Canon Fodder on Zen Mountain

Loading up the Canon

Ma ; my better half , picked me up a Canon  EOS 80D this last year while we were doing the running back and forth to the eye clinic in Metropolis . I use it all the time..gawwhh , ask anyone. I flood , well everywhere with pics and videos from it. The thing is , I don’t do so well with print these days so I have been putting off looking at the manual … Auto is my friend.

Today , I took some time to start messing with it . I started learning a few things and , of course, the strain has me walking into crap like ole Mr. Magoo . Oh well , looks like the settings stay so it’s a start. I only have some 50k pages to go.

Ratta tat

My old camera would do the whole multi shot thing as well. The problem was that it was so slow that by the time I got off the seventh pic the snow I was trying to capture had melted and a flower had bloomed in its place.

The cannon , for the most part , fires off the seven shots catching birds in flight for a few frames between perches on the ” Fly-N-Go”.


Now I am right there with ya.. I can do a lot better. I was just seeing what the settings would do.. Same bird as it turns to land.

Lots of fun options

I have barely face on the screen…errr.. I mean the surface of the settings.

The camera has a nice heft to it and will do a lot more than I can far. It also has a lot of built in artsy filters most of which would be cool for something.. I just haven’t thought of a use.

I have taken a few night pics in the past

harvest moon on Zen
harvest moon on Zen

but I do see it actually has some night settings, I’ll get around to it.

I always like taking sunrise pics.. Start of a new day thang. If yesterday sucked , maybe today will start a new turn… It’s bound to work one of these times.


It has setting specifically for the rise and set color bloom as well so I’ll have to try to remember that as I race out to catch something…Haven’t yet , but I will.. Even auto does a nice job.



It has settings to catch kids , tame..if there were such a thing , and wild.. Once again , I’ll have to give it a go. I can’t complain too much on auto focus and such.

Black and whites are fun from time to time as well.. I stumbled on to that so I know I can have more fun with it as I go.



So all in all , I think it’ll be a fun trip playing more with the settings as Spring gets closer and I am not afraid to take it out into the weather.

All’s I can say is ” Thanks Ma! ” It is one of my favorite toys ! The best part is, Like “The Mama Guitar ” I get to annoy my friends and family with them as I put up photos and music videos. Hey at least it isn’t a drum set …

Short but sweet

From here I am going to run rather quickly to the end I say , My eye is freakin Killin me.

March : In like a ..??.. Penguin ?

It wasn’t all that bad. We got the snow I said would come in no twenty inches anywhere from our level on down.. MAYBE if you used a shovel and made a pile. Most of the folks that were freaking out ended up with rain…as I said…….again.

We are even seeing the last of our snow up here. Patches here and there but not everywhere.

This week has been pretty tame which leads us to believe that the winds will be a comin..Out like a lion I imagine..We will see as it gets closer.

The weather did a nice turn around during the week with it looking like it is going to give us some 50s during the day and even stay above freezing… I’ll believe it when I see it but it looks nice on paper.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well.. we covered the whole read till I’m blind thang.. Yes I can type but I can’t see typos .. That is where Ma comes in . I imagine by now it is looking something akin to petroglyphs..Actually.. That might be easier to follow.

I just heard the timer go off meaning that Soup is up. As we don’t eat beef I made up pork and barley soup…I am pretty sure that was Oregano and not Zen pepper mix that I tossed a handful in… Yeah ok fine.. I tossed a handful of everything green so pretty good chance  that one of them was Oregano ….eerrrrrr and one being Zen Pepper mix…

Final Thoughts

Well, I have the camera set up , more or less with a bunch of different settings for me to swear over when they don’t do what I was hoping for.. Hopefully it wont be Bigfoot coming through when it does some artsy watercolor crap or something.

I sat down for a bit with one of my Bass Guitars to rework one of the parts on Donnybrook but as the dang flu I had settled into my joints I can only mess around for a little bit for the now. No biggie. Pretty sure no one is freaking out because it is still in test stage.

Our kids are coming in almost constantly again and there are a few that are showin they are preggers


The girls will fill out a lot more before it is time to drop. We normally get a few twins as well as most seasons getting a set of triplets . We will once again , have to wait and see.

and Zen again

Clouds dark in the morning sky over head and to the East held dawn off as long as it could. Birds started making their way to the ” Fly – N – Go ” in the relative dark.  Black shapes gliding in scared the small finches into the porch area where I stood. It was beginning to feel like a scene from ” The Birds“.

The dark shapes landed on the fence posts only to see that it was our pair of crows. With a cackle , the two enjoyed the spook they had put into the song birds, sweeping in to see what was on the ground at the base of the feeders.


The clouds breaking away at the Eastern hills , lifting as the sun’s warmth burned away at the lower layers let the dawn push over the ledge.

In moments , the sun was high enough to set Zen a blaze in white crystals . The snow had crusted during the wee hours before the dawn. With the sunlight came the songs from all of our birds around the homestead.. Including our crows.. Maybe not as pretty as a finch but then I have heard my singing so I am not about to chide those two.

I stood out on the porch watching as our kids broke over the berm , making their way into the North grove. They kept looking back as they crossed the grasses , telling me that something else was to the south.

Camera in hand , I walked down the property to get a shot or two of the gorge before getting ready for the day.

My eye focused to the South edge before our saddle to see Coyote Girl looking up at me. We stood and stared at each other for a bit before it sunk in. She trotted off to the East as I  remembered there was a camera in my hand.. I got a great pic of the gorge.

The slow yet brisk breeze blowing at my back sending the light drifting snow around my legs.  Looking up to the house I saw that Ma had come out. All my girls were close not a bad way to start…..

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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