” Blue” takes a holiday

When ” Blue” doesn’t want to go for a ride

Ma had Friday off and needed to head to town. She had been stuck up here due to weather and holidays and needed to hit town for several items. The day was nice and the temps rising. It was a great day to head down off Zen…..” Blue” did not feel like a drive.

Ma made it to town without any worries. She made her first stop and was getting ready to leave her second with only a few more stops to go.

“click click click.” ” Blue” would not turn over.

I was at work on the early shift in the next county when I got a text that Ma was stuck. There was no way I could get away. Fortunately for us , my sister had the day off as well. Ma got hold of her and in short order ” Blue” was getting a jump.

Citiots being ..well.. citiots … While they were jumping ” Blue” the part of the drive behind Ma was down with the second rig. Some how the citiots couldn’t figure out how jumping a car would take up the room of two rigs and began to honk , which of course was much easier, kinder and made more sense than simply going around them….Can’t imagine why I call them citiots…

” Blue” running and partially charged , My sister’s husband followed Ma up Zen to make sure she would get back home. We were lucky and they were great.

“Blue” gets a check up

I told Ma I would go through ” Blue” on Saturday as it was suppose to be nice on Zen. Sure enough , the sun was out and it was in the 50s with little to no breeze.

I pulled ” Blue” up checked connections, checked the belts, checked the whole charging system……. Nada… Everything checked out with the tiny exception of a single , not tight bolt. It was snug , just not tight. I suppose it is possible that it could have been enough to cause Ma troubles but pretty slim chance. I went through several other things while I was there and the weather nice making ” Blue” happy. It seems that I will have to run her back and forth to work to see if ” on the road” makes the difference and hope that I don’t get stuck anywhere.

Blue skies

The weather nice and ” Blue” running for me to check the charge, I decided to get to work on a few other things while I was at the shop.

It was a good day to run the smoker and we were out of smoked cheese so I fired it up. Little did I know that while I was working on “Blue” the  digital stat and control for the smoker went out…of course…..  We had a new control so it was just a matter of swapping them out… I believe I have mentioned at some point how jobs never are as easy as they sound….


The smoker back up and running, ” Blue” parked while I tinkered back and forth on several small jobs at the same time I didn’t think to worry about the smoker… Crap! I walked by and saw that two of the cheeses had started melting and the smoke , well wasn’t… Double Crap on a cracker!…. I handed off the melted cheese to Ma after they started ripping instead of coming free from the “bags” we put them in.

The smoker back up and smoking like crazy , I had two more cheeses in it along with a full sirloin …… Crap!…. The control didn’t go in correctly… I only would have to pull six of the screws. The down side was that my face would be about six inches from the smoke hole blasting me in the eyes.

I finally got everything put back together and pulled the cheese as they were starting to melt as well. The cheese pulled and handed off to Ma , I reset the smoker again at a higher temp to finish off the pork sirloin.

I see the light

Last winter we lost two of our main outside solar lights from a snow slide. The way Spring went , I never was able to get to work on them…. Summer with its smoke and all of our trips to doctors and so on I still didn’t get to look at them. Fall got here with winter close behind . Getting ready for snow I had my hands full on several other projects so I still couldn’t look at them..

Saturday I finally had the chance. I rewired them then started pulling the mounts that were shattered. One came apart just fine, but the second had one aluminum screw that was malformed enough that none of my screwdrivers would work… A few dozen tries and a driver that grabbed just enough though the wrong type, I finally had things apart. It didn’t take long to get the first part of the fix done… The rest will take time.

I managed to ” mount” the light and panel for the “Pit” though a heavy wind would trash it as bad or worse. Having the light back up and running though is pretty great as I tend to hit the pit as often in the dark this time of year as when it is light.

Day and Night

As nice as Saturday was, Sunday was the flip in several respects.. It isn’t quite cold enough for snow though you can feel the ice in the air with the incredibly dense cloud sitting on Zen today.

Curtains and windows open on Saturday. The wood stove shut down , both of us loving it outdoors.. Sunday the fire is going again and the lights were never shut off , the house dark from the clouds. ” fog” so  dense that you can only see a few yards away. The water content so massive that you actually get wet walking from the house to the shop though there is no rain…Welcome to Zen.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

We started the morning off with starting the fire back up , and Ma getting laundry together.

We never use the overhead light in the bedroom so when I walked out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth,  I didn’t expect for things to go sideways.

I have no idea why the light hit me the way it did but it definitely slowed me down. Generally a hit like that takes me driving or florescent lights . Basically every day Not on Zen.. It just seems sorta “Grrr” to have it hit so hard on a home day. On the bright side , at least I did the bulk of my need to’s on Saturday.  Monday being a no work day for me , anything left can wait….Stupid eye…

Final thoughts

Hopefully ” Blue” just had something weird go on. I can not figure out how everything works correctly and she wouldn’t get enough of a charge to turn over. I can only think that something is loose somewhere that I haven’t found..Or .. she was just acting up as she has done every single winter since Ma brought her up here.

Once we get some more decent days I’ll run her back and forth to work to see if she does well..Bad weather, um no.. I don’t need to be stranded any more than Ma and I travel more back roads as well as freeway and wee hours at one end or the other of my shift..which ever it may be.

Saturday was a great day up here. It was a really nice break from even the light winter we have had so far and I was able to catch up on a few small projects.

Today is very dark and damp with around a twenty degree drop in high temp. The thing is though , it totally fits how I feel..  Having the house and even outside during my several short trips to out buildings , pit , dumpster and so on made it nice that it was reasonably dark and damp out without being in the freezing fog stage.

The kids all came through during Saturday to hang out with us for a while including Hummie spending the day. I imagine he is getting tired of town and wanted to come visit his quiet Zen home.

I can see Hum sitting in town trying to watch ” Game of Thrones” in his town house with all the kids running and screaming around the place, Mrs. Hummie interupting him every few minutes with a Honey Do ….Enough! Hum checks his weather app and heads for home to grab some super juice, kick back and hang at the cabin. I imagine he fired up the big screen , scootched back in his Lazyhum chair and started to watch the series again with a few pauses to hit the feeder , see Ma and myself then back and relax… For Hum that is

Just another day on Zen Mountain


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