My snowy Valentine

A snowy Valentine’s Day on Zen

As predicted; our annual ” storm”  started on Valentines day.

Now one of the funnier parts about this is that I have been bringing this storm up all winter to people..  I normally get an eye roll.. Meh.. I get those without even talking so there ya go… I then heard one of the guys I was telling about it go on to tell someone else after he rolled his eyes at me about the storm.. ” You know, we get one this time every year.”

The first day; Valentines, was nothing big , which I figured with this winter as mild as it has been… Then the bigger storm showed up behind it..

The pattern is still hitting us so though I don’t see much more than ” Just fer lookin at snow”  We have gotten a few through the storm.

Saturday had a major wind storm as predicted… Seems that the citiot weather person was a sayin that we was going to have us some 10 inches.. * snort* .. I didn’t hear that one until after the snow….Well we are suppose to get more later so maybe then …

Well.. It was definitely windy but more like ” Wow ! It is sure breezy out. ” Rather than like last year’s that hit 70 mph blowing out the sides front and back of our wood shed. Sent ply wood sheets all over the drive way.. Good thing I had moved the rigs. I was out in the storm playin the “Flying Nun” trying to find a spot on a summit of a mountain where the wind wouldn’t grab them again to shove them through a building or truck.

The winds this Saturday were in the high thirties so……

We woke up to a sugar coated house. We seem to be on an edge of the wind storm, it had been changing directions all day and night. The snow that came hit all the windows , including the ones inside the covered porch. There is absolutely no way to tell how much snow we got. There wasn’t a lot but it was from an inch to a foot depending on how many steps away from the house in any direction you were. The deepest was on the flats away from the house. The winds swirled to keep the place fairly clean.

I see we have more snow coming soon as well as several more bouts through the week. The odder part of the storm was the temp thang. The winds came in pushing the temps up a good ten degrees only to plunge them some thirty and tonight it is suppose to drop even more….Ergo; wind, I imagine.

If it weren’t for so many outdoor plants getting all perky for Spring I wouldn’t care at all. The temp drop is only suppose to be a few days so it may be fine anyway.

Storm bringer

Hummie came flying in, backpack strapped on to glower at me before he flew off.. Yes, yes , the storm is my fault.. I was just sayin; It’s gonna happen…

I am more of the plague bringer kinda guy…. Possibly Count Klutzula ….

The brat had gotten all moved back in on the mountain top. I saw he had already put out his lawn furniture and the outdoor TV before the storm hit… So the little Anna was pretty miffed when he woke up to his home wrapped in cotton candy and all of his furniture was whipped out into the woods….

Hummie headed back down to Gotham to hang with the Mrs. and the wee leetle hummingbird kids at the town house until things warm up again.

I walked out earlier to find his gear, uncovered it and shoved it back into his house.. I imagine I’ll catch hell for that too…oops..

Plague Bringer

Valentines Day , as I said, we got snow… What I left out was that the day before, at work , I got hit again with chemicals.. Not my fault. Different department used one of our heavy carts to haul out residue of who knows all soaked up in the kitty litter type absorbent where I am sure it percolated along with who knows what else got dumped in there.

The cart on its side held the chemicals nice and safe until I tipped it back to use it…releasing them into my face and burning my sinuses …. The shock of it made me do the “Whoah!” that sucks that crap right up into your upper sinus cavities. .. I don’t have a kit for that as I do for my eyes.

I got home some six or so hours later and the damage was done. I was able to flush them then but…..

The Flu I had been pushing off for the last week hit me on Valentines day. I had been feeling it but no big deal until then.

The closest thing to a ” good thing” about my eye is that I have to take viral meds

*in a deep gravelly voice*

” For the rest of my days”

They had been holding the flu at bay… yeah.. last straw much?

When I went to work I mostly just had the burn. Within five hours my temp leaped up and had hit the triple digits.

By morning , the burn was gone but it was too late and now the fun part started….To make this short…. It was weird to see a flu in lapse time . The meds pushed it through me fast as they were already in me and I , of course just keep taking them. The first thirty some hours were the worst then it hit the annoying part… Apparently the meds are fine with this as the annoying crap is hanging on… I am afraid Ma got hit with this thanks to me and I know a lot of people get hit a whole lot harder than I did.. or at least worse longer. I hate passing it on . Sleeping in my chair didn’t help much with the place pretty much closed up and me constantly coughing.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Keeping this short as I see even worse right now than normal..

Our appetites not being all that great , I put on Sunday soup on Saturday making a nice country stew type . The thought of much else……..ughhhh….

Today I had to actually talk myself into writing just to get something down.

Ma is working but off soon so then I’ll go pass out in the “EST” ( evil sleepy-time chair) to finish off the rest of the day.

Final thoughts

Very short note today… I send texts longer than this normally.. ask anyone.

I had a lot of stuff to drone on about but everything  I see is double… Wish I were up to a beer and pizza , I’d think I had a feast of kings with a slice and a bottle.

The storm coming through is very mild for up here. Last year I am sure we had the storms too but as it snowed every freakin single day and night from Fall through Spring it was a bit hard to sort out anything new.

I was walking in from the pit a bit ago , dropping off some goodies for the coyote kids when I looked back to see our Geo sitting there by the wood shed.. Last year at this time I couldn’t even see the tractor which was there until I went around to the edge I had cut to get it in and out to keep the roads more or less  open. Today , yeh there’s snow but nothin to brag about.

So I haven’t had much time this week to sit and watch Zen.. I did however for just a bit today which was pretty funny anyway.

Sitting on the porch watching the snow fall. Winds had made small dunes all over the hill top. The birds pecked around through the snow to find seed from the ” Fly-N-Go” .Even the hawks hadn’t gotten out yet after the winds.

The sunlight still peaking through the clouds across the plateaus to the East and South. Fog rolls over the edges to drift slowly into the valleys below. Sitting long enough you can actually see it happen. Now and again , the spots of light are directed just right to find the river where it bursts into multiple colors of Fall which I enjoyed. Reds and golds Dark blues swirl in with Browns as the current moves. The clouds move the rays of light though you could swear that the river is carrying them along with it as it travels along its banks.

I look up to see one of the coyote kids look over at me. She stares , trying to make sure she sees what she sees. I sit watching her thinking the same thing. We both know I want to run grab the camera and we both know it just isn’t going to happen. I can barely focus in on here and she is slowly walking towards the top of the berm . She hates getting her picture taken as much as I hate not taking it. I imagine that one of these days she is going to come unglued , run up and grab my camera from me , haul it off and bury it.. I imagine I’ll get pictures of it up to the last moment.

The coyote girl gets to the top of the berm in time for a spotlight of sun to meet her. She stands at the edge watching me , my hand over my brow trying to see her though she is far less than a hundred yards away . The sun hits her coat , and just for a minute or less, I see what almost looks like one of Ma’s shawls across her back and smile… This is in fact

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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