The Sunday Post , a new home

The Sunday Post is in a new home , at least for now.

Trying to start over is a bit frustrating but there ya go.

There are very few of us that read this so maybe this will do the job at least for now. Let’s see how it goes.

You get use to doing something one way , work out most of the bugs and move on.

Starting over again with little time and a completely different system will take a bit of work in less time but we will get there .

One nice thing about so few folks is that it’s fairly easy to jump from site to site without losing too many readers eh? Most of us are under one roof.

Also.. For the now I have the site as “hidden” Noooo Bots see us supposedly So hopefully no probs. Ifin no one sees us from someone’s ” share” we are invisible…ooooohhh ahhhhhh…. In theory.

Test drive

Let’s see how this goes shall we ? It may have a couple benefits for some readers as it is more set up to go on the fly.

There may be a few face lifts before we are done here but let’s just wait and see.

A quick look at the week

While I work through this all ,  I’ll cut down my ramblings.. or I’ll try anyway.

The work week was a short one with only three days on for me, four for Ma. Those days flew by like the wind which was nice. Lots of work make the days sweep by…

Unfortunately , Thanksgiving , being a home work day , flew by as well.

We had a few cleaning things we wanted to get done around the house as well as more road work.

Ma was also in the kitchen prepping for our Turkey day which is always on the Friday after… Ma normally works Turkey Day and having the time this year , we did prep making Turkey day for us a lot more relaxing.

Black Friday : Our Turkey Dinner plans

We had up one of Ma’s sisters to visit with us for the day.

Working in the kitchen ,as well as hanging out in there, is what we do anyway for the most part of our ” leisure” time on Zen making visiting while Ma cooked pretty much the norm.

I have to admit, I snuck off to my office  off and on all day and evening to screw around with my music crap. It isn’t than I don’t like to visit, I just am not overly adept at it.

Sitting in my room  ,  picking through something or looking at file set ups…Or , of course, being Black Friday ; looking through any tools of one kind or another in my multitude of “wish lists” to see if someone would give me a break…. They did , and I took advantage of it.

How about now?

The gals chatted away while Ma cooked up a storm.  Myself? I had one job..Just one…Cooking the turkey…………….. Yeah, no..”No flying frozen deep-fried turkeys “nor were there any “flaming canister quenching” episodes…. I simply didn’t notice that I hadn’t plugged in the roaster….Oops.. On the bright side, I was only an hour off which means little in “Zen” time …

” OMG!”……


With only the three of us, dinner being ..well..actually on time at the end of things…

I just started at a higher temp and dropped it a little later..No biggie…. I usually run him low and slow..I did… an hour later than I had originally planned. The one thing it changed was.

” Let me know when we have an hour left so that I can start things.”

” Yup..”

” Are we ready? ”

” Nope.”

” We have about an hour left?”

” Ummm…nope.”………………” Did you start things yet, cause I am at temp.”

” What?”

” Oops..”

Fortunately this aint Ma’s first rodeo cooking with me….She had started things on our new time , which , in the end was the original schedule within a matter of minutes when the goodies came out of the oven and the bird cooled.


Well yes thank you….

The bird on Friday was a bit bigger than the one from my Birthday. The breast on this thing was pretty close to twice as big though in weight they were close. The thing is, there may be leftovers but no where near enough to be a pain.

As always , the bulk of the dark meat plus all of the carcass went back into the roaster to make stock overnight.

Canning ? Again ?

Yup. We had to make a quick trip to town for this and that as we work down through our “winter list”.

We got home , unpacked and I de-boned  and un-meated the stock. The dark meat cleaned up was ready to be canned as well as the stock rewarmed for canning.

The 18 quart roaster makes up 7 quarts of clean pretty stock for canning as well as enough for the stock in the 6 quart slow cooker we use for soup for the week. With a turkey , it makes up another 2 pints of canned meat. Chicken makes up 3 pints canned meat.

We started around 1 pm and got all of the canning gear and roaster back out into Innie juuuust before dark.

Friggin Brrrrrrr

Temps dropped back down after getting close to 60F and sunny for a couple days. That close to 30F drop in the day time temp is not comfortable. The heavy cloud cover came in with the lows to make one heck of a difference

What’s cookin’

We will have.. yup , you guessed it; Turkey soup this week. Setting things up as we can makes it pretty quick. I was a-thinkin.. The soup is in the slow cooker all week which, of course, breaks down any pasta you might want to use. The alternative would be to cook up some shells then put them in the fridge . Adding them when we ladle the soup out, warming if in bowl or not if in my thermos will let us have the turkey noodle soup yet no globs of pasta by the first couple days.

Saturday , not wanting turkey two days in a row for dinner… Once we got home from town, I pulled a sirloin roast from the freezer and popped it into the smoker…yup , frozen. I had added my seasonings before it went in then set the smoker for 220F and 5 hours…. A little smoke goes a pretty long way in the set up and as , once again , the roast is in a pan , it can only get a 3/4 smoke anyway. Roasted cauliflower and sirloin.. could be worse. I put the roast in at 11:30am ignored it it until 4:30pm. I checked the temp then and we were spot on. It had a nice light smoke to it and ran at 160F.

Back to a relatively normal week.. In theory. A five day work week and on the old normal time line. The weather is suppose to be normal as well. We will just have to see how it all rolls out.

This all means back to the way we always use to cook. Zen Quick foods . Between turkey dinner leftovers and sirloin leftovers the fridge is a little on the full side right now, however, there isn’t a ton of anything so it’ll probably be a grab to defrost a day ahead just to keep things simple.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

The worst part about having  several days off together is dealing with back to different days off again. Ma and I get spoiled pretty fast working together on our times off. Once we go back to the norm , we both have work that we fly by as a team and is more of a chore separately . Most of it is easy enough to do with one person , just not as quickly or as fun. Such is life anywhere.. At least up here, well, it’s up here.

Sunday still means cooking , even though the big work is done. It also means doing the last tasks of the week so that they can slide until the following weekend.

Oh…and the Post…. This week’s Post is a little…meh, I know , but I am working on the set up at the same time so jumping around a lot. Wiggling in the seat to make it fit well enough and such.

Final thoughts

Well.. This is a different set up but not too far off, just enough that it just doesn’t fit quite right in the crotch…. Ya know, run it through the wash a few times before it doesn’t make me squirm around spending much time at it.

Zen , however, slips along as it always does. Thoughts drift as you look about the hills around us.

Black turkey day

Having company up , which as anyone will tell ya, is something that VERY seldom happens. The kids noticed too. Normally they come in , hang around, head over the berm then swing back through over and over again. Friday , the kids , as always went about their business. ” Bucky” came in before the sun was up , hung around in the yard while Ma and I talked to each other and him. I took a pic of him , which he hates. He walked off to go see the girls out on the other side of the fence. Once I put away the camera, they swung back around again.

Ma’s sister came up, the kids saw the new car, heard the new voice and kept to the other side of the berm. The girls came up to peek over a couple times, saw the car and swung back around. They do company almost as well as I do. They hide behind the berm, I hide in my room. We occasionally see each other, shrug and go back to hiding again…. I , at least, go in to the living area to visit…THEN.. I run back to my room.. They waited until after dusk to come up to the yard to visit.

The three of us did have a good time though.

Those of you that have had conversations with me have a pretty good idea of what I lend to said confabs …… Yeah ,  I’m like onions….Nooooo, as in I have layers…. Smarty Pants….  It is just that most seldom get past wrinkly brown eye watering outer shell…well and the rotten layer after that….

Even so… we had a decent time and visited for several hours. It was a pretty good day. The food, of course was good….Even the turkey…

We were both wiped by the end of the evening though. Social skills wear us down…Unused muscles I suppose.

and then yet again

When all is quiet at night , the breezes still, you hear the different coyotes’ songs fill the night. Singularly and in small packs, the kids call out what they found, where they are and what they feel up to doing. They aren’t so different than the rest of us.

The coyote kids are far more social than Ma and I , making plans to hang with their buds pretty much nightly.

The coyotes settled in to whatever the evening ends up for them, just another night on the Zen, the deer settle back down to wander the fells.

We sit on the porch , listening to all of the night sounds. You can hear the deer halt to stop and listen to the coyotes . Things quiet down and you hear the deer , once again on the move. The sound of their hooves  as they make their way towards the yard. The tearing of grasses as they eat. When the deer get closer you can hear them breathing and every so often , they are close enough you can almost hear their heartbeat.

The elk are still close by though it is listening again and not seeing them all that often. While I worked on the road I could hear a bull in the distance calling off and on which made me smile.

Hummie is still grumpy and I have yet to put in the other window yet. We both have pretty much the same feelings about the colder weather that will soon be here..

It’s these moments and all the others that fit the mold that make the life we live up here what it is and make this

Just another day on Zen Mountain






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