Herb Bones

Herb Bones: Zen Mountain herbs

Herb bones are a daily hazard up here . Ya wouldn’t want to choke on one of those puppies.

We were able to get a fairly large harvest on our herbs this last season. Making our way through winter , we still have quite a bit left.

Thymes ,Oregano, Parsley , Sages , multiple peppers from mellow to hot , Marjoram Rosemary , Chives  and Basil. Pretty much cover what we use for both Ma’s and my cooking. Jars full of each after Ma dried them left us good for the year.

The pepper harvest was good enough that we have more Ghost Chili than we will use in a few years leaving room for new plants in the gardens this coming season.

Drying our herbs

Ma; my better half . uses a couple dehydrators for the bulk of the drying through out the season keeping a ahead of the game as the plants put on more leaves. Waiting until Fall would be a little rough on the plants to simply scalp them down.

Trying to use just fresh leaves would be great if we weren’t always on the run with work both here and , well , at work , plus winter would , of course bring a halt to it all.

Ma had the dryers going almost constantly well into the Fall and one still running into early winter.

The winter being mild this year, we STILL have Parsley coming up as well as some Chives.

The herbs dry, Ma does a light ” crunch” to them then puts them into seal-able jars to keep us in herbs that are far better than store bought.  A little pinch goes a lot farther than a fist full of town herbs. Most likely the processing is a wee bit harsher than Ma’s .

Dang Herb bones !

Grabbing a pinch of herb can get you pricked ifin ya aint careful . Herb bones can poke you as you season or make for a nasty little surprise ifin we miss them and they end up in a dish, which is very seldom.

Herb bones, of course, are the dried weenie little stems which as they are about the size of small fish bones and every bit as delectable , are the smallest of hazards when it comes down to it but it’ll wake ya up.


Ok, I am actually Mr. Supersafe  with personal protection in the work place. Even more so now after losing the sight in my right eye from a ” Seriously?!?! ” moment.

Monday I was working around chemicals again..well every day for that matter…. I was wearing my patch over the right eye and clear goggles compared to the normal tinted I usually wear.

I got crap all over the lens…good dang thing I was wearing them eh? Went out to where I had my water and some rags. I cleaned up the goggles and set them down while I took a drink. The patch for me is far more noticeable as far as

” HEY! There’s something on my face!”

Than clear goggles are.. The goggles being to my right were quite literally out of sight and there for out of mind. I set my water down , concerned that I was running out of time and walked back in to get back to it.

I was working mostly with water , no biggie…Then I saw the chemicals , more or less in my way. I figured I would use the bit I needed and then put them away so that I wouldn’t knock them over. Yehhhhhhhh

The bottle pointed away from me and down and yet somehow I got splashed or a bubble or whatever . My eye suddenly burned ..BADLY!

” CRAP!!!!”

I , of course, knew the drill and yes… It was my Left eye… The spare.. The one and only actual usable now…


I flushed the eye and as I have been through this not that long ago used the drops I carry as well. It continued to burn but I knew the chemical was mostly inert crap so it shouldn’t be permanent …..

Wait a minute……Isn’t this how the right eye started?

” CRAP!”

I called my eye doctor told them what happened and what I had done then told them:

” Nah it’s good.”

and then I started thinking about the patch and how dumb it would look to wear two patches right?

To go from :

“Arrrhhhhhh ”


“Arrrrrhhh you serious?”

Ma, of course, was not happy. The gal at the doc’s office and her chatted about what a Pain I was being….

The next morning I woke up to pretty much blind.

” CRAP!”

Needless to say , I ended up at the office.

You need to fill out all of these papers

At present , I am at around 20/60 from 20/20 on the last visit before this only a couple weeks ago. Reading is rough. Computers , being the letters are all back litty  and I have a flip phone, no silly smart phone texts are insane to try to read. Sometimes I can get the jist , others I hand it to Ma when I get home. It is all work or emergency so generally I don’t get too many….

Until you get a chemical burn in your eye then suddenly people start texting you about your eye…….. Anyone “see” the problem with this?

Right up there with;

“We need you to fill out all of these accident reports immediately.”

I glared at them…ok well in the direction of their voices.. I was probably staring at the wall while they made ” Bunnie fingers” behind my head but as I will never know, I am fine with that.

After a few minutes with crayons  I got it across to them , as in more than one agency , that I was , in fact, freakin blind as far as this was concerned. Duh…

I had help with the first batch of papers at the doc’s office…and the final papers . The middle ones..Yeh, I filled them out…I think….Well I made scribbly pictures on the papers and dared them to complain. Hey.. What could they do? make a nasty note on the paper? I wouldn’t be able to see to know, right?

Zoom Zoom

Best part was driving. My job does not entail me having to drive…. Which of course means that I have to drive to work as it only matters that I work , not HOW I get to work.

I am reasonably sure I didn’t run over anyone though there did seem to be an inordinate amount of speed bumps ….

Fortunately , the grey haze over my eye started to fade to the outside as the week progressed. Think of it as looking down a paper towel tube with the other eye closed, line the tube up with your nose and yer good…. That was day four.

I am still very blurry so I know it is more than the 20/60 but I am sure it’ll heal up . The eye still gets a lot of strain in its attempt to become dominant …Stupid lazy eye …

One moment of getting into a hurry to try to get my work done in time…again…

The goggles went right back on again before I started the job back up , I ran late as I had lost time with the dang situation… Life goes on…

Holy crap

The headaches I have gotten as use to as one can were then doubled up…Jolly.

The original can be crippling , the feeling of having both eyes feeling like someone was ripping them out pretty much just pissed me off.

It is still more than before , non stop , course ,and nothing slows it down.

Ahhhh the weekend

It was very nice to have the weekend roll around. No driving. Ma took us to town for a quick run. We decided to take ” Blue” to see if she would behave and she did well again.

I have no idea what caused her to be a pain on Ma’s last trip. Only finding one small bolt that wasn’t tight could have done it but…….. I really like ” knowing” what the heck is going on when a car just sits , throwing a tantrum. I already  have one in ” time out” don’t need another. She started just fine so she is back on the ” nice” list.

One ringy dingy

We went to the grocery store to pick up veggies . As ALWAYS they had several things out of stock… When it comes to three weeks in a row I get a little irritated , and I already was even before that …

The rest of the store run went ok though, No citiots made me bang my head against a pole or anything….Though it was a close thing a couple times.

We got to the “Self- check out”  where one of Ma’s friends is generally watching over the folks going through as the “customer service” person

Now on an average trip , the self- check out machines give Ma fits telling her to bag things that already are or not swiping and so on… This trip however , everything was going smoothly… It was getting almost scary.. I was waiting for zombies to start popping up or something.

I stood there at the cart , staring out the windows as Ma’s friend chatted with Ma and other customers .

Across the isle from us was a gal arguing with the machine…. I started to grin… Now I can’t sneak a peek as it was on my blind side and I didn’t want to do the ” Big Turn and stare ” so I just smiled listening to her go off.

Ma’s friend came up beside me. I couldn’t see her , but you know when you feel someone close. I figured it was her… Mostly because if it wasn’t , I was going to have to pull off some Kung Fu Chicken move on their arse … MA’s friend whispers in my ear;

” Well, either she has been drinking or she is high or at least crazy.”….” She doesn’t smell like she has been drinking and she doesn’t act high so….”

I was staring out the window with a big silly grin , turned to her and pointed to Ma

” Remind you of anyone? ”

She started laughing and said

” I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. ”

I just laughed and stared back out the window listening to someone else’s crazy person.

Freakin Brrrrrrr!

So we got spoiled with the many days of 40s-50s weather up here. Sooooo when we got home and it was freakin freezing..literally… We both got done what we needed to outside and ran back into the house….To work on the inside stuff…..Crap…

I have mentioned that we usually get a storm in around Valentines… I guess this is as close as it is going to get this winter but..called it… We are suppose to get some snow later today , we will see , it is cool enough. Worst case we will have some ” Just for lookin at” snow.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well , as it was chilly out  Saturday and as we picked up some whole chickens , I made stock and then fed the coyote kids.

This week’s soup ; chicken and rice , already done I only have dinner and something for quick meals for the week to cook up today…..

Apparently  my cabinet heard about it so one of my drawers crashed as I worked on the computer this morning…Okkk. Waiting on parts to dry so that I can get that back together..

Other than that and it looks like I ended up with the dang Flu that is going around…probably being weak from the accident didn’t help… It’s just a cook and stay warm kind of day.

Final Thoughts

Yup silly arse crap seems to happen to me all of the time though lately for the most part it has a lot to do with just running into door frames and such My right side gets pretty beat up anymore…

I share these stories not to whine but because , seriously.. What the hell?

In their own way it cracks me up and I usually am laughing about them for the most part as I tell the stories to folks…

It makes it closer to laughing with me than at me that way and it helps to keep me from getting all dark on it all…

The temps of course are my fault.. I put the winter stuff away.. It is like washing your car to get it to ran… or a dog to come pee on it….

Like I say though , best worst case I just can’t imagine more than just for lookin at snow from now on. The patterns just don’t look like what we have had in the recent past.

and Zen again…..

With Ma working early , we were up long before the Sun thought about rising….Even in the chill we go out to see Zen wake.

The lights of Gotham winking in the distance below us , reflecting off the river. Clouds passing slowly overhead are heavy looking for a spot to lessen their burden.

Greys slowly creep around the edges of the hills and valleys below and to the East as dawn groggily wrestles with its covers , just five more minutes.

The birds of Zen are coming out as the sound of owls’ feather whisper through the air , their gliding flight taking them off to bed for the day.

The CawCaw kids dipping low as they follow the ground , looking for whatever the coyote kids may have missed in their evening romp.

The last of darkness rolling away as the covers are pulled back from dawn’s last moments of rest finds Hummie his self zipping in to say


” Good Morning!”

” Where the hell is my other feeder?”

” Why haven’t you taken down the window covers yet ?”

“Why did you let it get so cold?”

” Why can’t you just do what I tell you to do?”

” Why? why? Why?”

And off he goes only to swing around , glare at me , show off his red head then zip out once more.

I grin. It is good to have the little Brat back full time. Hummie is part of Zen as we are.

Every winter we go through the same things. He stays as long as he can before he hits town to stay with Mrs. Hummie and the kids, then it’s back up here as soon as possible to get away from the citiots.. I can’t blame him , I do the same thing more or less every day.

As I smile following his retreating little back in a side to side flight path I know that this is in fact..

Just another day on Zen Mountain



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