Yeah , I know..Sunday.. getting there.. What the cracker.. You made it this far…

This morning I pulled the pork..Go figure…

I pulled out the pressure cooker , cooked up some black beans..Drained..

Cooked up white and red beans.. added tomatoes onions, all of the herbs we grown , including the Zen Pepper mix..derrrrr… Cooked it all down with a few fist fulls of the pork for soup for the week . There is enough pork for us for a few meals.. No, don’t ask..If you want some, belly up to the bar..Bring some Killian’s Red with ya.

Final Thoughts

Well….. My hands just suck… My fault, I have been torturing them night and day since the middle of March. I just hope I don’t do permanent damage before the end of July.

I had put up some eve vids of my own music on You Tube for some folks trying to get use to ” being seen” again after decades ..then into just the studio… I was asked to put the music into MP3 format .. So looks like I have a Fall project coming once the guys and I have had our fun.

We are heading to Ma’s candy store on Friday Morning..The local Nursery , for plants…I am assuming hundreds of them ….Because I know Ma… We will be working on those for the next several weeks…Which is why I wanted to get the final bed ready.

We have our second meal of Zen grown Asparagus ripening now.. Hopefully we will have enough by Thursday eve.. Should …

and Zen the Storm….

A reddish glow  darkens as the dawn comes closer . Deer in the yard look up as Ma and I open the door to the porch. They lurch , heading through the fence until I start talking to them.

Ma sips her coffee as I talk to the deer some twenty yards away. First one then another turn back to the yard, slipping under the fence and back to the mineral block.

The Evil twins bounce around from side to side of the fence watching me. Slowly the deer resettle and I sit in my chair.

Hummie flies around the corner to find us on the porch , takes his usual seat on the garden fence to tell us about what all he has done while we were lazily getting coffee.

Storm clouds form to the East and West as we sit. The sun’s glow brightens the East hills as reds wash the clouds.

I grab my camera as the kids make their way out to feed , taking pictures of the plants and flowers. I try to catch some sun before the clouds darken the morning.

Rain fills the sky as I make my way back to the porch again. The smell of fresh washed mountain top explodes within moments of the downpour.

Thunder rumbles as the storm comes ever closer. Lightning cracks the sky open. The breeze begins to pick up speed.

Another round passes by before we are relatively clear again… The sun has barely cleared the hills… It looks like it’s going to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain..


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