The little storm that could..maybe..

The lingering storm

We are still enjoying the Valentine’s winter storm.  I am definitely not complaining. Snows have been off and on but nothing horrible. We are on the other side of winter so it may look crazy at first glance though it is mostly just for looking at.

Tuesday this second run hit us bringing in around 7″ of snow to Zen’s mountain top. Seven inches is mostly just for looking at once you get over the hump. The same storm would have me a bit twitchy in November with me figuring we were just seeing the beginnings.

Metropolis  came completely unglued over the storm. The TV stations blew it completely out of proportions as did the radio stations freaking drivers out badly. Schools closing down while the Hallmark snows came through.

The trip home was a wee bit twitchy. I had taken half the weight out of the back of the truck so light rear broke free coming up the mountain multiple times. I finally bit the bullet and put it in 4×4 then preceded to ignore the weather.

Slicker than snot

Wednesday morn the freeway and back roads were slick as snot not to mention folks having had mostly switched out their winter running gear.

Thursday had us mostly back to normal with the stations telling people a blizzard was on its way.

There’s a blizzard a comin ‘

I went in to work to hear that 10″ were going to fall that night and 20″ more on Sunday. Now , I have no idea who ” THEY” are but ” THEY” were creating quite the panic once again.

We got another 6=8″ Friday night though as I had been telling people, a warm front was coming through on the winds..The winds came in and the snow was melting like crazy just during the couple hours Ma and I were in Gotham…As I said it would.

Temps in the high thirties has been a rockin the mountain top today with snow a fallin’.  I watch as the stat numbers drop now down to 33-32 F so the snow will start sticking up here though I am not so sure about a blizzard at the freeway. The freeway cams are showing rain soooooooooo….. As it sits right now , the storm looks to be coming through until around 7pm tonight up here which puts it three hours later than we were looking at earlier meaning the winds have slowed from the prediction. After our yesterday’s melt we went from a grand total of around a foot down to covering the grass… This snow is pretty awesome to watch but even as it falls now we couldn’t get over a foot up here in the next few hours. But Maaaaaaaaybe… Where they were predicting the 20″s is still holding at 40F sooooooooo unlikely as they would lose their rain before our snow stops.. It’s coming from the direction..We will see.

As of someone gently rapping

I was in the kitchen earlier and heard a tapping on the window behind me. I assumed it was a bird as the winds were up and snow falling hard…I ignored it until not only a second but third round.. Tap Tap Tap…Tap Tap Tap….

I turned to see our hawk watching me from the Morning Room window some eight feet away. The goof stood there while I got the camera and took several pictures.

hawk 1a

The plants to the sides are indoors.

The winds were blowing him around so I suppose he figured he might as well sit and chat for awhile as he waited for things to calm down. All the birds had left the  Fly-N-Go from when he landed on the bird station stand. He’ll figure that out one of these days.. Maybe… two years now and he still lands right above the feeders looking for birds coming in…Alrighty then.

One heck of a week

Ma caught my flu , fortunately she is a heck of a lot tougher than I am and scared it off for the most part. Wretched headaches made both of us grumpy butts . Neither of us felt like eating until the very end of the week. Slowly we starting eating something other than soup.

I can not imagine why we are both so wiped out * snort* It’ll get better soon I am sure. We are eating a little more so all is good there.


I mentioned that we had to make a run into Gotham Saturday. We were out of salad makings and even the cricket in the fridge had moved out so there weren’t even sound effects when you opened the door.

The snow was up over Ma’s knees as she got into the truck , so around 8 -12″ .

Ma isn’t use to running in snow these days as she works out of her office so she gets a bit of a twitch in the corner of her eye when we have to go through the stuff. You really can’t blame her though.. Last winter was horrible and she has only been in the snow a few times this winter so the memory is still fresh.

The trip for me was ” Just another day” I had the truck in 4 low . It is just better with our road to have the choice of high RPMs while still movin slow when you need to. However when I threw it into third gear , it rocked Ma’s head back as we flew down our road , cutting tracks faster than we could ever travel without the snow…It compacts down all the bumps , rocks and pot holes.

I could see Ma’s hands white knuckled holding on to the seat as I looked over at her…Which freaked her out even more.

WAHHHHHH!!!! as we blew through drifts heading to the paved road..

Even I drive that slowly and sanely . 4×4 doesn’t mean crap if you’re sliding down hill towards a cliff.

Ma finally relaxed… about fifteen minutes after we entered the store.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

With Ma working an early shift , I get my chores done early on so that we have the evening together and I put up the post after she gets off work.

Soup is up ;  a Bean and Barley chicken w/ Garfunkle herbs .

I made up a casserole with the chicken meat left over from making stock…and the post is well….here..

The snow is falling though not doing a very impressive job of sticking yet though not for the lack of trying.

Once I finish up here it’ll be time to pester the hell out of Ma while she knits…We don’t have a cat so I have to do double duty; bug the hell out of her and get tangled up in her ball of yarn….It’s the least I can do ..and just about the most as well.

Final thoughts

I have to smile at people freaking out in areas where this snow is ” just for lookin at” there are lots of places where this will pile up too. Fortunately the Hood..Mountain not neighbor…is the place that is getting a bunch. There’s that snow depth building that everyone was worrying about.

We could easily get more through out I have mentioned before along with this “upcoming storm”

We just now had visitors come through the storm our coyote girl and her mate who is big and blocky enough that there is pretty good chance he is a cross.


Our snows are starting to slow , clearing the hills slowly but surely .


Winter winding down

Snow covers the hill tops crystals glisten in the morning sun. The bright wash of the mountains drives me back inside to grab a hat and my glasses as I watch the snow rolling over the ground , winds pushing it into first one drift then breaking off to start another.

Trees bare of leaf build up with the snow falling  sticking to branches though the sun washes the valley.

Breezes push the cloud cover over us bringing the temps down a few degrees in moments. The wind having traveled across the entire Cascade range to visit Zen Mountain before it makes its way on to the Blues.

Snow picks up as the currents carry it along on their tail  brushing the fells with the white brush that obscures all from view as the opaque skies weigh down setting on the last top before the next run.

Relieving themselves of the weight of snow laying it across Zen’s meadows and prairies , fells and saddles , resting just a few more minutes before the trek East.

Winds swirling the snows into the porch and under foot yet none of it sticks. Flakes that will fill your hand down to the dust that spins out of control all around the homestead.

I watch and enjoy the last of the runs of snows on Zen for the season. How many more days will it still come before the temps are simply too high to give us this last decoration of whites.

The snows will fade and the rains will come pushed by these same winds that bring spring ever closer.

For now , as we are past the storms that can bury us for days and more at a time , I watch the winds and the snows , take my pictures and smile…This is after all

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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