When you have one of ” Those” weeks

One of those weeks

The Kind that actually start before this week as well as actually not ending yet..oh no.

I talked last Sunday about Ma; my better half, getting injured. She ended up at the doc’s. Fortunately my Sister could run her down. I was at work but , Sis was also on the hook for me in case I had to go home and couldn’t see to drive.

Ma has , at the least a ruptured disc.. We had hoped it was only a badly pulled muscle though it was and still is bad. Thursday , Ma’s pain went from the right side to the left….Disc.. CRAP!

My Sister got her in , the doc told her three weeks , if it is still bad in six then they will have to start getting serious with the tests… He didn’t give Ma any good drugs to knock out pain so she is going the same way as me with Extra Strength Excedrin … We have to buy that in the 55 gal barrel now.

I ran down Saturday to pick up the meds to knock down the inflammation for her as well as picking up a better brace and extra canes. Mine is meh…

If you’ve put out your back you know how much fun that is to stand sit ,lay down let alone getting up to go to the bathroom. Trying to get going in the morning is always tons of fun after a night of the back setting up.

Ma is not happy that she can’t play in her gardens and it is finally getting sunny and warmish.. relatively speaking .. It is still in the 30s in the mornings of course but 50s in the afternoons.

The thought of weeks to go…… Guess it’s Ma’s turn this year.

Stupid eye

Yeah , no idea. Monday my right eye seem to blow up. It even had more than a swelling. the raised area actually had an edge around it. What little sight I have in it was wiped out and the pressure went into the left eye as well. Back on the meds the doc just took me off a few weeks ago..

Friday morning I had an emergency appointment to find out what the heck.. Still no idea. Just my luck I guess. It made for a great week for both Ma and I. Sadly it isn’t over for either of us.

This coming week I have an appointment with the Saif doctor basically he will just say what they want to hear. It doesn’t matter what is going on with me , what has been going on since the accident. If it were a real appointment would they actually wait until the Friday before the Tuesday hearing? Seriously? I can’t take any of it seriously. They are just doing it to piss me off , making me lose a day of work my sister having to drive me to the big city  spend the day in traffic all for absolutely no reason..

Really just to keep in touch

I don’t have much more to write this week. It has been rough , it is going to be rough and it is tough to write and for Ma to check for me.

Soo this is just a quick little note.

Running low on kindling

Still working on the music to hang with the guys. With what we have gone through this week, I haven’t even made it through the list once let alone learn anything new.

But wait..it gets better. The guitar I had planned on using , the wiring is going nuts on.. It keep shorting out. I have looked through it, everything is solid as far as I can see. I have cleaned all the contacts and yet it keeps shorting out every time I think I have it figured out.

Phht don’t even have time to hit the list hard let alone work on a guitar.. Fortunately I have a couple spares.

I still have a couple weeks to try to get caught up , however, working around the place, both Ma and I messed up and not one but two Saif days in the metro area to make things even more interesting……..

I just hope I can at least get enough done to be able to hang …

Final Thoughts

A year ago I wiped out my back getting the early spring work done. I had barely gotten through that when I got the chemical in my eye , and it seems shingles … Then the fires came in and last all summer long as well as the tractor breaking down along with me…

This Spring Ma is down from the early Spring work. My eye still giving me extra trouble on top of the normal crap not to mention SAIF just being asshats .

We just need to get through the next few weeks in as good a shape as possible.

I need to figure out a bunch of music before I head to see the guys in a couple weeks and hopefully have a guitar that wont fight me.

I did some more work on our road, trying to keep ahead of the only neighbor and his apparent insistence to fight me with the road… I am not sure what my incentive is suppose to be when I do all of the work , put all the money into it and I am just repairing what he does literally right behind me . Why would someone want to piss off the guy that maintains the road for nothing ? He’ll have to work at it this time.. but I imagine he’ll do his best..worst… Just out of the blue this year since Turkey day. Every fix I do he goes out of his way to mess it up.

I am not all together sure how folk run around doing things. We are only getting maybe five hours sleep, and that light.  We constantly are on the run, the place is falling behind again this Spring and just ” sit down” time is rare.

I am just glad we have Zen. I can’t imagine dealing with this in a city environment.


The breeze was light and the clouds were thin as We hobbled out to the porch.

The mornings getting lighter sooner means less time we have to wait to watch the sun rise.

Both Ma and I stood at the edge of the porch as the colors of morning started to fill the clouds on the horizon. Tans ,reds ,oranges  tinged the wisps of clouds as the sun got closer to warming the hills.

The deer are losing their winter coats now , looking scruffy as they come out of the woods to the north of us. The does see Ma as they begin to make their way towards us. Standing still for a moment until they see it is , in fact, Ma. The small herd opens up as they start to move again.

Hummie hears us , buzzing in to share some moments before he has to head out to find some new interloper to harass .He chitters away at us as he goes over what he has seen so far this morning. Ma talks to him as he gets excited about his plans for the day.

The does are at the fence line as Ma and Hummie chat away. They look up to the porch watching me as I watch them. They begin to slip between the fence lines or leap over to get to the mineral block in the yard. One of the girls watches us while the rest fight over who all can get the the block. Losing interest in me  the doe pushes and slaps her way in between the others .

The sun is climbing into the lower clouds to the East having only peeked at Zen before slipping back into the covers…Just five more minutes…

I watch the kids , Ma and Hummie as I sip at a cup of coffee… With all that we with. The homestead is grounding. It looks to be

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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